Vercingetorix Unmasked

[21:20] <Minaplo> [NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. 16th of February, 2018. Episode Title: Vercingetorix Unmasked.-
[21:26] <Minaplo> [They emerged from Dirac space, a mile above the snowy Swiss Alps.-
[21:27] <Minaplo> ["Give Sera a minute." Said Agatha, standing on her Dysangelion's shoulder. To her right, Scholastica- nestled within her Dys's hands- shrugged.-
[21:27] <Minaplo> [Sera, of course, would at this point feel the intense dirac sickness coming on…]
[21:31] <Sept> Already down on all fours just trying to account for which way the ground was, Sera retched - but there was nothing left in his system to vomit up. A pathetic groan escaped his mouth in between the low gurgles.
[21:36] <Minaplo> ["It'll be easier next time." Said Agatha soothingly.-
[21:38] <Minaplo> ["Now, then." She daintily bounced down the Dysangelion's arm, perching on the wrist that held Sera. "The scans showed that the likely location of the Evas is a large cavity two kilometres beneath the surface of the mountain. How should we get inside?"]
[21:43] <Sept> "Iccoul…" He stopped to catch his breath. "It could be sealed..? There might not even -be- a way in, so we should consider breaking through. Unless we can find out the exact coordinates and jump in."-
[21:49] <Sept> "I'd rather break in."
[21:50] <Minaplo> ["Sounds good. Scholastica?"-
[21:52] <Minaplo> [Agatha, still sitting, began to float into the air. Barely seen by Sera due to the distance, a bulbous growth began to bulge from her forehead. It shifted restlessly, distorting the flesh there grotesquely for a few seconds.-
[21:53] <Minaplo> [Scholastica raised her hands over her face. At the same time, the Dysangelion began to hover higher, cupping its hands around her, using her as a focus- directed down.-
[21:54] <Minaplo> [There was a sudden massive pulse of energy rippling from the pulsating red tumors on the Dysangelion's body, flowing into its hands, forming in a burning red haze around Scholastica's body. Even Sera, as far away as he was in the chilly air above the Swiss Alps, felt the air heat incredibly quickly.-
[21:59] <Minaplo> [Scholastica's eyes opened suddenly, as did the splitting flesh on her forehead, revealing a huge, bulging, popping eye with a glowing red pupil.-
[22:03] <Minaplo> [The heat was now super-focused on Scholastica, a sort of mini-implosion in the air around her that sucked the heat into her. Her body was a crystal, and she was directed perfectly downwards.-
[22:05] <Minaplo> [A second later, a massive wave-beam of burning red light streaked downward unerringly, slicing through the mighty mountain as though it were a molehill, burning and melting an annihilating all in its path, before expanding outwards, vaporising enough snow, trees, rocks and boulders to create a shaft that would permit a Dysangelion.-
[22:05] <Minaplo> ["Done. We must move quickly. NERV Paris will have detected this as an Angel attack, and they will dispatch their unit soon."-
[22:06] <Minaplo> ["Right. Smash and grab job." Said Agatha cheerfully. "You ready, Sera?"]
[22:08] <Sept> "Yes," he lied. No amount of time in the world could help him shake the feeling he was out of his depth, and had been ever since they arrived at the Synfront.
[22:16] <Minaplo> ["Hold on!"-
[22:17] <Minaplo> [Dysangelion Agatha entered freefall, maneuvering for the hole, and the terrain around Sera changed abruptly, going from snow and chilly air to still-hot and semi-molten rock that was so hot it could've given him burns from the super-heated air if the AT Field hadn't been protecting him.-
[22:23] <Minaplo> [With a shuddering -wham-, the Dysangelion landed on solid rock. They were inside a cavern, this much was obvious; it was hard to tell whether it was natural or artificial. Mostly likely it was both.-
[22:24] <Minaplo> [Behind them, Scholastica Dysangelion landed as well, Scholastica not halting her freefall until she was a metre off the ground.-
[22:25] <Minaplo> [Agatha leapt off her Dysangelion; the arm holding Sera lowered as well, allowing him back on terra firma.-
[22:25] <Minaplo> ["Quite the setup." Said Agatha. "What can we see here?"-
[22:26] <Minaplo> [The cavern was roughly divided three parts. One part was the part they were in, a hundreds-of-metres-square wide empty space. There were two tubes - each about 60 metres high- that led off into different parts of the cavern.-
[22:28] <Minaplo> ["Our goals are to find the Evangelions, find Vercingetorix, recover Pilot Akagi, and if we can, eliminate the unknown Angel." Said Agatha. "What do you want to try to do first, Sera?"]
[22:32] <Sept> "Tsubaki," he answered without hesitation. "They can't bargain with the Evangelions. I think. She's weak."-
[22:33] <Sept> Pause. "No, you're right, we'd expose ourselves, if we need to fight, we should-"-
[22:33] <Sept> "Nevermind. Akagi comes first. We can't afford to let them have her."
[22:53] <Minaplo> [A nod.-
[22:55] <Minaplo> ["Alright, we will take this route." Said Agatha, gesturing to the leftmost cave, "As that's where I'm picking up Lilim signatures. And the Dysangelions can take the other one, as that's where I feel the Evas are. Ready?"]
[22:57] <Sept> "…yes. Let's go."
[23:04] <Minaplo> [The Dysangelions bounded off to their destination. Scholastica zoomed off towards the cave, and Agatha followed suit, grabbing Sera by the waist and carrying him.-
[23:14] <Minaplo> [Quickly, the brownish-green rock sped past- and the cave came to its end in a huge steel blast door- Eva-scale- with a tiny little door for people. Scholastica smashed the door down with a quick burst of burning red energy- and they were in.]
[23:18] <Sept> "How didn't we know more about this place? This kind of complex requires more than a little labor."
[23:19] <Minaplo> ["Yes and no." Said Agatha. "An Eva could make a place like this, or else someone with a powerful AT Field like our friend Vercingetorix. A sufficiently powerful AT Field can do practically anything."-
[23:19] <Minaplo> [They stepped (Scholastica floated) onto a steel corridor now, the sides transparent, revealing a deep black cavern below.]
[23:23] <Sept> "I see. I thought AT work would look rougher."
[23:24] <Minaplo> ["Why?" Asked Scholastica, sounding irritable.]
[23:28] <Sept> "Humans go through a lot of hoops to build something like this," he responded, almost equally irritated. "Why emulate the look and weaknesses when you can craft whatever you want?"
[23:31] <Minaplo> ["Chances are that this Vercingetorix fellow isn't -that- adept yet." Said Agatha diplomatically. "So he or she's probably spent some time stealing metal or pre-fabricated goods and is just teleporting them in instead of personally sculpting an entire cavern out."]
[23:35] <Sept> "Mmh," Sera concluded.
[23:35] <Minaplo> [Scholastica suddenly halted.-
[23:35] <Minaplo> ["Two of the Lilim are gone."-
[23:35] <Minaplo> ["Jaunts?" Asked Agatha.-
[23:36] <Minaplo> ["No. Sense suppression."-
[23:37] <Minaplo> ["Alright. Get ready for a fight." Said Agatha.]
[23:41] <Sept> "No one gets hurt until we know who they are."
[23:45] <Minaplo> ["I will shoot on sight." Said Scholastica. "We can keep them alive if we don't hit the head."-
[23:46] <Minaplo> ["Try to stun, Scholastica, not kill. I know you're capable of stunning." Chided Agatha.-
[23:53] <Minaplo> [It was at this point that they finally saw their first real person. The corridor ahead of them split into two- a traditional intersection. The path to their left was empty, but the path to their right had someone running down it, a torch in their right hand.-
[23:53] <Minaplo> [Tsubaki.]
[23:57] <Sept> It took too long for the sight to properly register – all at once, Sera recalled his dreams, became deathly worried of Scholastica executing her out of spite right there. He froze, staring at her, mouth slightly open.
[00:03] <Minaplo> [They all stared. Scholastica and Agatha at Tsubaki, Tsubaki at the trio, and Vercingetorix and Aline at Tsubaki.-
[00:03] <Minaplo> [And then Tsubaki turned on her heel and bolted, a quickly-snapped red energy bolt from Scholastica ripping through the transparent walls but missing Tsubaki by inches.]
[00:07] <Sept> "WAIT!!" He yelled, extending a hand after her, baring his teeth at Scholastica in some kind of mix of desperation and actual frustration.
[00:07] <Minaplo> ["Go!" Said Agatha. "Get her!"]
[00:09] * Sept dashed after her without another word, chasing that fading light as if his life depended on it.
[00:10] * Aline was now even more baffled. Sera? What? … But the energy bolt - or failing that, the /sound/ of an energy bolt hitting something - roused her to attention. She didn't want to go after Sera, but… At the same time, that meant there was an armed (…hah) enemy. If she could avoid conflict… Well. She'd be a bit selfish for abandoning Tsubaki like that, but conversely, she'd be safe
[00:10] * Aline and capable of getting to Shinji and getting to the battleship and getting into EVAs and so on.
[00:13] <Minaplo> [The interruption would, thus, come from Vercingetorix, leaping out of nowhere, down the corridor, directly into the middle of the intersection- blocking Sera completely.-
[00:13] <Minaplo> ["Sera de Pteres! What are you doing?!" He admonished, his voice dread.]
[00:14] * Aline raised her long-mas now, and strode out, weapon levelled. Breaking cover - set.
[00:21] <Sept> The man reeked of Absolute Territory. Sera stopped, suddely wary - and acutely aware of his increasing distance to Tsubaki. His stance was aggressive, ready to draw a knife for slashing or parrying at any moment. "Taking her back! Out of my way!"
[00:26] * Aline looked at Sera with confusion in her eyes. "…But she /is/ back." She didn't point the rifle at Sera, but instead further back…
[00:28] <Minaplo> ["It is true, Sera de Pteres. You have no right to do anything to Tsubaki." Said Vercingetorix. He did not move.]
[00:31] <Sept> He knew -that- voice. Another pause. "What happened to the Angel?" he demanded, stance unrelenting.
[00:31] <Minaplo> ["She's getting away." Said Agatha.-
[00:32] <Minaplo> ["Zeruel is waking and is preparing to destroy the creations you brought with you. Rejoice, Sera de Pteres- once again I am cleaning up your messes."]
[00:33] * Aline blinked a few times, but kept her gun pointing. Zeruel… So he was behind it. Odd.
[00:35] <Sept> "-Aline-! You can't let him do this!"
[00:37] * Aline looked at him. "She was brought back from the Synfront. From captivity. Do you /want/ to take her back into that? What the hell, Sera." Still, she - assuming she could see her - did keep an eye on her apparent doppelganger. Girl's shifty. Didn't like the look of her.
[00:44] <Sept> "You can -have- her, I wouldn't worry if it was you," he pleaded. "But he's using Angels like toys! You want to keep her around that?" Sera shifted his weight onto his back foot.
[00:47] * Aline continued to stare beyond Sera. "The alternative's worse… So yes. Yes I do."
[00:47] <Minaplo> ["Tsubaki is not a thing to -take- or -have-, Sera de Pteres." Said Vercingetorix stonily. "She chooses her own path and her path was freedom. Stand down."]
[00:55] <Sept> "There's no such thing for her!" Sera snapped. After a few breaths, he added, in a reasonable, but still strained tone, "You'd fight us to keep Mary from having anything to do with her, Aline?"
[00:57] <Aline> "Them more than you, but if I have to…" Aline frowned rather deeply. "This is a mess."
[01:00] <Minaplo> ["Enough."-
[01:01] <Minaplo> Scholastica vanished.-
[01:01] <Minaplo> [She reappeared next to Sera, grabbed him around the middle, and they both vanished once more.-
[01:02] <Minaplo> [They both reappeared down the corridor Tsubaki had fled down. "Move, lilim." Snapped Scholastica, vanishing- and this time she reappeared a scant four metres from Aline.-
[01:06] <Minaplo> [A bolt of red energy burned through the wall just inches from Aline's left ear.-
[01:08] <Minaplo> ["Damnit, Scholastica! Ugh." Agatha cursed, and she held out her hands. A pair of swords with semi-transparent crystal blades appeared, followed by yet more blades materialising in the air. "Sera, just- go!"-
[01:08] <Minaplo> ["Aline, go!" Shouted Vercingetorix. "I can handle these."]
[01:10] <Sept> Diplomacy was cut short as Scholastica proved to have less patience in these situations than Sera. Fred, no doubt, had just lost his house somewhere out there. Sera hesitated for a moment, and ran after Tsubaki.
[01:12] * Aline didn't need to be told twice, especially with the random manifestation of blades going on. She ran after Sera who was running after Tsubaki.
[01:21] <Minaplo> [Vercingetorix stared at Agatha- and shook his head. Wordlessly, he lifted his right hand, palm out, and summoned innumerable spheres of flame.-
[01:21] <Minaplo> [But it'd soon be too late for Sera or Aline to engage in observation- their course dragged them elsewhere.-
[01:38] <Minaplo> [For Sera, he'd find himself running through samey corridors, yet he could still see Tsubaki very distantly…]
[01:41] * Aline was pursuing about as furiously as her legs could take her. But… She was rather significantly at a disadvantage. Sera was an actual runner. She… well. She was at least within the scope of normal fitness.
[01:42] * Sept tumbled through collapsed corridors, scraping this limb and that on twisted metal as he meandered past. Eventually, the noises behind him started to fade, though he wasn't sure if it was just the sound of rushing blood drowning it out. The faint motion and light he was chasing… he was starting to think he might've been imagining it. But he couldn't just stop.
[01:49] <Minaplo> [Ahead of him, the sounds of loud footsteps echoed, coming closer, but not stopping.]
[01:52] <Sept> Shit, he was in the middle of the corridor, completely exposed. Still, there hadn't been many lilim inside. His odds of getting out of this weren't bad. "Tsubaki..?" he hazarded.
[01:53] <Minaplo> ["Don't- follow me!"]
[01:55] <Sept> "I-it's me. It's Sera. Please, wait!" Sera took a few careful steps toward the voice.
[02:01] <Minaplo> [She was still running, but he could run faster, barely…]
[02:03] <Sept> He was dreading to hear the wings any moment, now. "Tsubaki!" He couldn't lose her now, for any reason.
[02:04] <Minaplo> [She was directly ahead of him, but still running, not even turning. "Go back! Go back…"]
[02:09] * Sept reached out and grabbed her arm, trying to slow them both down. "It's -alright- – goddamnit, stop!"
[02:14] <Minaplo> [She nearly toppled in her enthusiasm to get away, tugging helplessly on her arm. "STOP IT! I-I need to get to mama!"]
[02:21] <Sept> "Then let me stay close to you! He's got the rest of the Evas there too, right? We -have- to take care of that Angel." Sera let go carefully, ready to keep after her.
[02:22] <Minaplo> ["What Angel?"]
[02:26] <Sept> "Vercingetorix has an Angel – it's the one that took you and the Evangelions away, and it's going to start killing people here! What the hell were -you- running for?"
[02:26] <Minaplo> [Tsubaki stared.-
[02:26] <Minaplo> [For a second, she didn't do anything, didn't move, speak, or anything at all.-
[02:27] <Minaplo> [And then she did everything at once, bursting into tears, letting out a scream of anger and sadness and frustration, and punching Sera across the cheek. "STUPID! STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID SERA!"]
[02:41] * Sept yelled in surprise and pain, staggering back and pushing her away. "Talk to me! What don't I know?!"
[02:42] <Minaplo> ["STUPID STUPID STUPID SERA!" She wiped at her face angrily as she stumbled backwards. "Stupid Sera, you don't know -anything-! You're not doing a good thing! You're not being a hero! You're -invading-! Zeruel-san isn't dangerous!"]
[02:55] <Sept> For the briefest moment, it was almost like he was laughing. "Zeruel is..? Yeah, then Aline's probably already dead back there, huh? And you want to stop the Dysangelions from hurting the Angel?"
[03:01] <Minaplo> ["Yes!" She cried in frustration. "From hurting Zeruel-san, and from hurting my daddy!"]
[03:06] <Sept> "Isn't that fucking convenient," his eyes said. "Let's go secure those Evas."
[03:14] <Minaplo> [They'd know they were going in the right direction when the ground began to shake violently, the sound of beastly roars setting their ears to ring.-
[03:15] <Minaplo> [They had passed through another massive door and into a gigantic cave, now, and up ahead-
[03:16] <Minaplo> [They saw the Dysangelions, both of them, in a roughly round cavern, fighting a furious fight with Zeruel. Zeruel lashed one of the Dysangelions, smashing it into the wall, only for the other Dysangelion to strike it across the same lashing arm with an intense energy beam, vaporising the limb in half. Zeruel roared in agony, reeling backwards, the dismembered limb hurtling through the air and crashing to the ground, spurting black inky blood.-
[03:18] <Minaplo> [To one side of the cavern was another massive chasm, and it was this that'd draw Sera's attention. For along the edge of the chasm were human buildings, and barely seen, bolted into the side with rail elevators, he could see the heads of three Evas…]
[03:26] <Sept> "Go. I'll cover you. Are they ready to go?"
(14:52:44) @Minaplo: ["Yeah."-
(14:53:00) @Minaplo: [Tsubaki rubbed at her eyes for a second, hesitating- before breaking into a sprint.]
(14:59:06) * Sept kept after her, breath slightly uneven from the chase so far. He stayed close – there was no telling what parts of the chamber might give at any moment – and tried to keep track of the situation, wincing each time he reached a mental dead end.
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(15:03:38) @Minaplo: [The air shifted.-
(15:05:25) @Minaplo: [Something strange happened. Tsubaki was right there, just a few metres ahead of him- then she was fifteen or so ahead in an instant, like a teleport. But it couldn't be, she wasn't…-
(15:06:38) @Minaplo: [The air shifted, and again she simply snap-moved, thirty or forty metres now…]
(15:14:02) Sept: "No, no, -no- shut UP!" He kept running, heading toward the Evas. She'd said they were ready, but…
(15:15:35) @Minaplo: [Again.-
(15:16:46) @Minaplo: [But now he'd realise that it wasn't just Tsubaki, but the Dysangelions too, and Zeruel. Each time the air shifted, all four of them immediately snapped into a different position in space.-
(15:18:03) @Minaplo: [He felt something shift through the air behind him-
(15:19:01) @Minaplo: [Agatha hurtled through the air, landing heavily, rolling with the impact until she could pull herself unsteadily to her feet. She was bleeding from her forehead and right arm, and she was favouring her left leg… "… Get out of the way!"]
(15:27:02) * Sept had slowed down now, greatly disoriented by the distortions. He was leaning forward and panting, less tired than nauseous as he plodded on. "No, -you- get… Something's wrong, Agatha- an AT field- Tsubaki's?"
(15:28:54) @Minaplo: ["Sera-"-
(15:29:36) @Minaplo: [The air shifted, and now Agatha was nine metres to the right of where she'd been. A smoking crater four feet deep sat where she'd been before.-
(15:30:17) @Minaplo: ["He's boxing me in-"-
(15:30:50) @Minaplo: [The air shifted, and now Agatha was now directly in front of Sera, bout five metres away, bleeding from a new wound on her chest.-
(15:31:03) @Minaplo: ["… My time field!"]
(15:35:24) Sept: "Trying to get me… killed," he complained. Still, he could finish this if he could just get to 01. One way or another.
(15:36:52) @Minaplo: [Agatha seemed to come to the same conclusion, and she leapt to the side, as far as she could, clearing a good thirty or forty metres-
(15:38:06) @Minaplo: [And was instantly pierced through the middle of her chest by a burning lance of eye-wateringly bright energy. The lance struck the wall behind it, turning a good deal of rock into melted slag.-
(15:38:57) @Minaplo: [It was clearly a lethal wound, at least by mortal standards; Agatha sailed through the air, landing hard, bouncing for a second, before she lay still. The time field was gone, and Sera was clear, but…]
(15:45:00) Sept: Capable of keeping track of his own body again, he tightened up his pace, glancing at the body after a few steps. Still there. He was getting closer to 01, and Tsubaki.
(15:52:35) @Minaplo: [And so he moved.-
(15:53:05) @Minaplo: [But something was following after, gliding above. The armored figure who had blocked his way before. Vercingetorix.]
(15:56:04) Sept: He wasn't in Sera's way, so he didn't matter. Not much longer left…
(15:58:14) @Minaplo: [Indeed, the man was moving ahead, now…-
(15:59:58) @Minaplo: [There was the titanic sound of an Eva-scale elevator moving. EVA-03's cage had opened, the Evangelion stepping out, bearing no weapons- yet not truly unarmed.-
(16:04:07) @Minaplo: [EVA-01 was housed in a simple setup compared to, say, the Geofront. A one-man elevator- basically just a shifting platform with railings- stopping at one of four corridors, with the top corridor leading to the Entry Plug.]
(16:09:17) Sept: The ascent looked even more dangerous with the ongoing fight than the approach had been, if that was at all possible. But Sera didn't present any choices for himself in the matter.
(16:35:25) @Minaplo: [Of course there wasn't a choice.-
(16:36:17) @Minaplo: [Vercingetorix stood outside the Entry Plug hatch, staring forward, his armour damaged lightly in some places but mostly he was untouched.]
(16:40:31) Sept: "You have to let me past."
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(16:43:28) @Minaplo: ["Why?"]
(16:49:42) Sept: "Because that's my Evangelion. Because I can't stand the stench of your fields. Because I can still… help."
(16:50:02) @Minaplo: ["This is not your Evangelion. You are its pilot."-
(16:50:11) @Minaplo: ["And who are you trying to help, Sera de Pteres?"]
(16:58:44) * Sept made a frustrated noise. "She's still back there, Vercingetorix. Aline hasn't come. I can't stand up to Scholastica, to you, to anything if I can't clear my thoughts. I'm not just a pilot."
(17:07:08) @Minaplo: ["And you think piloting will clear those thoughts for you?"]
(17:12:04) * Sept clenched his fists. "Three points of view instead of two. Move."
(17:17:28) @Minaplo: [Vercingetorix didn't move as Sera wanted. Rather he shifted to the side a little, placing a hand out and touching the side of the Entry Plug for a moment.-
(17:17:56) @Minaplo: [He paused, then let out an odd sigh. "You may pass, for all the good it may do."]
(17:24:01) * Sept hesitated at the gesture, but quickly stepped past him without a word, slipping comfortably into the plug and closing the thing behind him. His head was completely blank as he worked the controls for the launch preparations and put on the headset.
(17:29:54) @Minaplo: [Slowly, the manual synchronization began to start up. The LCL was pumped into the plug, lapping around him and eventually inundating him. After that, with a seemingly lethargic pace, the neural pulses began to mesh, the kaleidoscope of sights flashing about him as his brain acclimated to dual input of sensations, meshing the two together…-
(17:30:35) @Minaplo: [And Sera, sensitive to change, felt it immediately, a rush of energy flooding through his body, filling him up like hot water, pushing through his body and to the very tips of his fingers. This… Was different.]
(17:36:52) * Sept tried to do a lot of things at once. As soon as he could, he wanted to get 01 up, to get an idea of the state of the battle. But he also kept one hand on the controls inside, trying to find something drastically out of the ordinary. He couldn't rule out oversynch, or Angelic viruses, but…
(17:56:35) @Minaplo: [The cage opened but slowly.-
(17:57:40) @Minaplo: [I'm a little disappointed. Came Vercingetorix's voice, echoing through his head. I confess I had hoped that you of all people would've known the difference between a weak Eva and a strong one before this.]
(18:08:25) Sept: "Do I need your riddles? Evas are strong by definition." Tap, tap. LCL status. OD Support Systems check. Much of the information on the pilot – pretty much everything but the neural link – was missing due to the lack of a plugsuit.
(18:13:50) @Minaplo: [An Eva should be equal to an Angel, and yet Zeruel defeated three of you. Not a riddle. Do your own math.-
(18:18:52) @Minaplo: [The elevator rocketed upwards, coming to a lurching halt, allowing EVA-01 access to the battle!-
(18:23:05) @Minaplo: [The two Dysangelions were in a defensive, slightly desperate position. Scholastica's was facing off with EVA-03, firing an intense energy beam that smote EVA-03 square in the chest, sending it stumbling backward, before Tsubaki retaliated with a series of powerful AT blasts.-
(18:23:58) @Minaplo: [Zeruel was fending off Agatha's Dysangelion, using its remaining shadowy arm to lash out over a wide area, daring her to come into its attack radius.-
(18:24:09) @Minaplo: [And Vercingetorix was below, seemingly unconcerned with EVA-01 at all.]
[07:03] <Sept> "Vercingetorix. Where are Scholastica and Aline? She was behind me on my way here."
[07:10] <@Minaplo> [You ran too fast, came the voice. Scholastica cut her off from you. But it seems Aline is gone. Scholastica is- approaching.]
[07:14] <Sept> "'Gone'? How?"
[07:18] <@Minaplo> [A Dirac Jaunt.]
[07:20] <Sept> "By Scholastica?"
[07:21] <@Minaplo> [No.]
[07:23] <Sept> "I see…"-
[07:27] <Sept> Sera initiated an open connection to both Dysangelion units. "Scholastica, Agatha. I'm sorry, but you'll have to fall back." His tone was clearly apologetic.
[07:35] <@Minaplo> [the Scholastica Dysangelion responded immediately, whipping an arm out towards him and firing an intense beam directly towards his head!-
[07:35] <@Minaplo> [… The Agatha Dysangelion was more conservative, however, leaping backward from the wounded Zeruel to grab Agatha's bleeding body.]
03[07:47] * Minaplo|Out (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.622-68-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.622-68-051-421|olpaniM) has joined #nervfrance2
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03[07:49] * Minaplo|Out is now known as Minaplo
[07:52] <Sept> The split second the lance of light took to pierce 01's AT field gave Sera enough time to get out of the way. "How are you going to retreat once I help them neutralise your fields? I'm giving you a chance even after your insolence back there!" There was still that hint of despair in his voice, even if it was overlaid by the more familiar tone of outrage. "You have three seconds!"
03[07:52] * Minaplo|Out (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.622-68-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.622-68-051-421|olpaniM) has joined #nervfrance2
02[07:54] * Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.622-68-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.622-68-051-421|olpaniM) Quit (Broken pipe)
[08:00] <Minaplo|Out> [The Agatha Dysangelion vanished, jaunting away, with a final last look at Sera.-
[08:36] <Minaplo|Out> [Scholastica appeared, now, seemingly fading into existence on the top of the Dysangelion.-
[08:38] <Minaplo|Out> [… And then the Dysangelion burst.-
[08:39] <Minaplo|Out> [Or rather, a part of it burst, the rear of it suddenly bubbling and seething with tumorous growths that swelled and finally exploded, covering the area behind it - the cave wall, much of the ground- with a grey-white ooze.-
[08:39] <Minaplo|Out> [A bare second later, the Dysangelion and its 'pilot' vanished, both- only to reappear hovering over the chasm, preparing an energy burst…!]
06[08:50] * Sept hurriedly spread out his arms in response, enveloping the area around him, including EVA-03 and Zeruel, in a deflective field – he was aware of the astronomical gap between his and Scholastica's mastery of AT effects, but sometimes the crude solution is the best one. "Tsubaki..!"
[08:53] <Minaplo|Out> [Tsubaki nodded, reacting immediately, charging a beam of energy herself-
[08:53] <Minaplo|Out> [They fired at roughly the same time. The only difference is that Scholastica wasn't aiming at them.-
[08:54] <Minaplo|Out> [The actinic burst of light streaked towards the one inactive Evangelion left in the cavern.-
[08:54] <Minaplo|Out> [It struck EVA-04, tearing through its right shoulder, nearly slicing the arm completely off, melting its restraints to nothing but slag and nearly sending the Eva toppling into the abyss.-
[08:56] <Minaplo|Out> [Tsubaki's beam struck less than a tenth of a second later, square in the Dysangelion's chest, burning away layer upon layer of ossified bone and burning the flesh beneath. Scholastica recoiled as if struck herself- and both of them vanished with a -crack-, a true Dirac Jaunt away…]
06[09:02] * Sept breathed in relief. "What -was- that? Those growths, and 04?"
[09:10] <Minaplo|Out> [These questions would be answered very quickly.-
[09:11] <Minaplo|Out> [The weird, viscous fleshly liquid would start to form together, rapidly solidfying into a form- blind, white, humanoid shapes. Pure Angelspawn.-
[09:12] <Minaplo|Out> [And EVA-04…-
[09:13] <Minaplo|Out> [Had been dormant up until now, for in response to an attack there was only one viable response.-
[09:13] <Minaplo|Out> [Its eyes began to glow red.]
[09:14] <Sept> "That motherfucker."
[09:22] <Minaplo|Out> [Tsubaki paused, indecisive, before turning and firing blasts at the mass of Spawn, ripping a small group of them apart.-
[09:22] <Minaplo|Out> [Zeruel reacted as well, firing blasts of AT energy from its eyes into the mass…-
[09:23] <Minaplo|Out> [… Whilst the now berserk EVA-04 grabbed the lip of the chasm and flipped over the side, landing perfectly on both feet and opening with a massive roaaaaarrrrrr.]
06[09:30] * Sept stepped forward to cut off the berserker, channeling energy into the scepter. Parts of it coiled around the Evangelion's arm as the AT field concentrated there, a makeshift replacement for a shield. He took a deep breath. There were very little safety nets here, with worn armor and no ablative protection.
[09:32] <Minaplo|Out> [The berserker growled, a clear and deadly threatening warning. It didn't need to warn the Evangelion- only the uppity pilot.-
[09:32] <Minaplo|Out> [Its burned shoulder and arm began to bubble and bulge with growths- which burst a second later, revealing perfect, healed flesh.]
[09:35] <Sept> "What do -you- have to be upset about? World domination plans didn't work out yet? Immortality getting dull?"
[09:40] <Minaplo|Out> [EVA-04 hurled itself forward, smashing its left shoulder into EVA-01's chest as hard as it could!]
[09:46] <Sept> "Tsubaki, ca-" 01 was sent tumbling back, even though Sera managed to mitigate the impact of the tackle. "Can you jaunt us out, 04 might be content with- gaaahhh, just the spawn…"
[09:47] <Minaplo|Out> ["Yes-"-
[09:47] <Minaplo|Out> [… But EVA-04 was already moving, sprinting past Sera and down a cavern, the same cavern the Dysangelions had come from…-
[09:47] <Minaplo|Out> [It was going for the exit.]
[09:55] <Sept> "Ugh, what's it…" He got back to his feet, briefly glancing at the gathering mounds of dispatched Spawn. "…should we be following it?"
[09:56] <Minaplo|Out> [Let it go for now.]
[10:02] <Sept> "I hope you have another hideout."
[10:04] <Minaplo|Out> [This one was my favourite. The others are not as suitable…]
[10:11] <Sept> "Mmh. Any chance you could repair the armor on this unit?"
[10:15] <Minaplo|Out> [Certainly, although I have spent most of my time undoing the deliberate limitations built into your unit's S2 Organ.]
[10:17] <Sept> "You've…?!" From the view in the plug, one might've thought he'd been told there were spiders all over him.
[10:19] <Minaplo|Out> [Do not be alarmed. You are not in any more danger than you usually are. Your Evangelion can dissolve you at will if it so chooses, but then again, it always has had that ability.]
06[10:23] * Sept tried, pointlessly, to regain his composure. If that was true, why was his palm looking so translucent..? "Y-you're sure."
[10:24] <Minaplo|Out> [I am.]
[10:25] <Sept> "Right, then. I… hahh. We just wait for 04 to calm down..?"
[10:29] <Minaplo|Out> [There is a good chance that EVA-04 is not going to calm down any time soon.]
[10:32] <Sept> "Are you going to leave it here, then?"
[10:33] <Minaplo|Out> [I do not think 'leaving' it is a choice I can make, as it is already quite departed.]
06[10:38] * Sept considered this for a time. "Can you monitor it, at least? We can at least make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. It can defend itself against a lot, but…"
[10:39] <Minaplo|Out> [I removed the limits on its S2 Organ as well.]
03[10:40] * Suzune (~ten.nozirev.soif.lfpmat.681-712-452-69-loop|un#ten.nozirev.soif.lfpmat.681-712-452-69-loop|un) has joined #nervfrance2
[10:42] <Sept> "But if the Dysangelions were to recover and return. They have battleships. 04's not unstoppable."
[10:42] <Minaplo|Out> [You would be surprised.-
[10:43] <Minaplo|Out> [At the very least, I will attempt to keep an eye on it if I can. For now, it is time we dispersed. You and Tsubaki should proceed to the United States via jaunt.-
[10:43] <Minaplo|Out> [Zeruel I will dispatch to the Marianas Trench in order to heal and hide.]
[10:46] <Sept> "Hold on, the US? How are they relevant?"
[10:46] <Minaplo|Out> [Have you ever heard of Area Sixty-Six?]
[10:47] <Sept> "UFOs?"
[10:49] <Minaplo|Out> [Close, but no. Area 66 is an old abandoned NERV base that Linden and her people have taken over and refurbished. Since the outside world doesn't know of its operation or even existence, it will shield us for a time.]
[10:56] <Sept> "Linden's base..? I don't know… what do you think, Tsubaki?"
[10:58] <Minaplo|Out> ["I think Daddy's right. We… Can't stay here, at least." She said, sounding gloomy about it.]
[11:00] <Sept> "We'll start there, then, and relocate if necessary. I'll try to keep her safe."
[11:04] <Minaplo|Out> [He nodded.-
[11:04] <Minaplo|Out> [Tsubaki, you know where to go.-
[11:04] <Minaplo|Out> [EVA-03 held out its hand to 01, and waited.]
06[11:04] * Sept took it without any more hesitation.
[11:05] <Minaplo|Out> [… And they both vanished, leaving Vercingetorix alone with Zeruel, who was currently devouring its severed arms.-
[11:08] <Minaplo|Out> [The moment they were gone, Vercingetorix allowed himself the luxury to collapse. He wearily lifted his hands up to his helmet, and lifted it off, giving himself the chance to breathe properly. He just needed a minute…-
[11:09] <Minaplo|Out> [He knew Aline would be back soon, with a very big friend. He had to leave something for her…]

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