Viviane Fournier
Name: Viviane Fournier
Position: Student of Saint Louis
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (Born 2000)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Outer Suburbs

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5'3" (160.5cm)
Build: Willowy

School Details
Class: 10-C
Average Grade: B
Best Subject: Drama (A-)
Worst Subject: Mathematics (C)
Club(s): Drama Club, Music Club, Fencing Club

Personal Details
"Oh, you… You like my music? I'm surprised you could hear it amidst the whole orchestra! … You weren't listening specifically for me, were you? Because… Because that'd be wonderful."

Viviane Fournier, better known as 'Vivi' to the student body, is someone whose love for the performing arts knows no bounds. Talented at drama and music, and fairly competent at dancing, Viviane is the only daughter of a widowed father - a music teacher- living in the outer suburbs of Paris-2. She plays the cello.

Personality-wise, Viviane is rather bashful, taking compliments with a blush and a polite smile. Although some might consider this to contradict her love of performing, Viviane is simply a student who, whilst strongly desiring to be noticed, always seems surprised when she is.

Viviane has a peculiar view of the Evangelions. On the one hand, the idea of being in those war machines, fighting unknown and unnatural horrors, is terrifying; she's glad it isn't her. On the other hand… One cannot deny that such a thing would be exhiliarating in the extreme.

Viviane Fournier was captured by the Covenant of Light during their raid on Saint Louis. She reemerged as an elite T-RIDEN-T pilot during the Third World War- a psychotic and sadistic one driven to kill Sera de Pteres. She was recaptured during Operation Reliant, and brought to Paris- without her memories.

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