Viviane S Escape

[20:38] <@Viviane‘Fournier> [A romantic image: A train, gliding across the tracks of the repaired fragments of the Cairo-to-Cape Town Transafrican railroad…. Of course, Cape Town no longer exists, having been swallowed 15 years ago along with 85% of South Africa.-
[20:39] <@Viviane`Fournier> [The image belies its true nature, however. The train is a tool of war, and cruelty. Within its carriages are guns, ammunition- and a passenger.-
[20:41] * @Viviane`Fournier sits in a cage, her hands bound by handcuffs. Her long hair has been cut back unevenly and with poor tools, giving her a very haphazard, dangerous look. Her clothes are cheap and uncomfortable- a white jumpsuit- with a tattered blue blazer- a remnant of a past life. A life before prisons, and guards, and locks.-
[20:42] <@Viviane`Fournier> She is guarded by a single guard. He is, perhaps, not very bright, and unfortunately, is also rather young and soft- a dangerous combination. It leads to a certain level of sympathy for a prisoner as despondent and depressed-looking as Viviane Fournier. And sympathy leads to easy targets.
[20:48] <LN_Soldier> The guard in question is short and stocky, dirty blonde hair cut back into a crew cut. One hand currently rests on his pistol, as is customary in these situations, but the other bears a newly delivered tray of ’food' — no doubt more of the slushy gruel the Viviane has been forced to live off of for most of her journey. He gives the bars a slight kick as he approaches. "Still awake?" he
[20:48] <LN_Soldier> asks, voice thickly accented.
[20:50] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "…" Viviane looks up at him. Her face is grubby and tear-streaked. "Yes." She says. Her voice is very dead, very… Empty.
[20:55] <LN_Soldier> He hesitates at that, the hand loosening a little on the butt of his sidearm. The change in his expression only serves to reinforce his relative youth… he can’t have more than five or six years on this tear-streaked girl. After a quick, nervous glance towards the carriage door he pulls a set of keys from his belt and pulls open the door. "Hey now…" he murmurs, "Try not to cry, ok?"
[20:56] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "I want to go home…"
[20:59] <LN_Soldier> "…" He just sighs at that, leaning down to set the tray inside the door without shifting his gaze from the girl. "I know. I am… sorry for this. Sincerely." He pulls the cage gently shut behind him as he enters, but doesn’t pause to lock it.
[21:00] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "No you’re not…"
[21:05] <LN_Soldier> "… you could not understand. Nobody in your country could." He lets out a slow breath and shakes his head. "But that does not mean I enjoy your pain."
[21:09] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "…" She moves with a speed that seems to be almost unnatural. From a crouching position she rises. Knee to the groin. As he crouches, she shifts to the side. Handcuffs around his throat. She pulls.
[21:13] <LN_Soldier> The first strike sends him tumbling, and it’s only the sudden appearance of that steel chain that stops him falling flat on his face. Arms begin to flail in desperation as he tries to get out more than a panicked wheeze… but in the end it doesn't take much to crush the cartilage around his windpipe. Less than a minute later he goes still. Dead weight.
[21:17] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Viviane considers saying something. Something throwaway like ’-Now- you're sorry'. Or… Perhaps something else. Perhaps -she- should be saying sorry? … She doesn't say anything. It's nothing but a body. She drops it. A few seconds later she has his ring of keys. Her handcuffs fall away. She takes his knife, and drags his body deeper into the cage. She takes his pistol. Takes his kevlar vest, the arm and leg coverings… The rifle she doesn't need. She looks over at the door that leads to the carriage connection. She has give minutes before the guard turnover. She's been planning this for some time. She moves over to the door, ducks into the shadows.
[21:27] <LN_Soldier> Indeed, the door slides open just less than five minutes later, letting in a burst of air, noise and glaring sunlight into the cramped cabin. This soldier is larger than the first, face obscured behind the standard-issue helmet that most of the other troops ditched at the first opportunity. He's only a step or two inside the carriage when he notices the open cage door with nobody inside,
[21:27] <LN_Soldier> hands moving to his rifle…
[21:32] <@Viviane‘Fournier> … When he should’ve looked to his left.-
[21:35] * @Viviane‘Fournier moves from the shadows. Her knife is in hand- she moves behind him, and with her knife, stabs deep through his elbow- before bringing it up across his throat. Her movements are precise, and mechanical.
[21:39] <LN_Soldier> The rifle clatters to the ground, breath whistling through a slashed throat before this new arrival collapses like the first. Blood begins to pool around the door.
[21:40] * @Viviane`Fournier lowers. Grabs the knife. Grabs the pistol.-
[21:43] <@Viviane`Fournier> She pushes the door open. Heads outside… Outside! The wind rustles her hair, her clothes. She takes a deep breath. For a moment, for one sweet moment, the freedom nearly pushes her murderous professionalism aside. She feels like crying, like sobbing, jumping from the railing and running to freedom.-
[21:43] <@Viviane`Fournier> … But she wouldn’t make it. The landing would hurt. And they'd know she was gone. They could probably outrun her.-
[21:43] <@Viviane‘Fournier> The only way to be sure would be to make sure everyone on this train was dead.-
[21:44] <@Viviane`Fournier> She hunkered down, over to the carriage door. Peeked through the window.
[21:48] <LN_Soldier> Two more guards just inside the door. There’s another young man, maybe a little older than the one hidden in the shadows of Viviane's old cage, relaxing with his feet up on a table and making particularly animated conversation with the straight-faced older man opposite. The latter had a look she would instinctually recognize as that of a lifelong soldier.
[21:48] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Then he dies first.-
[21:54] <@Viviane`Fournier> Viviane sweeps in, immediately ducking behind the now open door. The rushing of the trains over traintracks fills the room. As she moves- a single shot. To the leg. Cover. Then…-
[22:05] <@Viviane`Fournier> She emerges from cover, and lets loose. Two pistols, firing a full six shots each. She doesn’t wait to see where they land before ducking back behind the door.
[22:11] <LN_Soldier> They definitely land, judging by the shouts and screams, but judging by the way such sounds /keep going/ not fatally so. There's hissed commands in a foreign language and the sounds of rifles being readied in unsteady hands.-
[22:33] <LN_Soldier> The roar of gunfire as both firearms unload in the empty cabin. Most simply take chunks out of the door serving as her cover or the wall behind her, but the few that do land…
[22:34] <LN_Soldier> «In the tiny cabin*»
[22:41] * @Viviane‘Fournier managed to anticipate all but one bullet. Isn’t that always the way? A slug of hot metal grazes the side of her face, momentarily whiting out her vision… "A-agh…" Her eyes are angry and dark, now, and she bites down as she breaks cover. Pistols up. She opens fire. Her hands smoothly slide back with recoil, but not enough to ruin her aim.
[23:03] <LN_Soldier> Even the minimal cover the soldiers have found doesn't slow the hail of bullets. By the time Viviane has finished pulling the trigger her enemies have long since ceased moving.
[23:03] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Click. Click. Two spent clips drop from her pistols.-
[23:05] * @Viviane`Fournier moves quickly, looting the corpses of their precious pistol clips. Finally, she cuts off another holster and straps it on. Now sporting enough holsters to contain her many weapons, she holsters the pistols… And grabs the old guard’s assault rifle.-
[23:09] <@Viviane‘Fournier> She moves down the length of the carriage. The pain in her head is already starting to weaken… Finally she moves through the door.-
[23:09] <@Viviane`Fournier> Through the window she peers once again.
[23:15] <LN_Soldier> Four men this time. Another two sharing a table near the door as before, but this time she can catch a glimpse of two more guards stationed further down the carriage.
[23:20] <@Viviane`Fournier> Four men. Two she could handle. Three was problematic. Four…-
[23:21] <@Viviane`Fournier> She did the only thing she could do. She pushed the door open… Then immediately ran back into the previous carriage and ducked behind the wall. Both doors were open…
[23:33] <LN_Soldier> … and all eyes in the carriage swivel towards it. Two of the four seem to dismiss it after a moment’s consideration. Another is less willing to attribute it to a random act of the breeze and heads towards the connection after a quick murmur to his comrade. Further down the carriage the fourth is craning his neck around the chair in a vain attempt to get a look past the open door.
[23:41] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Bang.-
[23:41] <@Viviane`Fournier> The first shot grazes the soldier’s throat. After the single precision shot, Viviane glowers, pulls on the trigger hard. Braced against her shoulder, she rips a bloody mess through the poor man's armor.
[15:09] <LN_Soldier> Thump. Another fallen soldier tumbles back into the carriage, blood still flying, to be greeted by a moment of paralyzed silence by the still-living soldiers. In the end it's the guard on the far side of the train that brings them back, shouting orders to the others in hard, South-African-inflected English. "Thomas, get to the front and warn the others. You down there! Bunker down!"-
[15:12] <LN_Soldier> A moment later there's the sound of boots clomping away down the corridor in a rush, and the connection to the next carriage is thrown wide open.
[15:17] * @Viviane‘Fournier doesn’t stop. She turns and sprints back down the length of the carriage she'd just cut through, until she's back on the connection between her prison and the first carriage.
[15:25] <@Viviane‘Fournier> The moment she arrived she dropped the assault rifle over the side, crouched, and with catlike grace, sprang upwards toward the roof, quickly scrambling on top.
[15:30] <LN_Soldier> Viviane would be able to make out more shouting and commotion from below, but it’s indistinct over the deafening rush of the wind.
[15:46] <LN_Soldier> … and then the sound of boots, closer now. Low muttering. The door between carriages slides gently open, and from her position she'd be able to see the barrel of a rifle.
[15:52] * @Viviane‘Fournier waits… A few more seconds… Then slides forward, to the precise angle where she can remain on the roof whilst also curving around to open fire. Point-blank shots from both pistols, rapid fire.
[15:56] <LN_Soldier> In his final moments, perhaps the guard considered the fact that was a poor day to forgo his helmet. A moment later his head is head is reduced to a mist of blood and bone, and even the body armor is not enough to stop his arm being reduced to a mangled stump. More shouting from the cabin follows, louder now and showing the beginnings of honest panic.
[16:32] <LN_Soldier> And a moment later the shouts are punctuated by bursts of automatic rifle fire, bullets shredding the roof she’s perched on as the soldiers below fire blindly in the hopes of at least getting a lucky shot in.
[16:33] * @Viviane‘Fournier looks down at her feet, awkwardly jumping to the side, still trying to get used to the speed and balance of the roof as compared to inside. Luckily, the shots that do hit are so weakened by the roof’s metal that they barely graze her.-
[16:35] <@Viviane‘Fournier> She looks to the next carriage. She can’t be pinned down in one area, so… She starts running. Running as fast as she can, and… Jumps! Clears the gap, and lands with a roll on the next carriage, quickly reaching out to centre herself.
[16:52] <@Viviane‘Fournier> She holsters one of her pistols, drawing her knife with her right hand. Forward are foes, behind are foes… The longer she waits the more time the enemy have to regroup. She moves back.-
[16:53] <@Viviane`Fournier> Lightly jumping off the roof, the girl who, only a few seconds ago, felt unsteady, was now the very image of poise, somersaulting through the air and landing perfectly on the platform. Her knife flicked out in reflex to a sudden shape that she hadn’t yet seen, but…
[17:17] <LN_Soldier> It's just a graze, and barely even that. The blade skims past the guard's cheek, leaving a thin trail of blood little worse than a shaving cut. In return she finds herself surrounded - guards rushing towards her on the right, shouting to their comrades, more soldiers firing at her from the left. And worst of all the soldier she swiped at moves in, arms raised and looking to disarm her.
[17:28] * @Viviane‘Fournier aims a low sweeping kick at the grabby man, not enough to cause any permanent damage but enough to knock him off balance. Using the brief moment of freedom she kicks open one of the doors and, without pausing, sweeps in and simultaneously shuts the door and jams her knife into a soldier’s throat.
[17:44] <LN_Soldier> It slices deep, leaving the man gasping and staggering as the blood flows out from the gap in his armor in gouts. One hand reaches up to try and stem the flow but the other reaches out blindly towards her, easily avoidable.
[17:49] <LN_Soldier> The rest is a blur. Guards swarm around her, striking her with the butts of their rifles in blows that still manage to hurt despite the armor. In the chaos it's easy to miss that one guard to her back that reaches out and snatches her knife-arm in a iron grip, pulling her into a practiced arm-lock.
[18:19] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Nn-" A pull forward, enough to pull the man forward, and a sharp jerk back with the head into his nose, enough to break the lock. There’s the retort of pistol fire…
[18:22] <LN_Soldier> But it's hard to hit anything in a brawl like this. More blows fall upon her from every direction, and more arms grab at her from every direction, trying to pull her down and disarm her. One succeeds…
[18:34] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Nn-Nnn!" The previous tactic- it doesn’t work…! Panic? No. It's not panic…
[18:47] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Another series of blows and fisticuffs, rifle butts bouncing off her head. A lesser person might be taken down, or killed, or even stunned… But Viviane Fournier is not a normal person. She’s more than human.-
[18:48] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Tug. His grip slips! Twist. It’s broken! Her berserker eyes see a man's neck, gushing blood. Filled with the homocidal urge to kill, she plunges her knife into it, pulls it out- and slashes.-
[18:48] <@Viviane‘Fournier> [The head… Comes clean off, sailing back and bouncing off the wall with enough force to smack into another soldier’s chest. The head lands, a familiar face staring up at him.]
[18:55] <LN_Soldier> … the poor guard just /stares/ at the head for a moment, the battle forgotten. The head stares back. "M-monster…" he murmurs, starting to shake. His hands tighten around his rifle. "You /demon/!" The rifle flashes out again, striking Viviane in the chest, and with that the blows begin again.
[19:10] <LN_Soldier> "Get back, all of you! Just shoot her for God's sakes!" "No! We have to take her /alive/!" "THEN AIM FOR HER LEGS!"
[19:25] <LN_Soldier> And… well, they try. Bullets fly as the blood-stained victim of the early head rebound tries to keep the far tinier girl pinned, but by the end she's still standing.
[19:43] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "-!" Viviane manages to swerve, duck and dodge a hailstorm of bullets, before being grabbed by some grubby soldier- but not even this is enough and before long she’s out again onto the connector.
[20:07] <LN_Soldier> More gunshots from both carriages now, leaving her trapped on the tiny connection. The four remaining guards have split up and buckled down into what little cover the seats can provide, popping up now and again to spray bullets in her general direction.
[20:10] <LN_Soldier> "Stand down and this will all be over!" one of them calls, quietly ignoring the fact that they're the ones on the back foot.
[20:26] * @Viviane‘Fournier pauses. She looks back at the carriage behind her. And the one forward. And then…-
[20:27] <@Viviane`Fournier> She runs. With a truly absurd level of speed and personal dexterity she runs straight past the waiting soldiers, past the carriages, past a hail of bullets by a waiting guard… The engine is ahead.
[20:43] <LN_Soldier> The pounding of boots behind her, but that doesn’t matter… what matters are the two guards ahead, rifles brought to bear.-
[21:08] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Slide. The recoil of the pistol threw off her aim, and her knife stuck only annoying armor. She wasn’t panicking- she wasn't panicking… But something had to give way soon…!
[21:16] <LN_Soldier> The guards are holding fast, the engine room beyond them. One of them draws his pistol with a snarl and fires a shot from his pistol that manages to pierce the breastplate of Viviane's armor. The sound of boots is deafening now… they can't be more than a few seconds away now.
[16:31] <LN_Soldier> More hands reaching out to restrain her now… Trying to take her alive, as their orders requested. The butt of a pistol flies into view out of nowhere, striking her jaw with bone-rattling force.-
[16:32] <LN_Soldier> The guards at her rear have arrived, and while some of them are advancing slowly with their rifles trained on her, another pair have simple charged into the increasingly chaotic fray on the connection platform.
[16:45] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Nna-ah…" Her body tenses for a second. Her eyes, once wide, seem to go unfocused at the sheer impact… And her head droops. Her body goes limp.
[16:49] <LN_Soldier> For at least a minute the blows just keep coming, battering her ribs, her arms, her already bruised and bleeding face. After all the damage Viviane Fournier has caused, all the blood and violence, none of the soldiers seem willing to halt the attack until they are absolutely certain of her defeat.-
[16:53] <LN_Soldier> But eventually they slow… and then finally they stop entirely, though there’s a mutter of discontent when one of the leaders forces them to stow their weapons. Her limp body is laid flat on the cold timber floor face-down for a moment as her weapons are stripped away, and "unconscious" or not none of the remaining soldiers seems willing to shift their aim from her back.
[16:55] * @Viviane‘Fournier lies unmoving and still on the floor. Only the barest of movements seem to suggest life at all.
[17:01] <LN_Soldier> "W-what do we do now?" "We get to the rendezvous in Kenya as ordered, what the hell do you think?" "After all this? I say we just kill the bit-" A sharp crack somewhere above her, followed by a howl of pain. "We follow the orders. I don’t want to be the one to tell /him/ we killed her. Do you? Do any of you?"
[17:03] <LN_Soldier> A few minutes later the insensate body of Viviane would be hauled to her feet, a soldier holding each arm and dragging her back down the train. Back towards her cage. Towards her prison.-
[17:03] <LN_Soldier> The barrel of a rifle is pressed hard against her spine.
[17:08] * @Viviane‘Fournier is quiet. Her head bowed. Her legs shuffle forward. Her hands twitch with spent strength. "S…"
[17:14] <LN_Soldier> There’s no response from either of the two guards holding her arms, but the soldier behind her jabs her sharply in the back with his weapon. "Don't even think about trying anything, girl."
[17:15] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Se… Ra…" Her body barely jerks forward with the jab.
[17:21] <LN_Soldier> There’s a rush of fresh air and noise as one of the soldiers in the lead kicks open the door to the next carriage, wind whipping at her hair as she's dragged out into the sunlight.
[17:23] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "…" Viviane looks up into the sky. The air… The wind… She pauses, her legs becoming somewhat less… Jellylike. She stands a little taller. "Ah…"
[17:26] <LN_Soldier> The man behind her sees fit to give her another rifle jab to hurry her along. The guards to either side of her jerk her past the threshold of the next carriage, away from the sun. She’s back into the half-light.
[17:28] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Ahaha…" She practically trips forward now with the jab, and would slam into the floor if she weren’t being held up. "Ahahahaha…"
[17:29] <LN_Soldier> "Hey! What the hell's so funny?"-
[17:29] <LN_Soldier> They seem to be pulling her along faster the more she stirs, eager to get her locked up before she fully regains her senses.
[17:30] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Ahahahahahahaha." She starts laughing harder, ever more hysterically. "I killed so many people." Her body quivers. "So many. I’m so sorry. Ahahahah."
[17:38] <LN_Soldier> "…!" After a moment of shocked silence, Viviane would feel the barrel of the rifle leave her back… but only as a momentary reprieve. A moment later another stunning blow strikes her hard in the back of the head. "The brief was /right/ about you. You really are inhuman." "Carlos! Keep your damned hands off her!" "But sir!" "You heard me, soldier." "… yes, sir."
[17:40] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Ahahahahaaaaa." Viviane’s laughter turns more into a breathless giggle. "So many… -More-. Do you know what's really funny?"
[17:42] <LN_Soldier> It's one of the soldiers who's got hold of her arms who replies this time, hissing his words through clenched teeth. "What?"
[17:47] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "You’re all going to die, too. But it won't be me who kills you."
[17:50] <LN_Soldier> "Hmmph. You think your country will bring the fight to us just to rescue one little girl? Do not get your hopes up."
[17:52] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Ahahahahaha. They might kill me too. Do you know where we are right now?"
[17:54] <LN_Soldier> The guard shoots a confused, questioning glance back towards the de-facto leader lingering somewhere behind them before he replies. "… yes, of course."
[17:55] <@Viviane`Fournier> "Uganda, right?" Viviane chuckled, but tears were running down her face. "You are all going to die in Uganda…"
[17:58] <LN_Soldier> "… you’re insane." They pass by another carriage connection, bringing them all back to the bullet-riddled, blood stained mess that was the cabin nearest her cage. Shafts of sunlight shine down through the holes in the roof.
[17:59] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "The railroad runs out in a few days." A chuckle. "Imagine having to pause, so close to the sea…"
[18:02] <LN_Soldier> Murmurs from the remaining soldiers: "H-how does she…?" "Someone’s been talking…" "Damned NeoSpartans."-
[18:03] <LN_Soldier> "Not your concern," the guard mutters, tightening his grip on her arm. She's being dragged over the bodies of the fallen now, blood making the floorboards sticky. "We have our plans."
[18:04] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "I wonder what it’ll be. A fighter jet? A missile? Maybe they'll even send an Evangelion…"
[18:10] <LN_Soldier> That seems to be enough for him, eyes lighting up with rage. He lets go of her arm with one hand just long enough to slam her with a vicious backhanded blow. "/Shut up/, girl. You're only making this worse for yourself!" There's no shout from their leader after this blow, though… in fact, all the guards seem to be well and truly on edge now.-
[18:11] <LN_Soldier> The carriage connection is less than two meters away now. Her prison awaits.
[18:12] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Sera… Sera…" Viviane is quiet now. "He’ll come. He'll come for me. And when he does you are all going to die."
[18:18] <LN_Soldier> This time the guards offer no reply. What is there to say? Moments later she would find herself standing before the steel cage yet again. The feeling of the rifle pressed against her back would disappear once more as the man moved ahead of them to open the cage and check inside. "Another one dead in here. It's the kid." "… figures. Poor bastard."
[18:19] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "First you’ll feel a tingling on the back of your neck…" Whispers Viviane. "Then the ground will start to shake."
[18:22] <LN_Soldier> The two still holding her seem to be purposefully ignoring her now, but the one to her left is looking unsure of himself. "Just drag him out of there so we can lock this one up again. She gives me the creeps."
[18:23] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "He’ll be coming for me. But I can't wait. No no no, I have to go to him."-
[18:23] <@Viviane‘Fournier> [… The ground suddenly trembled a little. The panes vibrated and there was a peculiar sound above, like a very fast airplane.]
[18:27] <LN_Soldier> All eyes turn skyward, wide and frightened if only for a moment. It’s not as though they are unfamiliar with the sound of aircraft, not when their ranks are drawn from some of the most war-torn nations on the planet, but to hear it so soon after this girl's words…-
[18:28] <LN_Soldier> The guard to her right, the one who hit her, grabs her by the chin and looks her straight in the eyes. "What did you /do/?"
[18:38] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Sounds like… An F-15 Strike Eagle. Fast, accurate, perfect for infrastructure strikes." Said Viviane in an eager way, lying all the same. "You have six seconds to duck and cover…"
[18:45] <LN_Soldier> The guard just stares at her as the seconds tick by. One… two… "There’s no way you could organize that," he says finally, glaring fiercely down at her, "You haven't had a chance to get word out…"-
[18:45] <LN_Soldier> Of course in their haste to get into the minimal cover the carriage can provide, the other guard holding her and the one currently investigating the cage have well and truly missed this conclusion. It's only him and Viviane now.
[18:46] <LN_Soldier> And only now does he realize it. "Idiots! She's playing us!"
[18:48] * @Viviane‘Fournier moves the moment she has a chance. Arm comes up, fist smashing into the man’s elbow. The other arm swings out, grabs his arm and twists it as hard as she can. Within a few seconds she's wrapped the arm behind his back, her free hand having grabbed his pistol.-
[18:49] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "I said I wouldn’t be the one to kill you." She said, her eyes glittering even as tears stream from them. She pulls the man back, jabs the pistol against the back of his head. "I lied."-
[18:49] <@Viviane‘Fournier> A single pull of the trigger.
[18:54] <LN_Soldier> Bang. The guard goes down like a sack of bricks, half his jaw blown away. The other two are bringing their guns to bear, fear showing clear on their faces as they fire the first wild shots. "N-no, please!"
[19:02] <@Viviane`Fournier> A shot grazes Viviane’s leg, but she's already moving, diving out of the way of most of the lethal hail. She tucks into a roll, and emerges in a crouch- immediately opening fire on one of the survivors. Her eyes are glassy and empty.
[19:06] <LN_Soldier> Even while her target is desperately trying to find cover behind the piles of crates and long-forgotten freight that occupy the edges of the room. A bullet strikes the soldier in the chest, and after taking one more desperate shot at Viviane his legs go out from under him and he slumps down and out of sight.
[19:08] * @Viviane‘Fournier looks about. Spots the last one in the room. She springs at him. Grabs him by the throat and pins him against the wall. Holds the gun to his head.-
[19:08] <@Viviane`Fournier> Click. Click.-
[19:08] <@Viviane`Fournier> "…" A sudden memory- her jaw twinging at it- comes to life. She reverses the gun and whips him across the face with it.
[19:08] <LN_Soldier> The guard actually lets out a gasp of relief.
[19:15] <LN_Soldier> "A-augh!" he howls, dropping his gun in shock and bringing a hand up to his jaw. Probably not the intended reaction. "Ow! Please, stop! Stop hitting me! I’ll do anything, just let me liv—"
[19:17] * @Viviane‘Fournier smacks him again, hard. And just to be sure, she grabs his dropped gun and finishes him off with a bullet to the head.
[19:18] <@Viviane`Fournier> Silence.-
[19:19] * @Viviane`Fournier is quick. She grabs another pistol, makes sure they’re fully loaded. And then she moves.-
[19:20] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Out of the carriage. Across the connection. Through the door. Three guards. In a grisly repeat, she brings both pistols up and opens fire on the two closest two her.
[19:27] <LN_Soldier> They’re not fast enough to put up a defense, too shocked at this angel of death bursting back into the fray. The spray of bullets shreds armor, flesh and bone, and the two are dead mere moments after she appeared. Only one survives… at the far side of the carriage, aiming at her down the sight of his rifle.-
[19:27] <LN_Soldier> "Foolish, foolish girl. They have made you a killer in a child's skin. I pity you, truly."
[19:35] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "…" She glides to the left, then to the right. She starts running at him.-
[19:35] <@Viviane`Fournier> In the time it takes for him to make his statement, she’s now only two metres away- will he make the shot…?!
[19:43] <LN_Soldier> Of course he does, pity or no. He squeezes down the trigger and keeps it held, and even Viviane's agility isn't quite enough to save her from every shot. Most, perhaps, but one… one blows through the weak point in the knee joint of her armor and shatters the flesh below.
[19:44] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "-!" Viviane lets out a harsh hissing sound. She nearly stumbles, but it’s not enough to take her down as she grabs the rifle and violently slams it into the man's face.
[19:48] <LN_Soldier> "Uhn!" His nose shatters under the force of the blow and he goes down sprawling on his back, still groaning.
[19:48] * @Viviane‘Fournier is still holding the rifle. She turns it around, points it down towards his chest and head. And she fires.-
[19:48] <@Viviane`Fournier> And fires.-
[19:48] <@Viviane`Fournier> And fires. She fires until she hears a click in the gun.
[19:53] <@Viviane`Fournier> [The bloody mess that remains could hardly be considered human.-
[19:54] * @Viviane`Fournier drops the gun. And starts walking- perhaps hobbling a little- down the length of the train. Her teeth grit together, ignoring the sharp hot feeling.-
[19:54] <@Viviane`Fournier> Carriage, connector, carriage… Eventually she emerges into a final room. The engine room. The driver is there, looking tired and worn.-
[19:54] <@Viviane`Fournier> [He turns around. "You-?"-
[19:54] <@Viviane`Fournier> Two pistol shots. Straight to the head. He falls.-
[19:57] <@Viviane`Fournier> "…" Viviane heads over to the controls. A few pulls, and the train… Slowly starts to grind to a halt.-
[20:00] <@Viviane`Fournier> She brings herself over to the wall, sliding down it quietly. She starts to fiddle with her various injuries; rudimentary first aid, mostly.-
[20:01] <@Viviane`Fournier> Her jaw aches, her chest is hot and inflamed, her legs are bleeding, as are her arms, and she feels so incredibly tired and all the pain hits her at once and she’s alone, surrounded by the dead…-
[20:01] <@Viviane‘Fournier> "Ahaha." She laughs to herself tiredly. "Ahahahaa… Aaaah… Ahh…"-
[20:01] <@Viviane`Fournier> The laughter turns too quickly into tears, and she sobs. Sobs to herself over and over. It doesn’t heal her wounds, but it makes her feel a little better inside. It feels -cleansing- after the ugly work she'd just committed.
[20:04] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Time passes. She doesn’t really know how long. But eventually she pulls herself to her feet and starts gathering supplies. Ammo. Two pistols. A bag, filled with food and water.-
[20:04] <@Viviane‘Fournier> She leaves the train behind and starts heading away.-
[20:05] <@Viviane`Fournier> Viviane was right. A day later the train is destroyed by UN fighter jets- her escape masked temporarily by the burned out wreckage.-
[20:06] * @Viviane`Fournier heads… North. Through the countryside of what remains of Uganda after Second Impact. After a week or so of travelling she manages to find a small village, where she grabs food and supplies.-
[20:07] <@Viviane`Fournier> A few days later, she ambushes a LN patrol, killing all three soldiers and comandeering their rugged jet. She starts heading north again.-
[20:07] <@Viviane`Fournier> Viviane knows the geography. Assuming that the lines of battle remain roughly the same, the closest UN territory is Egypt…-
[20:08] <@Viviane`Fournier> Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan. A long, incredibly perilous journey. She could sail out to sea, but she wants to stay away from the coasts, and doesn’t trust the UN fleet to not destroy her on sight.-
[20:10] <@Viviane‘Fournier> But northward is hardly any safer. Most of it is LN territory, and even more intimidating, she knows that Kenya is the centre of gravity for the LN. The closer she gets, the more dangerous it’ll be…-
[20:10] <@Viviane‘Fournier> But if anyone could do it, it’d be her.-
[20:12] <@Viviane‘Fournier> The next two months, for Viviane Fournier, are violent and chaotic, with rest being fleeting and safety nonexistent. She fights patrols, raids camps for supplies…-
[20:13] <@Viviane`Fournier> She witnesses the grand and terrifying sight of a LN-controlled EVA-05, flanked by its honour guard of Thruster Solaces, heading west, where they’ll eventually assault Algeria.-
[20:20] <@Viviane‘Fournier> Another month passes. And then finally another. And another… Is it… December? January? She can’t remember anymore, her ability to track time failing her.-
[20:20] <@Viviane‘Fournier> It’s at this point that the Shadow appears.-
[20:23] <@Viviane‘Fournier> She doesn’t know what it is. But she knows it moves like a man, and has skin of metal. It's tireless, and it stalks her. She has to sleep. It never rests.-
[20:24] <@Viviane`Fournier> Paranoia sets in. She starts pushing herself beyond her physical limits, her body, already worn and tired, starting to come apart at the seams. She approaches the utter limit of human endurance.-
[20:24] <@Viviane`Fournier> And yet still it comes. Glimpses of it in the distance, through telescopic sights and binoculars… Barely glimpses at that, but… What she sees makes her think of an Evangelion, but man-sized.-
[20:25] <@Viviane`Fournier> Eventually… Viviane Fournier, the Neospartan, breaks.-
[20:25] <@Viviane`Fournier> Her jeep is dead. Her food and water run out.-
[20:26] <@Viviane`Fournier> Her body is worn and broken.-
[20:26] <@Viviane`Fournier> Her mind is frayed and tired.-
[20:26] <@Viviane`Fournier> She walks the rest of the way, but the Shadow is faster.-
[20:26] <@Viviane`Fournier> And when it catches up to her… All she can do is murmur a single word.-
[20:26] <@Viviane`Fournier> "Sera…"

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