Vladimir Romanov
Name: Vladimir Romanov
Position: Soviet Representative of the Human Instrumentality Committee
Sex: Male
Age: 80 (Born 1937)
Nationality: Russian
Place of Residence: Moscow

Physical Details
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Pale blue
Height: 6'3" (191.2cm)
Build: Gaunt

Personal Details
"The last thing we need is an Evangelion in the hands of a moping, pining teenage girl."

Born in 1937 in the USSR, Vladimir was born the son of a moderately powerful Communist Party member- although not under the name of Romanov, but rather Primakov. Vladimir's father secretly claimed to be related to the Romanov Tzars, who had been overthrown in the Russian Revolution. Thus, Vladimir was born the son of an incredibly ambitious father, in a Russia ruled by a ruthless, pragmatic autocrat by the name of Joseph Stalin. He was, also, unfortunately born on the cusp of the Second World War, which would bring great devastation to much of Russia.

A secretive man by nature, well used to subterfuge and stealth to achieve his ambitions, Vladimir began to achieve his true potential as a highly powerful member of the Soviet Intelligence service; with a tailor-made cover identity as an adjutant for Comintern, his public and secret influence continued to grow.

When the USSR fell in 1991, Vladimir was quick to change his name, hating the dummy name his father had chosen. He used his connections to grow wealthy and powerful within the new commercial elite of Russia.

Unfortunately, his status as one of Russia's premiere oligarchs would quickly punish Vladimir after the Second Impact and the subsequent installment of the New Soviet government in Moscow. It was only quick action on his part and choice 'donations' of his property that allowed him to escape a messy 'tragic accident'. The fact that he was merely installed as the Soviet Union's representative on the Human Instrumentality Committee is a testament to the man's survival instinct.

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