Voriel S Vengeance

[11:08] <@AdEvaGM> [After the tar had consumed Aline, she awoke in… Whiteness. Eternal whiteness.]
[11:11] * Aline stared about into… nothing. While she couldn't place why, this felt familiar somehow. She could still feel her mind reeling, and still feel fear for what was happening outside of… /this/, but still she watched, waiting impatiently.
[11:15] <@AdEvaGM> [She wasn't alone. To her left, sitting on mid-air without a care in the world, was Kaworu.-
[11:15] <@AdEvaGM> [In front of her, dressed in a blue robe, with an Angel mask in her hand, was Padma, staring at Aline with undisguised hate.]
[11:21] * Aline almost instantly /cringed/ at the vision of Padma, but turned to Kaworu. Yet again, something familiar… but then she remembered. The 'patch'. She could… sort of trust him. "I've met a terrible fate, haven't I?" She didn't mean death or something like it, but… still nothing good.
[11:25] <@AdEvaGM> ["Turns out Voriel is an Adam." Said Kaworu genially. "And Gabriel his Eve."]
[11:30] * Aline frowned, sparing another glance at Padma, but oh-so-quickly turning away. "…So that was… Ah." She briefly muttered something unclear (About pregnancies of all things) but eventually just turned it into a sigh.
[11:35] <@AdEvaGM> ["You." Growled Padma. "How I loathe you. Do you know how long I was trapped, forced to live in a meaningless Lilim form, all because I was sealed within your field?! Do you know how pitiful it was, how strongly I urged to make you suffer, to kill you?!"]
[11:44] * Aline almost turned, but… ended up staring out into space somewhere between the two recognizable figures, though to her credit she at least /eyed/ the Padma image. "…The…" She tried to gather up enough courage to say it. "…same form I wear all the time. Where is the fear so familiar about you?"
[11:58] <@AdEvaGM> ["Fear- fear is a symptom of weakness. You wouldn't understand." Said Padma-Voriel. "Do you know what awaits out there? What has freed me, what has -bound- itself to me? The Avatar of Mastery- my Master, my World. What is fear compared to her?"]
[12:03] * Aline swallowed deeply - metaphorical as it all was, it was enough for her to literally swallow her own fears. For now. "I just did. And so that… the true form of the relationship shows itself." She narrowed her eyes - not out of anger, but out of a sort of strange distant feeling. "So that's what I'm denied. Well… this probably won't last, you realize."
[12:08] <@AdEvaGM> ["What do you mean?"]
[12:12] <Aline> "Master and Guardian. A relationship apparently forcibly denied to me by death, unless I were to meet a new incarnation." Aline wasn't… quite sad, as much as she was some other kind of melancholic. "But you know your kind are the target of mine. You will have your freedom from me - but it may just lead to the fredom of death. Time will tell /that/. Still… I'll forgive you for your
[12:12] <Aline> hate, because I've grown to at least learn a /little/ about you. Be free, even if it means I must, as my duty goes, slay you again."
[12:15] <@AdEvaGM> ["…" Padma stared upwards, then back down at Aline. "Your allies are proving too dangerous. I will give them something truly terrifying to fight." Padma smiled coldly, and tossed something to Aline.]
[12:16] * Aline caught it, starting to look at it. "Be that as it may. She said before she finished looking at it. Chances are her mood might change once she /did/.
[12:17] <@AdEvaGM> [It was a small bident- a double helix wrapped around itself to form a two-pronged spear.-
[12:17] <@AdEvaGM> [When she looked up, Padma was gone, leaving her alone with Kaworu, who smiled.]
[12:19] * Aline darkened again, her previous courage fading to a dim shadow. "…So…" She puzzled at the lance, knowing all too well what it was, but dubious as to the meaning of it.
[12:20] <@AdEvaGM> ["I'm a little disappointed, Aline." Said Kaworu.]
[12:21] * Aline turned. "…At what?" She had a number of thoughts - was it her attitude? Was it not puzzling out the conclusion she was supposed to?
[12:22] <@AdEvaGM> ["Do you remember my last gift to you? Before I died?"]
[12:26] * Aline nodded. "…The one you couldn't completely give me. The 'gift of the past'."
[12:27] <@AdEvaGM> ["I told you about the Ayanami Project's purpose."]
[12:28] * Aline recited the words. "Perfect receptacle. Lilith." She paused. "…This weapon seals Lilith's body. Does that mean…?" She immediately leapt to the possibility of some kind of incarnation of Lilith becoming involved in this mess.
[12:29] <@AdEvaGM> ["Do you understand yet, Ayanami Aline?"]
[12:31] * Aline backed off suddenly. "Is… what… gah? I…" But the shock quickly dropped, replaced by something far more dull. Almost wearied. "Now that you put it that way…"
[12:35] <@AdEvaGM> ["Don't even pretend to comprehend." Said Kaworu, standing up. "Voriel's suspicion was something like this. He searched your memories, he noted the discrepancies, the subtle signs of tampering, of fake entries. He came up with a theory."-
[12:36] <@AdEvaGM> ["The clones- the ones you know as Ayanamis- stem from the A2 Project. Ayanami-2. You were Ayanami-1. And so, when your border collapsed the first time, Voriel saw that his theory was correct- a half of Lilith's soul, hidden and dormant, within your own."-
[12:36] <@AdEvaGM> ["Dormant no longer."-
[12:36] <@AdEvaGM> [A shadow fell upon Aline- a shadow from behind.]
[12:38] * Aline shuddered. It was a second hit. She sounded tired, so /tired/. And yet… "…I…" But words failed. Even further, she knew what was behind her. What was coming. And what it meant in reality. She wasn't composed enough to make an expletive, so instead, going with instinct, Aline fell to her knees.
[12:40] <@AdEvaGM> [Her own face stared back at her as the ground turned to glass…]
[12:40] <@AdEvaGM> [And Aline knew no more.]

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