Spells are a powerful and dangerous ability. They provide those who can wield them with the power to shape the material world at will. However, magical users are rare, and furthermore are misunderstood and feared by most non-casters. Yet this fear is justified, for the untrained and unfocused magic user can cause devastation and woe for the world.

Spells are divided into three categories: Arcane Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting and Runesmithing. Arcane spellcasting is the 'usual' form of magic, the form practiced by wizards- arcane spellcasting is powerful but dangerous, for it shapes the raw stuff of Chaos into reality. Divine spellcasting is done by priests, who use prayers to the Gods, who intercede on their behalf. Finally, Runesmithing is used by Dwarf runesmiths, and shapes the winds of magic into powerful runes, which may then be placed on items.

Arcane Spellcasting

Arcane Spellcasting is the form used by wizards, elf-mages, shamans and other such practitioners. It converts the Winds of Magic into concrete effects.

Arcane Spellcasters use their 'Spellcasting' score to cast spells. Spellcasters can only learn spells from Arcane Lores they know, which is usually only one or two max- learning more than one Lore is impossible for most humans. Spells are purchased like talents, having tiers with an XP cost equal to the tier (tier 2 = 2 XP, etc). However, a caster cannot use every spell they know; they may only use spells they have 'memorised'. They may set their memorised spells at the start of each Chapter. However, they may only memorise a number of spells equal to their Spellcasting score (ie. Spellcasting score 3 = 3 spell limit).

All Arcane Spellcasters can draw from the Lores of Petty Magic and Lesser Magic as well as their chosen Lores.

The Arcane Lores (bar the Simple Lores) all possess a collection of spells, but it also contains 'Arcane Marks'. Available only to the Wizard class, Arcane Marks reflect the physical changes that come with specialising in a Lore of Magic. Arcane Marks are purchased just like talents.

Simple Lores

Arcane Petty Magic
Arcane Lesser Magic

Basic Eight Winds Lores

Lore of Beasts
Lore of Death
Lore of Fire
Lore of Heavens
Lore of Life
Lore of Light
Lore of Metal
Lore of Shadow

Dark Magic

Lore of Chaos
Lore of Slaanesh
Lore of Tzeentch
Lore of Nurgle
Lore of Necromancy

Greenskin Magic

Lore of the Big Waaagh!
Lore of the Small Waaagh!

Divine Spellcasting

Divine Spellcasting is the form used by priests, who pray to the Gods for intercession. Although all races worship Gods, only humans have an organised clergy and priesthood who interpret the will of the Gods, and thus only humans use Divine Magic. Divine Magic is much safer than Arcane magic, as it begs the intervention of the Gods to shape the Winds. Divine spells are called 'Miracles'.

Priests use their Willpower score to cast miracles. Priests can only learn spells from Divine Lores they know, of which they, unless in exceptional circumstances, only have one. Miracles are purchased like talents, having tiers with an XP cost equal to the tier (tier 2 = 2 XP, etc).

All Priests can draw from the Lores of Petty Magic and Lesser Magic as well as their chosen Lores.

Simple Lores

Divine Petty Magic
Divine Lesser Magic

Old World Human Pantheon

Lore of Sigmar
Lore of Shallya
Lore of Myrmidia
Lore of Taal and Rhya
Lore of Ranald
Lore of Morr
Lore of Ulric
Lore of Manann
Lore of Verena

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