Timeline Of Ivalice

Advent of the Victor Period, 0 AV to 10 AV

0 AV:

  • King Delita I Heiral begins his fourth year on the throne by launching his third reunification campaign, aimed at pacifying the stubborn province of Lionel, which is under sway of much of the old guard of the Glabadosian church.
  • Delita I’s purges of the Glabadosian Church continue unabated across the Kingdom of Ivalice.
  • The Sundering of the Veil: Tears in the veil separating hell and gaia would open in Limberry, Murond, Yuguo and Nelveska, creating portals allowing Demons to enter gaia once again, the work of a group of cultists known as the Rotten Tree Brotherhood. Fell storms rake Lionel. The body of Ajora Glabados rends Gulgorand apart, and is summoned to Limberry, where it is revealed as being the host of Altima, the greatest of the Lucavi. The March of Limberry falls within days to the demonic host.
  • Delita I, with the aid of his marshal Alexander Dionathan crushes the army of Duke Max Baleon of Lionel just north of Zaland, giving him a decisive advantage over the rebellious lord and his province. A day later, he learns of the demonic incursion in Limberry, and is forced to relinquish that advantage. He marches east for Bethla.
  • Battle of Bethla: Ajora Glabados leads the demonic armies westward to Bethla Fortress, the most unassailable fortress in Ivalice. Yet even Bethla begins to buckle beneath the forces of hell.
  • The Advent of Alma Victoria: Bethla’s defenses fail, and Ajora’s army storms the fortress. The defenders are inspired to stand and fight to the last by a young woman named Alma Beoulve. During the battle, Ajora attempts to possess Alma. However Alma rejects him and casts down his will, slaying the false messiah. This reveals Altima’s form to the battlefield, but Alma herself is suddenly imbued with a divine light and holy form. She strikes down Altima and casts her back into Hell, breaking the back of the infernal host. King Delita I arrives in time to witness this, and falls to his knees in supplication before Alma. He acclaims her Alma Victoria, Alma the Victor, and by tradition and folklore, becomes her first devotee.

1 AV:

  • The Ministry of the Victor begins. Alma Victoria travels Ivalice, healing the people and the earth. She preaches peace, tolerance and the virtues of unity against hell. In her wake, a religion begins to spread, known as Victorianism.
  • The Swansong of Glabados: King Delita I is persuaded by the Victor to moderate his purges, reserving his wrath for those priests closest to the Zodiac Brave Conspiracy. Fortunately, the Glabadosian Church weakens day by day as everyone from priests to princes to paupers acclaims the divinity of the Victor and turns away from the false messiah, as Ajora is now known. Lionel, however, remains both rebellious and firmly in the hands of the worst elements of the Glabadosian Church.
  • The Scourging of Lionel: King Delita I dispatches marshal Alexander Dionathan to Lionel. With his armies now bearing the mark of the Victor on their shields- a blazing, eight-winged bleeding heart radiating sunlight bound by thorny vines-, they triumph over Max Baleon’s armies at Zaland yet again. Within four months, Dionathan has taken control of all major population centres. He then spends his time rooting out corrupt church officials. Duke Max Baleon surrenders, and is forgiven on the advice of the Victor. Max Baleon is made Count of Bariaus as a peace offering.
  • The Victor establishes herself in Orbonne Monastery. Pilgrims and the destitute flock to the Monastery, turning it into a village, then a town, then a city. This creates a massive need for architects and farmers. King Delita I helps fund the expansion. The Monastery is soon remodelled into a church, then a basilica. However, the most important development is not that of a physical building, but a spiritual one, for Alma Victoria works on forging a seal at the very depths of Orbonne Basilica. Here she will seal the power of Altima thrice over, using her own divine power to do so.

2 AV:

  • The Mage-Lords of Vaseria in Ordalia are invited to assist in the forging of the seal. Most decline, but a few farsighted families relocate to Orbonne.
  • The Duchy of Gallione finalises its surrender to King Delita I. The House of Larg is stripped of its high rank, and the title of Duke is given to Lady Adelaide of House Rayris.
  • The Duchy of Zeltennia is mired in conflict as the last surviving lord of House Goltanna attempts a rebellion. The population is exhausted from decades of war, and hold true to the Victor’s teachings. King Delita I dispatches Valdemar Kekkonen, Third Marshal of the Crown, to Zeltennia. Kekkonen quickly pacifies the region and becomes the new Duke of Zeltennia. With this, Ivalice is united under the rule of King Delita I, with the exception of the March of Limberry and the other regions home to demonic hosts.
  • King Delita I creates the position of Lord Protector of Bethla. This is a special position designed to counter the incursions of Limberry. The Lord Protector is independent to all save the King. The Lord Protector is not an inherited title, but serves the King and can be dismissed at any time. Candidates for the position are offered to the King based on the recommendations from the commanding officers of Bethla itself. The first Lord Protector of Bethla is Dolman Harelwen.

3 AV:

  • Queen Ovelia gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl, named Delita and Teta respectively.
  • The Romandan Mission: Diplomats from Romanda arrive to normalise relations with the new dynasty of Ivalice. King Delita I accepts the mission and to all reports, it is a resounding success. The diplomats show concern about the reports of demons, but King Delita I downplays and soothes their concerns. He introduces them to the Victor, who awes the Romandan emissaries. Trade is reestablished with Romanda soon after.

4 AV:

  • The Quickening Plague: a new disease spreads throughout Fovoham. It affects primarily newborns and pregnant women, and thus is assumed to be the work of the demons of Yuguo.

5 AV:

  • Alma Victoria leaves Orbonne for the last time, to cleanse Fovoham of the Quickening Plague. This leads to a wave of devotion, turning Fovoham into the most zealously Victorian regions in Ivalice. After this, she returns to Orbonne and never leaves the city again.

6 AV:

  • Rumours spread throughout Gallione that a legendary dragon was sighted in the mountains- a great silver-sapphire beast far more intelligent than a man. No evidence is found.

7 AV:

  • Battle of Mount Germinas: Duke Kekkonen of Zeltennia sends warning to the King that the hosts of Limberry are marching north to Mount Germinas. Not waiting for a reply, Kekkonen leads his forces south and fortifies the mountain in time to repel the invasion. During this, however, he sights a horrific, bloated demon leading the forces. Illustrations and reports filter to Lesalia, where royal scholars identify the demon as one of the Lucavi: Queklain, the Impure, Lucavi of the Scorpio Sign. This sends alarm throughout the royal court, for it means that the Lucavi- at least some- are still present near the portals.

8 AV:

  • Expedition to Nelveska: Duke Kekkonen, inspired by his victory at Germinas, leads a force to Nelveska. The Duke is one of the few who return, and from that day forth, speaks no more than twenty four words per day for the rest of his life. He places a ban on Nelveska, making his children and their descendants swear to never approach the cursed isle of Nelveska.

9 AV:

  • Duke Lance of House Sidon, lord of Midoria, dies. He is succeeded by his daughter Elodie Sidon.

10 AV:

  • The Ascension of the Victor: The Thrice-Bound Seal at the roots of Orbonne is completed. Much of the Victor’s power has been expended in its creation, where it keeps Altima from manifesting and weakens the four demonic portals. After this, the Victor declares that she will remain on earth for only another hundred days, before ascending to Heaven. A rush of pilgrims flock to Orbonne to say goodbye to their saviour. At the end of the hundred days, Alma Victoria ascends into the skies on a bridge of moonlight. Her ascension is marked with the creation of a new star in the sky, known as the Victor’s Flame.

First Great Demonic War, 11 AV to 19 AV

11 AV:

  • The First Great Demonic War begins. Hundreds of thousands of demons are loosed from Limberry’s gates, Queklain deciding to strike now that the Victor had left gaia. However, he was not aware of the seal’s effect on the portals, and so his armies were weaker than anticipated. Nonetheless his forces were mighty and struck in every direction, invading Bethla, Mount Germinas and crossing the Gulf of Enavia to invade Ordalia.
  • The Fall of Mount Germinas: Zeltennia had not fully recovered from Duke Kekkonen’s expedition to Nelveska, and thus didn’t have the forces to defend Mount Germinas, which fell.
  • The Fall of Yorenai: Ordalian forces, unused to fighting demons, are unable to halt the demonic fleet from landing in southern Ordalia. The port-city of Yorenai falls quickly. The overall commander of the infernal host in Ordalia, Bruchandor the Multiplicitous, marches for the Ordalian capital of Bura.
  • The Siege of Bethla: Demonic forces are halted at Bethla, as Lord Protector Dolman Harelwen proves more than able to slow the advance. He lacks numbers, however, and sends word to King Delita I asking for reinforcements.

12 AV:

  • The Grand Muster: King Delita I orders all armies of the Kingdom raised and mustered. The Royal Army of Lesalia will march north to Zeltennia, as will the Armies of Midoria (Duchess Elodie Sidon) and Fovoham (Duke Winston Kemecs). The Armies of Gallione (Duchess Adelaide Rayris) and Lionel (Duke Alexander Dionathan) will march to reinforce Bethla.
  • The Siege of Zarghidas: Demonic armies lay siege to the border trading city of Zarghidas.
  • The Burning of Istel: Istel, one of the richest cities in Ordalia, is sacked by Bruchandor.
  • Three Mage-Lord families of Vaseria who resettled in Orbonne now find their purposes in the city completed. They drift away and, having lowly dispositions to each other, disperse. Two families, House Pieur and House Piorte relocate to Goug and Bariaus. A third house, House Kyne, resettle in Dorter.
  • The Night of Murders: Demonic cultists, aided by fearsome shadow-demons, attempt to assassinate King Delita I and his family. They fail, but succeed in gravely wounding Prince Delita nonetheless.
  • The Defense of Kaldemar: The State Army of Enavia, one of the four main armies of Ordalia, fortifies itself within Kaldemar against the Demonic menace. They are aided by Faran Knights of the Order of Saint Telmen, who are experienced demonslayers and thus stiffen the defense immeasurably.
  • The Raid of August 9th: Bruchandor’s elite vanguard storm Bura. Although slain and killed without compromising the defense, the vanguard manage to slay King Ramias of Ordalia. He is succeeded by his 11 year old daughter, Princess Helene, who now becomes Queen Helene III under the guidance of Regent Mallien Orellon.
  • The first reinforcements arrive at Bethla: Lionese troops led by Baroness Rebekam Windleaf. The rest of the Lionese army will not arrive for another four months, but Windleaf’s regiments are welcome nonetheless.

13 AV:

  • The First Romandan Blockade: The House of Ordal and the House of Romanda had strong family ties dating back a hundred years. Queen Helene III now prevailed on those same ties, begging the Romandans for aid. Instead, the Romandans, now alerted to the extent of demonic power on the mainland, instantly cease all trade and blockade the continent. The flow of advanced Romandan weaponry into Ivalice and Ordalia cease. The result increases the value of such weapons tenfold, making the primary trader with Romanda- Adelaide, Duchess of Gallione- an extremely wealthy person in a short amount of time.
  • Lord Protector Dolwen Harelwen and Baroness Windleaf perform a daring raid on the Infernal Host sieging Bethla, managing to slay many of its leaders and wound Queklain himself. However, Harelwen is wounded in the attack, and his wounds quickly turn vile and infected. No magic can cure it, and he soon dies. The commanders of the fortress name Windleaf as Acting Lady Protector until royal authority can weigh in.
  • Bura is besieged by Bruchandor.
  • The Royal Army of Lesalia arrives in Zeltennia, led by King Delita I. He arrives one week after the Fall of Zarghidas. Zarghidas is burned and 80% of its population are never seen again.
  • Damnos, the demon lord leading the siege of Kaldemar, brings his magic to bear by animating the freshly slain, creating a huge undead army that threatens to overrun the walls. Damnos, however, is in no hurry to bring the city down, for then he would have to aid the siege of Bura, which would credit his rival Bruchandor.
  • The Siege of Welldor: Demon forces siege the Ordalian city of Welldor. Welldor’s defenses are too strong for the demons, but their true purpose is to bottle the State Armies of Zelamonia and Deloro up in northern Ordalia, where they cannot reinforce Bethla.

14 AV:

  • The ‘Ace in the Grave’ Gambit: The Magister Supreme of Vaseria, John Takerath, travels to Kaldemar. There he parleys with Damnos, telling Damnos that Takerath has a spell that can seize control of the undead army. Damnos thinks John is lying, but strengthens the binding on the army nonetheless. Takerath, however, manages to interrupt the binding, causing it to rebound and actually weaken it instead. Then Takerath uses his spell, successfully seizing control of the undead army. The demon horde falls into chaos as the undead turn on them. During the fighting, St. Telmen knight-captain Anthon Carevin seeks Damnos out and slays him. Leaderless, the demon horde becomes paralytic, allowing the State Army of Enavia to sally out and put them to the sword. Kaldemar is saved.
  • The Lionese Navy under the command of Admiral Alice Dellson defeats the demonic fleets in the Gulf of Enavia. This blockade stems the flow of reinforcements to Bruchandor from Limberry.
  • Zarghidas is avenged by King Delita I, and the demons dwelling there are put to death. Soon after, the armies of Midoria and Fovoham arrive.

15 AV:

  • The Second Battle of Zarghidas occurs as a fresh tide of demons invades. King Delita I prevails, but Duke Kekkonen perishes, and is succeeded by his son Nomon Kekkonen.
  • John Takerath lays siege to demon-held Yorenai. However, arguments break out between him and knight-captain Carevin over the continued use of the undead.
  • Bethla is fully reinforced. Protector Windleaf calls for a sortie, and a violent battle occurs. Windleaf’s goal is not to break the siege, but to remind Queklain that Bethla is dangerous, tying up many of his forces. Duchess Rayris impresses by managing to shoot Queklain in the nose with a romandan pistol.
  • John Takerath dies when he leads an assault on Yorenai. Captain Carevin fails to properly support Takerath, and with his death, the undead army collapses, making the siege of Yorenai that much harder.
  • King Delita I leaves the armies of Fovoham and Midoria to guard Zarghidas. He feels the tide starting to turn, and decides that his borders are secured enough to allow him to be daring. Sensing a political gain to be had, he marches into Ordalia and crushes the demons sieging Welldor, freeing the State Armies of Zelamonia and Deloro.

16 AV:

  • The Relief of Bura: King Delita I marches south toward Bura with the Royal Army of Lesalia and the State Armies of Zelamonia and Deloro at his back. There, he creates a fortified camp encircling the besiegers, in essence besieging the besiegers. For one week he displays his banners on the camp walls, in full sight of Bura’s walls and its people. When he finally attacks, the Burans rally and sally out, crushing Bruchandor between them, with King Delita I slaying Bruchandor in a great duel. When he enters Bura, Delita I is considered a hero of the people, helped by his charm and easy grace. Queen Helene III, who is now 15 years old, buys into the hype in spectacular fashion by falling very deeply for the king in a very obvious manner. Within days, King Delita I has more political sway in Ordalia’s court than any other, and even Regent Orellon is consigned to irrelevance.
  • The Liberation of Yorenai: The armies of Ordalia sweep across the ruins of Istel and quickly reinforce the siege of demon-held Yorenai. Within six months the city falls.
  • The Siege of Mount Germinas: King Delita I lays siege to the mountain, a titanic prospect that sees the full commitment of three Ordalian State Armies as well as his own army and the armies of Fovoham and Gallione.

17 AV:

  • Mantose Pieur of House Pieur has an affair with * Venusia Piorte. This ends badly when Pieur is afraid of finding out and so murders his mistress. This generates bad blood between the two houses that will eventually trigger a blood-red vendetta.

18 AV:

  • The Siege of Germinas continues. Queen Ovelia gives birth to a third child, a boy named Cleon.

19 AV:

  • Queklain quits the siege of Bethla, and instead marches his massive host north to relieve Germinas. This is exactly what Delita I is waiting for: he storms the mountain and fortifies it against Queklain for his arrival. Regardless the resulting fight is titanic, and hundreds of thousands die, including Duke Kemecs of Fovoham and Duke Nomon Kekkonen of Zeltennia. Kemecs is succeeded by Talter Kemecs, his son; Nomon is succeeded by his 16 year old brother Sigfried Kekkonen.
  • The demons recede to pre-war borders. Delita I considers pursuing them and reclaiming Limberry, but his forces are depleted and exhausted. He declares the war over, and puts his energy into fortifying his borders. The First Great Demonic War is over.

Height of the Heiral Dynasty, 20 AV-100 AV

20 AV:

  • King Delita I returns to court. His nation is not yet fully recovered from even the War of the Lions, and further wars have only bled it further. He focuses his attentions on rebuilding, starting with massive wide-ranging reforms across the continent that work to reduce the power of the nobility and improve the rights of commoners. Delita I’s position is too secure for anything more than complaints to be levelled.
  • Baroness Windleaf is confirmed as second Lady Protector of Bethla.
  • The Betrothal of Queen Helene and Prince Delita: Delita I proposes a union of marriage between the houses of Heiral and Ordal, marrying his son Delita Jr. to Queen Helene III. Helene is disappointed, but knows that King Delita I is too devoted to his queen to leave her. She accepts.

21 AV:

  • The Royal Wedding: Prince Delita, aged 18, and Queen Helene, aged 20, marry. The Kingdoms of Ordalia and Ivalice are now aligned, unifying the continent- in some way- for the first time in centuries. King Delita I has turned Ivalice’s oldest human enemy into its strongest ally.
  • The First Romandan Blockade ends, due to the unified front proposed by Ivalice-Ordalia and the recession of the demon hordes. Nevertheless resentment towards Romanda remains strong. Duchess Adelaide of Gallione launches secretive attempts to reverse-engineer Romandan technology and create it in Igros.

23 AV:

  • The Primacy of Prince Delita. Prince Delita is sent to Ordalia to learn the ways of his wife. Prince Delita has all of his father’s skill and ability, but the scars laid on his body have twisted his personality more than his body, for he is twice as intense and driven as his father. The nervous, gentle and insecure Queen Helene and the forceful Prince are hardly a match made in heaven.

24 AV:

  • The Rough Hand Controversy. During a ceremony to commemorate the First Great Demonic War, a quiet argument between Queen Helene and Prince Delita swiftly becomes a very loud and public one. It reaches a crescendo when Prince Delita backhands the Queen, who responds by blasting him with ice. The Prince is forcefully ejected from Ordalia.
  • King Delita I, seeing his continental alliance jeopardised, firmly criticises his son and tells him that he needs to shape up. He travels in person to Bura to apologise for the Prince’s behaviour. Queen Helene accepts, and the Prince makes an honest effort to be more accommodating.

25 AV:

  • The Prince and Queen have their first child, just nine months after their reunion. The child is a boy named Delros Ramias. In public, the couple seem much happier. There are some nobles in Ordalia who whisper, however, that the child is not Delita’s- or rather it is, but is in fact King Delita’s offspring rather than the Prince’s.

30-38 AV:

  • Igrosian sages make progress in duplicating the technology of Romanda.
  • Dorter records a year of record economic prosperity. The mercantile-mage family of Kyne flourishes and becomes a leading house of the city.
  • Rumours circulate that the Zodiac Stone of Leo has been sighted in Jarak. Shrine Knights from the Victorian Church seek it out, but no evidence is found.
  • Fovohite husbanders succeed in attempts to reliably breed red chocobos, fine well-bred chocobos with dangerous, mystical abilities and a resistance to fire.
  • Tronheim of Goug completes the restoration of an ancient Lonkan airship, making him a star overnight.
  • Duchess Adelaide of Gallione demonstrates her new technology by decisively defeating a flotilla of Romandan pirates off the coast of Moldora.
  • Rumours of a legendary Gold Chocobo being sighted in Araguay leads Duchess Elodie to hunt it. Her party loses sight of her, and find her hours later, dead in a clearing, with no visible wounds on her body. She is succeeded by her daughter, Lisabett Sidon.
  • Queen Helene bears four more children to Prince Delita: Marica (daughter), Ovelia (daughter), Iterita (son) and Delita (son).

39 AV:

  • The Saint-King Sleeps his Last: Delita I dies in his sleep. Millions mourn the news across Ivalice and Ordalia, and in their grief they acclaim him- The Victor’s first disciple- as Saint Delita the Great. He is succeeded by King Delita II.

40 AV:

  • The Third Demonic Siege of Bethla begins as Queklain tries to take advantage of Delita I’s death. But Delita I suspected this would happen, and left instructions in his wake. By the time Queklain lays siege, Delita II is already near the city with the Royal Army of Lesalia. Queklain is taken completely by surprise, his army his dispersed and he himself is maimed by Delita II.

41 AV:

  • The First Heiral Crusade: Delita II possesses a hatred for demonkind that borders on mania. He launches invasions into Limberry, mustering the full strength of the armies of Ivalice-Ordalia. He sweeps aside his enemies, culminating in the slaying of Bruchandor in Dolbodar. But Limberry itself has changed- the very land around it is warped and twisted, creating a hellish nightmare realm that sends many soldiers mad and makes for impossible fortifications. The city itself is guarded by twelve curtain walls, each enchanted and warded. Delita II nonetheless grimly lays siege to the city.
  • The Virtuous Cordon- the siege of Limberry- begins.

44 AV:

  • Lady Adelaide of Gallione brings a mammoth cannon to her siege of Limberry. The cannon breaks down the first wall, wards and all. Queklain, angered and shocked, sallies out and, in a moment of true carnage, slaughters Adelaide and her companions. She is succeeded by Louis Rayris, her technophile son.

47 AV:

  • The Starlight Opera Controversy occurs, when Duke Sigfried Kekkonen of Zeltennia is seen kissing the Queen in a private booth in the Starlight Opera House in Lesalia. Questions abound whether the event was a one-off, proof of an ongoing affair, or even consensual at all. Delita II flies into a rage and challenges Sigfried to a duel. Delita wins, but not before maiming Sigfried so severely that it takes him three months to heal. Even after that, Sigfried’s left arm is permanently lost.

48 AV:

  • Lady Protector Windleaf dies of Mossfungus plague, courtesy of Queklain. She is succeeded by Cleon Heiral, Delita II’s younger brother.

49 AV:

  • Duke Louis of Gallione works together with Tronheim of Goug to create the ultimate war machine. Mounting clockwork bombs and massive cannons aboard Tronheim’s airship, the Adelaide, Louis bombs Limberry, shattering walls one through four. Demons attack the airship, however, and Louis is lost, presumed dead. He is succeeded by his son, Mathieu.

51 AV:

  • Prince Iterita dies of food poisoning. Charming, popular and well-loved, as well as a powerful summoner, his parents mourn him heavily. However, his death leads to a reconciliation between the estranged couple.

53 AV:

  • Sigfried Kekkonen takes charge of the siege of Limberry. Within thirteen hours of his arrival, he is found, killed and eaten by Queklain. He is succeeded by Samande Kekkonen, his one-year old daughter.

54 AV:

  • Duke Louis returns, claiming that he was a prisoner within Limberry’s dungeons, but escaped, and can show others how to destroy Limberry. The Shrine Knights take him into custody and find the Zodiac Stone of Aries on his person. It’s quickly revealed that Louis is a vessel for Velius, Lucavi of Aries. In the ensuing battle, sixty Shrine Knights perish, but Louis is slain and Velius banished by a priest-knight named Constance Schae.

57 AV:

  • Formaff the Mad breeds a new form of Chocobo called the Imperial Chocobo. Black, red or gold-yellow, the Imperial Chocobo is very large- twice again the size of a chocobo, extremely ferocious, intelligent, proud- and capable of flight. Nearly impossible to breed, the Imperial Chocobos become the favoured mount of King Delita II.
  • Queen Helene III becomes increasingly reclusive. Finally she dies of illness. Her son, Delros Ramias, becomes King of Ordalia. King Delita II becomes grief-stricken for, even for all of their problems, he loved Helene (more, many think, than she loved him).

58 AV:

  • The Cordon of Limberry slackens. Few nobles want to maintain it, and it becomes a major drain on royal coffers. It is only Delita II’s hatred that sees it maintained.

59 AV:

  • King Delita II becomes increasingly erratic in his rule.

60 AV:

  • King Delita II realises he is no longer able to rule. He abdicates and joins the Shrine Knights. King Delros Ramias I, King of Ordalia, now becomes King of Ivalice. The two realms are now fully unified, and he becomes the first king of the United Kingdom of Ivalice-Ordalia. Incredibly intelligent, socially graceful, cultured and highly tolerant, King Delros Ramias is loved by all, but he has his faults: he has no stomach for military action, and he soon begins to dismantle the Cordon of Limberry. Furthermore he is a rampant womaniser, causing great distress to his wife, Queen Mirielle Pirkelion, formerly Magistress Supreme of Vaseria. He does not impose Victorianism on the Ordalians, and at his coronation, both Archbishop Perkin of the Victorian Church and Patriarch Helma Meir are present to coronate him.

61 AV:

  • Queen Mirielle gives birth to her first child, Princess Teta.

64 AV:

  • The Cordon of Limberry comes to an end. Only the Shrine Knights remain to maintain the vigil.

66 AV:

  • Queklain marches out of Limberry to restore control over the deserted areas of the March. None may stand before him except one: Knight-Commander Delita Heiral, the former King of Ivalice. In the ensuing fight, Queklain is slain, but Delita is swarmed by demons, and thus none learn of Queklain’s demise. Bruchandor takes control of Limberry.

67 AV:

  • Lady Sophie Rayris, daughter of Duke Mathieu of Gallione, gives birth to a son out of wedlock. The baby bears a striking resemblance to King Delros Ramias. To drive the point home, Lady Sophie names him Delros. A massive scandal brews, causing a rift between the Houses of Rayris and Heiral. Delros refuses to acknowledge the child.

68 AV:

  • Lord Protector Cleon dies. Common-born captain Taleon Vorr becomes 4th Lord Protector.

70 AV:

  • The Lufenian Emissary: A diplomatic mission arrives from the distant land of Lufenia, far to the south across the great sea. Delros Ramias I entreats with the mission, which is overall a great success. Trade between Ivalice and Lufenia is tentatively reestablished.

73 AV:

  • Queen Mirielle dies in childbirth giving birth to her second child, Prince Czerta. Delros Ramias I sends Czerta to live in Vaseria with the Pirkelion family.

74 AV:

  • Duke Alexander of Lionel dies. Incredibly old, Alexander was one of the few nobles remaining who could claim to have fought in the War of the Lions. He is succeeded by his son Camille Dionathan.

80 AV:

  • The United Kingdom of Ivalice-Ordalia is at the peak of its power. Limberry is silent. The other portals remain seemingly inert. Trade increases, and all of the lands of the Kingdom are prosperous and have recovered from war. The nobility is kept in line, the people keep the faith and peace is the norm.
  • King Delros Ramias I prepares to celebrate his twentieth year as king. He organises massive parades throughout all of the major cities, culminating in a march through Lesalia, where even nobles from Romanda are present. This ends in a joint Victorian-Faran religious service, where he renews his vows to God and to his people. During the oath to God, he stutters, chokes whilst saying the words ‘keep faithful and pure’, then has a heart attack during mass and dies.

The War of Inheritance, 81 AV-90 AV

81 AV:

  • The Succession Crisis of 81 AV: The court in Lesalia moves to crown Princess Teta as Queen. But this is far from accepted, for many of Ivalice’s nobles are disinclined to accept a 19 year old woman as ruler, and the threat from the demons seems far less pressing. The first protest comes from Midoria, where Duchess Lisabett Sidon advanced the cause of Prince Czerta instead (who was, coincidentally, betrothed to Lisabett’s granddaughter Alicia). Mathieu of Gallione, unsurprisingly, claimed that the throne should go the eldest male son of King Delros Ramias- which would be Delros, the bastard son of his daughter Sophie. Alexis Kemecs, Duke of Fovoham, supported Mathieu, whilst Duchess Samande Kekkonen of Zeltennia and Duke Camille Dionathan of Lionel supported Teta. Most of Ordalia declared for Teta as well, whilst Enavia- swayed by the Vaserians- supported Prince Czerta. A council of regents forms in Lesalia, headed by Prime Minister Will Kellam, who simply decides to crown no one and thus buy time.

82 AV:

  • Camille Dionathan dies, in what historians now believe was an assassination conducted by his son and heir, Karl Dionathan. Karl spent much of his youth adventuring and travelling the world, and is fierce, ambitious and unscrupulous. Dionathan declares for a new candidate entirely: Molian Heiral, the son of Cleon Heiral, third Lord Protector of Bethla.
  • The Succession Crisis worsens. Mathieu of Gallione demands that the council at least legitimise Delros. When the council refuses, he storms out and quits it, weakening its authority.
  • Lisabett Sidon survives an assassination attempt conducted by unknown assailants. Evidence seems to implicate the Teta Faction.
  • Pirates begin using the Serpent Isles as a base, raiding the coasts of Lionel.
  • A massive storm sweeps Fovoham, causing massive damage. When the regency council is slow to provide aid, Duke Alexis claims that it is an attempt to weaken a rival, and swears vengeance. In truth, aid was slow to arrive due to raids by unknown parties.

83 AV:

  • Prime Minister Will Kellam decides to bank on support from the Two Churches, the most respected groups on the continent. After a huge propaganda campaign, he dissolves the regency council and crowns Teta as King of the United Kingdom of Ivalice-Ordalia on the 2nd of May.
  • Mathieu of Gallione dispatches an ultimatum a day later: depose Teta, or it is war. Kellam replies “War, then”, and on the 4th of May, Mathieu demands that his forces begin to muster.
  • Duchess Lisabett mobilises her forces, as does Enavia, headed by the Magister Supreme of Vaseria, Kalman Ral.
  • Karl Dionathan launches a surprise attack on the March of Bethla in August 15th, taking Zirekile. The War of Inheritance begins.

84 AV:

  • Queklain re-emerges in Limberry.
  • Archbishop Armand Orlando declares the Church to be a neutral force, and expels Midorian troops from Orbonne.
  • The State Army of Zelamonia is sent to Lesalia, whilst the State Army of Deloro is sent to Bura to prepare for an invasion of Enavia.
  • The Delros Faction (Gallione, Fovoham) musters its full forces in Fovoham.
  • The Teta Faction (Lesalia, Zeltennia, Northern Ordalia) lays siege to Dorter after a rapid march through Zeklaus.
  • Lord Protector Vorr engages Karl Dionathan’s forces, leading to a protracted battle at Zirekile that lasts for three months.
  • In Fovoham, the first woman in nearly eighty years is diagnosed with the Quickening Plague.

85 AV:

  • The Siege of Dorter bogs down. Teta Faction forces are thus out of position to counter the surprisingly fierce invasion of the Delros Faction from Fovoham.
  • The Heartland Campaign: 120,000 soldiers from Gallione and Fovoham sweep into Lesalia in a two-pronged advance that sweeps through Grog in the north and Mt. Bervenia and Noralia in the west, before converging on Lesalia. Teta Loyalists are taken off-guard by the ferocity of the advance.
  • The Invasion of Enavia: Ordalian state forces invade Enavia. Early successes see the Czerta loyalist Enavians driven back, and Kaldemar and Yorenai are sieged. Desperate requests for aid from Lesalia, however, force the redeployment of the State Armies of Bura and Zelamonia, lifting the siege of Yorenai and thinning the investment of Kaldemar.
  • Karl Dionathan triumphs in Zirekile, forcing the forces of the March of Bethla back to the fortress.
  • The Quickening Plague begins to spread through Fovoham.

86 AV:

  • The Siege of Lesalia begins. Queen Teta I is in the city when it is besieged.
  • Marshal Emdon Hallas, commanding the Lesalian forces besieging Dorter, decides to negotiate a ceasefire. Prominent Dorterian citizen Lucian Kyne acts as intermediary, agreeing a ceasefire between Midoria and the Teta Faction. Prime Minister Kellam is furious, but it can’t be denied that Hallas’s armies are needed back at the capital. Duchess Sidon, for her end, knows that if she can’t bring Dorter’s armies to bear in the east, she’ll soon be attacked by Karl Dionathan.
  • The Jarak Uprising: With Midoria at war and Gallione supplying its massive armies, southern Gallione experiences extreme food prices. This manifests in riots in the southern Gallionian city of Jarak. When local governors bungle the riots, it turns into a full-blown peasant uprising.
  • Karl Dionathan sends a token force to blockade Bethla whilst he leads his armies into Midoria. He meets a third of the Midorian army at Araguay and crushes them in one of the most lopsided battles of the entire war.
  • The Czerta loyalists in Enavia march north and take Istel, before marching on Bura, forcing the State Army of Deloro to lift its siege of Kaldemar and retreat.
  • First reported sightings of Quickening Plague in Lesalian Heartlands. It seems that whilst men do not suffer its effects, they can carry it nonetheless, and the route of infection is similar to the routes taken by the Delros Faction armies. The extent of the problem starts to become visible to Fovohite officials.

87 AV:

  • The Jarak Uprising spreads to Mandalia. Gallionian officials continue to mishandle the revolts, and Duke Mathieu begins to worry.
  • The Battle of Goland: Marshal Hallas meets the Gallionian army in the field at Goland. The Gallionian army, led by Mathieu’s heir Rawling Rayris, is routed.
  • The Royal Bridge Treachery: Duchess Samande Kekkonen defects to the Fovohite armies. Or so she claims- when Duke Alexis Kemecs meets Kekkonen, she unleashes an eidolon- the legendary Bahamut- on him, slaying him, his children and his officers.
  • Karl Dionathan captures Midier and with it the Midorian Navy. His supply line becomes much shorter.
  • The Siege of Bura becomes a stalemate.
  • The Ordalian State Armies of Zelamonia and Bura finish their long, delayed redeployment and finally arrive in the Lesalian Heartland.
  • The Romandan Raid on Igros: Romandan commandos storm Igros, demolishing the weapons factories painstakingly assembled there. Duke Mathieu swears vengeance.
  • The Quickening Plague becomes terminal in Fovoham, where the average infection rate reaches 30-40%. Refugees begin fleeing to Gallione, spreading the contagion. With the death of the Kemecs family, Fovoham is leaderless. A local doctor, Emily Wiseman, claims to be able to cure the plague. Very quickly she becomes an acclaimed figure in Fovoham, as at her touch the disease seems to recede. She becomes known as the second coming of the Victor.

88 AV:

  • The Great Triumph at Lesalia: the State Armies of Bura and Zelamonia unite with the Lesalian Army and converge on the Gallionians. In a catastrophic battle, Mathieu of Gallione is defeated, but he puts up an incredible fight: by the end of it, the State Army of Bura has practically ceased to exist, and both the Army of Zelamonia and the Lesalian Army are reduced to half strength. He beats a hasty retreat to Gallione.
  • The Surrender of Midoria: Lissabet Sidon surrenders to Karl Dionathan, who now gains possession of the rest of her armies. With Karl’s armies at full strength, he now becomes the most powerful player in the civil war.
  • Treachery in Vaseria: The Mage-Lords of Vaseria, seeing their allies break, lose their nerve. They conspire against Magister Kalman Ral. Three full Noble Families- the Griffins, the Takeraths and the Balthasars- scheme to assassinate Ral and his allies. They succeed, and in the space of two weeks, Enavia surrenders to Teta .
  • Queen Teta marries Marshal Hallas. Unbeknowst to him, she is already in a secret relationship- with Duchess Samande.
  • Duke Mathieu arrives in Igros to find his precious factories in flames and half the duchy in rebellion. He quickly sends forces to pacify the south, but such brutality is inflicted that the semi-autonomous city of Gariland protests him. When he threatens them in turn, they revolt and declare themselves for Karl Dionathan.
  • Lord Kika Piorte, mage-general to Dionathan, is found mysteriously dead one morning. The Piortes blame the Pieurs, and a short but violent shadow war breaks out between the two families.

89 AV:

  • Duke Dionathan invades Lesalia. Prince-consort Hallas meets him in the field and is easily routed. The last army of Ordalia is redirected to the front.
  • Emily Wiseman becomes the de facto leader of Fovoham. Much of Fovoham has become deserted.
  • Lissabet Sidon dies, having outlived all of her children. She is succeeded by her granddaughter Alicia Sidon. On pressure from Karl Dionathan, Alicia annuls her betrothal to Czerta Heiral and marries Karl Dionathan instead.
  • Sindra Piorte, granddaughter of Kika Piorte, takes it on herself to investigate Kika’s demise. Persuasive, intelligent and a gifted mage, she begins to unravel the true mystery.
  • The Great Winter of 89 sweeps Ivalice. Thousands freeze and a terrible famine is inflicted on Zeltennia.
  • The Quickening Plague spreads throughout Lesalia. First signs of it in Zeltennia.
  • The Second Romandan Blockade begins, to keep the plague from reaching its shores.
  • Teta gives birth to identical triplet boys: Maram, Telmanas and Delita.

90 AV:

  • The second Siege of Lesalia: Karl Dionathan crushes the rest of the Lesalian army and lays siege to the city. Teta seems doomed.
  • Carmine Pieur, a spy and detective, is asked by Sindra Piorte to help her. Despite their family feud, Carmine swoons for Sindra. The two of them investigate Kika’s demise. By May 90, they discover that Kika was working on his own mystery. By June they’ve uncovered a terrible secret. Carmine rushes to Orbonne and Sindra to Lesalia.
  • The Leo Stone: What Sindra and Carmine learned was this: Karl Dionathan, in his adventures, had found an incredible treasure: a Zodiac Stone. The Stone of Leo, specifically. He had used the Stone, and had let Hashmal, the Lucavi of Leo, in: he was now a vessel for Hashmal. It was by working with other agents that Hashmal had helped orchestrate the rapid disintegration that was the War of Inheritance, just as he had a hundred years ago. Even now, he was sending an army to level Orbonne and break the Thrice-Bound Seal. A desperate plan is put together. Disregarding armies or casualties, the remains of Lesalia’s armed forces throw themselves at Dionathan’s army, whilst Hallas, Sindra, Duchess Samande and Captain Ackerman of the Lionguard rush for Dionathan himself, with whatever Shrine Knights remain in Lesalia. In a titanic battle, Dionathan is slain and Hashmal banished. The Leo Stone is claimed by House Heiral.
  • Dionathan’s conquests collapse in his wake. As the State Army of Deloro arrives in Lesalia, it is sent south to restore order to Midoria and Lionel. Karl’s sweet, scholastic younger sister, Rayelle Dionathan, is made the new Duchess.
  • Alicia Sidon, now a widow, marries a safe, local choice: Lucian Kyne.
  • Duke Mathieu addresses his people in Igros. However, his speech- which veers heavily into talk of winning the war- goes down so poorly that he is torn apart, limb from limb, by the mob. His son Rawling becomes Duke of Gallione, and promptly surrenders to Teta.
  • The War of Inheritance draws to a close, with Queen Teta Heiral remaining queen of the United Kingdom of Ivalice-Ordalia. But the price is high, for the Quickening Plague has spread across half the continent, people are starving, the armies are shattered and distrust between the nobility is high. Many grudges have been fostered in this time.
  • One grudge, however, is ended: Carmine Pieur and Sindra Piorte marry, aiming to end the feud. Most of their surviving relatives disown them, and so Carmine and Sindra disown them, giving themselves the new family name of Poorport.

The Second Great Demonic War, 91 AV-100 AV

91 AV:

  • Emily Wiseman enacts a great ritual in Riovanes Castle, with the Zodiac Stone of Cancer at its heart. Revealing herself as the Host of Zebbeb, Lucavi of Cancer, she uses the ritual to ‘activate’ all those she cured. They suddenly mutate, giving rapid birth to demons and horrific monsters. Within literally days, the Duchy of Fovoham has completely fallen to Wiseman’s army.
  • Queklain reveals himself in Limberry once again. The great hosts of Limberry march forth in all directions. The Limberrian fleets quickly secure the seas and begin a three-pronged invasion: one force into Germinas, another into Enavia, and the last into Lionel.

92 AV:

  • Lord Protector Vorr dies in battle, cut down by the repetitive wrath of Bruchandor. Queen Teta is pressured into choosing Prince-Consort Hallas as the fifth Lord Protector of Bethla.
  • Warjilis, Red Orchards and Golgorand fall to demonic forces. Karl Dionathan had seeded cultists in his wake, and they now rose, throwing open gates and paralysing armies.
  • Fall of Istel and Yorenai. Istel is burned a second time. Ordalia’s armies are absolutely depleted and are unable to resist. Demonic armies now lay siege to Kaldemar, whilst the demon fleet blockades Vaseria.
  • Samande Kekkonen holds the line at Mount Germinas, against all expectations, in some cases singlehandedly throwing back the demon tide with the legendary Eidolon Bahamut.

Archbishop Orlando’s Address at Dorter: Archbishop Orlando puts out a call in Dorter, exhorting all of the faithful to rise up and cast down the demons. A man of resolve and raw magnetic power, Orlando turns people into furious zealots. He gathers an army at Dorter, which turns into a rallying point for the tattered armies of Lionel, Lesalia and Gallione.

93 AV:

  • The Fall of Lesalia. Fovohite demons swarm Lesalia, turning Quickening-infected into demons as they go. Lesalia collapses and the city itself is put to the torch. Queen Teta and the royal family flee for Dorter.
  • The Siege of Lionel. Demons besiege Lionel, led by Queklain himself. Half of Lionel City falls, but the garrison remains stubborn to the extreme and retains the second half for five months, before the city falls.
  • The Despoiling of Lionel: Queklain plunders the duchy. Most terribly, he annihilates the city of Goug and unleashes his personal creations, turning the most advanced city of Ivalice into a demonic wasteland.
  • The Second Heiral Crusade: Queen Teta garbs herself in armour and declares the second crusade, this one to drive the demons out of Lionel.
  • Duchess Samande Kekkonen annihilates a Demonic army at Mount Germinas, slaying Bruchandor.
  • Kaldemar burns, as the city finally falls for the first time in centuries.

94 AV:

  • The Great Wrath of Vaseria: Magister Supreme Audrey Balthasar of Vaseria enacts an immense magical ritual, drawing on the power reserves of every mage-house in Vaseria. The result is an immense storm that ripples throughout the Bugross Sea and the Gulf of Enavia. The demonic fleet is completely destroyed but, so powerful is the spell that the Bugross Sea and the Gulf of Enavia become permanently stormy and tempestuous.
  • Queen Teta’s Crusade reaches Lionel. Orlando and his zealots accompany her. Lionel is liberated, although apparently the sight of ten thousand zealots storming the walls, dying in droves, but driven to tear demonflesh apart with hand and blade, remains with the Queen for the rest of her life.
  • Bura is besieged by the demon armies.
  • The Fall of Mount Germinas: Samande Kekkonen continues to hold the line at Germinas. However, someone- a spy?- lets slip to Lord Protector Hallas that Kekkonen is having an affair with his Queen. In a rage, Hallas mounts his Imperial Chocobo and flies to Mount Germinas, where he beats Kekkonen to death. Without the stalwart protector, Mount Germinas falls almost immediately after, and demonic hordes spew into Zeltennia. Samande, whose children perished is succeeded by her son Valmir Kekkonen, who is barely four years old.

95 AV:

  • Queen Teta’s Crusade is pushed back out of Lionel, as Queklain refocuses all of his energies on her and her army.
  • Emily Wiseman invades Gallione. Zeakden falls, and Igros City itself is besieged.

96 AV:

  • Saint Lily of Gallione: A young woman in Gallione named Lily arrives at the besieged city of Igros. She preaches that God will deliver the people from chaos and hell. She rallies the demoralised defenders, and the siege of Igros is repulsed. Within months she is already being proclaimed as a living saint.
  • The Crusade stalls at Lionel. Bloody running battles occur for months as demon and human wage war. Queen Teta learns of the death of her lover Samande, and falls into a deep depression.
  • Audrey Balthasar lands in Enavia, bearing the full marshalled armies of the Vaserian Noble Houses, who haven’t marched in such strength since the 50 Years War. The Vaserians march north and drive the demons away from Bura.
  • The Second Burning of Zarghidas: Demons take Zarghidas. They quickly invade deeper into Zeltennia and Ordalia, and threaten Bura a bare few weeks after Balthasar’s march.

97 AV:

  • A new force: A mysterious organisation forms in Fovoham, from the ranks of children who survived the Quickening Plague or lost parents to it. Many of these youths are now in their teens, although their leadership is a mystery. This force, known as the Orphan Souls, wages a guerrilla war against the dark Fovohites.
  • Duke Rawling retakes Zeakden. He is now using the final reserves of weapons from the destroyed factories.

98 AV:

  • Emily Wisemanseeks to lure Rawling into a trap in the western Fovoham plains. Orphan Souls, however, have tipped him off and so a counter-trap is made, with Saint Lily playing an important role, for the power of white magic comes to her with consummate ease. In the end, Wiseman is killed and Zebbeb banished. Fovoham, however, remains a chaotic place, practically depopulated save for monsters, and so it is left to the demons. The Orphan Souls fade into hiding, keeping watch on the land.
  • Prince-consort Hallas leads a counter-invasion towards Zarghidas and fails, losing many men in the process. He soon retreats from Zeltennia as the demonic counter-invasion crushes his armies. The way for the infernal host to march into Lesalia is open.
  • Queen Teta’s Crusade is driven back, all the way to Zaland.

99 AV:

  • Orlando takes over the Crusade. He leads a vicious counter-attack, one with absolutely no regard for casualties. But Orlando is no fool- he knows exactly how to defeat a demonic host. After a crushing victoy at Bariaus, he expends most of his army in breaking open the demon lines, allowing him to charge in and slay Queklain single-handed. Orlando soon dies of his wounds, but his victory is complete, and he is soon named Saint Orlando the Demonhammer.

100 AV:

  • Demon forces are pushed out of Ordalia, finally, by Audrey Balthasar’s forces.
  • Queen Teta finishes the reconquest of Lionel. Demonic forces are receding, although they keep their control over Zeltennia. The Second Great Demonic War is over, but the kingdom is in tatters.

The Cursed Sons of Teta I, 101 AV-133 AV

101 AV:

  • Queen Teta reclaims Lesalia and sets to work on rebuilding the ravaged city.
  • Prince-consort Hallas returns from the Zeltennian frontier. It is the first time he has seen Teta in years, and he barely recognises her. Once timid, nervous and flustered, Teta is now cold with grief and bitterness, hard with years of campaigning and witnessing death. Before he has time to register the changes, Teta stabs Hallas to death. With his dying energy he pushes her into a fireplace, where she burns to death.
  • Prince Maram becomes King Maram III of Ivalice-Ordalia. A twelve-year old who has inherited a vicious and violent streak from his father, Maram is not the easy puppet Prime Minister Kellam had hoped for.
  • Duchess Alicia Sidon dies young, from Quickening Plague. Leaving no heirs, her widower Lucian Kyne is faced with passing inheritance on to one of Alicia’s relatives. Instead he forges Alicia’s will, stipulating that the Duchy of Midoria was to become a republic, whereby noble candidates would be elected by the noble assembly. The Sidons seethe at this and rise up against Lucian. Factions divide Midoria and before long the duchy is embroiled in a vicious conflict.

102 AV:

  • The Midorian Civil War continues. An entire branch of the Kyne family die at a feast where the food was poisoned by Sidon agents. Tired of the nobility’s squabbles, the regions of Midier and Araguay declare independence.
  • Golmav Wiston, a Fovohite refugee, settles in Lesalia. Golmav fanices himself an author, but his true value is that he has brought with him knowledge on how to create a printing press- knowledge thought lost with Goug. As the construction of Lesalia continues, Golmav is sponsored by Prime Minister Kellam into creating a full-scale printing operation.
  • Fovohite chocobo husbandry begins to die out. Imperial Chocobos become scarce, and most knowledge of advanced husbandry is now held by Fovohites living in Gallione.
  • Gallione enacts a census, and learns that the population had diminished by 60% since the last census in 75 AV.
  • King Maram III brawls in public with Valmir Kekkonen over an imagined insult. Valmir thrashes Maram III, who responds by exiling Valmir from Lesalia. The duke of Zeltennia (even if Zeltennia is in ruins) starts to wander the land.

103 AV:

  • King Maram III bypasses Kellam and involves himself in the Midorian Civil War by claiming the title of Duke for himself. He invades Midoria and conquers Zeklaus.
  • Gallionian culture begins to shift. Much of Gallione’s land lies fallow and unclaimed due to the drastic depopulation. The nobility begins claiming large swathes of it, and Gallione begins its reversion into a heavily feudal society.
  • Duke Rawling of Gallione mobilises, having been summoned by King Maram III to help end the Midorian Civil War.
  • Unnumbered Tears, a romantic-tragedy novel written by Prentis Ackerman, is publised in Lesalia. The first fictional work to be published in the Wiston Presses, its encapsulation of wistfulness, longing and nostalgia captures the sense of decline felt by the people, and it becomes popular.

104 AV:

  • King Maram III slaughters prisoners outside of Dorter. Lucian Kyne sallies forth, and it is revealed that Maram’s lust for battle far exceeds his skill for it. He is easily routed and flees back to Lesalia, where he takes his anger out on the people.
  • Duke Rawling subjugates Midier.
  • Communication with Ordalia becomes increasingly difficult, as all routes between Ivalice and Ordalia are danger-infested. Discontent with Ivalician rule increases greatly, especially in Southern Ordalia.
  • Archbishop Serris petitions all parties to cease the war in Midoria. King Maram strikes him and parades him naked through the streets.

105 AV:

  • Duke Rawling grows tired of war, and seeks compromise with Lucian Kyne. Kyne convinces Rawling to destroy the rest of the most dangerous of the Sidons, which Rawling does. In return, Kyne will surrender to Maram in exchange for the King supporting his noble republic ideal. Maram executes Kyne instead, and triggers a popular uprising in Midoria.
  • The Desecration of Saint Lily: Maram III empowers Rawling to put the revolt down in any way he can. Maram III travels to Midoria to meet Rawling. There, he meets Saint Lily, and becomes infatuated with her. When Saint Lily rejects his advances and chastises him for his cruelty and disregard for the people, he tries to abduct her. She fights him off, and he has her killed by burning instead. Saint Lily is a hero to the Gallionians and Midorians, and her death sparks a massive outcry of rage. Duke Rawling, who was very close to Saint Lily, is beyond outraged. He openly revolts and chases Maram out of Midoria.
  • The Brothers’ Rebellion: Princes Telmanas and Delita, who are sick of their brother’s tyranny, form a conspiracy to remove him. They petition the Victorian Church to aid them. The Church is usually neutral in political matters, but the death of Saint Lily and the humiliation of Archbishop Serris makes them receptive. As Maram returns to Lesalia, he is greeted by Telmanas and Delita. Shrine Knights chase off Maram’s bodyguards, whilst Telmanas and Delita murder Maram and cut him to pieces. Maram’s head is sent to Duke Rawling, who burns it. Rawling ends his rebellion.

106 AV:

  • The Division of the Kingdom: Telmanas and Delita agree that the kingdom is currently too unwieldy to properly rule from Lesalia. The Ordalians grow increasingly dissatisfied with the situation, especially as they lost so many men in the War of Inheritance, which was seen as an Ivalician conflict which left them defenseless against the demon horde. The two princes split the crowns once again, with Delita becoming King Delita III of Ivalice whilst Telmanas becomes King Telmanas V of Ordalia. They plan on reuniting the crowns when the time is right, but this never eventuates, and so historians refer to the line of Delita III as the “House of Heiral-Ivalice” whilst the line of Telmanas V becomes the “House of Heiral-Ordalia”.
  • King Delita III confirms the appointment of Dossan Harelwen as sixth Lord Protector of Bethla.

107 AV:

  • King Delita III is a cunning and canny individual, who masterminded his brother’s assassination. Some say he is as cunning as his ancestor Saint Delita the Great. Delita III works on consolidating and rebuilding Ivalice. He also orders Lord Protector Harelwen to raid Limberry’s territories. This accomplishes little militarily, but it infuriates and provokes Queklain, who lays siege to Bethla. Delita III knows full well that Bethla won’t fall, however, but the siege keeps the threat of the demon hordes fresh in everyone’s memory, making them more willing to work together. Delita III confirms Lucian Kyne’s plan, and the Duchy of Midoria becomes the Royal Republic of Midoria instead. Its first elected Grand Councillor is Tellis Kyne.
  • King Telmanas V, however, is very intelligent but also very gentle, and has absolutely no stomach for war. He nonetheless becomes popular in Ordalia due to his kind nature, and by converting to Faranism, he cements their loyalty. A great mind for numbers and finances, he begins broad reforms of Ordalia’s economy.

108 AV:

  • Duke Valmir Kekkonen, now 18 years old, returns from exile. Exile has, to put it bluntly, made a hero out of Valmir. Tall, charming, impossibly good-looking, incredibly strong and possessing incredible magic talent, he earns a name for himself by hunting monsters and demons across Ivalice. He volunteers to serve at the Bethla Fortress for ten years, where he becomes reknowned for raiding and harassing the demonic siege force.

109 AV:

  • Delita III marries Marie Rayris, daughter of Rawling Rayris.
  • Telmanas V marries Golene Kohen, mayor of Bura.

110 AV-117 AV:

  • Ivalice slowly recovers. Fovoham remains desolate, and the Romandan blockade continues.
  • The Sacking of Warjilis: Brux the Corsair manages to somehow slip past the Romandan blockade and sack the Romandan coastal city of Granford. He returns to Warjilis with a great trove of riches and technology, only a little of which he manages to sell before the Romandans find him. They destroy his fleet, execute Brux and set the city to the torch.
  • Duke Rawling is incensed by the arrogance of the Romandans, and against the orders of King Delita III, organises a great fleet to attack Romanda. Unwilling to let it become a full-scale war, Delita III secretly tips off the Romandans. Rawling’s fleet is wiped out and he goes missing, presumed dead. He is succeeded by his son Max Rayris, who is 14 as of 114 AV.
  • Duchess Rayelle Dionathan leads an invasion of Goug, hoping to reclaim the city. She makes some progress but it soon stalls, and her resources dwindle. She abandons the island.
  • Sages of Gariland College begin a watch on Murond, and note a disturbing sense of activity. Shortly after, demonic raids on shipping in the Sea of Yudora increase threefold.
  • Telmanas V and Queen Golene have five children together: Telmanas (son), Helene (daughter), Sophia (daughter), Suri (daughter) and Gabriel (son). The two are very obviously in love, and a cycle of romantic stories begins to form in Ordalian literature.

118 AV:

  • The Ordalian Trading Company: Telmanas V charters a private company called the Ordalian Trading Company. The OTC is granted a monopoly of all overseas trade with non-Ivalician states, which means very little trade at all due to the chaotic nature of Ordalia’s seas. He places Queen Golene in charge. Golene gathers sages, intellectuals and academics to her, hoping to create a new type of ship capable of withstanding ice and storm.
  • The Reclaimation of Zeltennia: Having spent ten years slaying demons, Valmir Kekkonen leaves Bethla and assembles to him an army of vagrants, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune and knights errant. With this band he marches for Zeltennia, and tears his way through the duchy with great speed.

119 AV:

  • Delita III and Marie Rayris have their first child, a daughter named Sidney.
  • Zeltennia City is liberated. Valmir Kekkonen pushes for Zarghidas.
  • Queen Golene of Ordalia succeeds in creating an ‘iron-clad ship’ capable of resisting storms and ice. Expensive and requiring rare knowledge, production begins, but is limited to roughly one ship every four years.

120 AV:

  • Zarghidas is liberated.
  • Delita III and Queen Marie have their second child, a boy named Delita.

121 AV:

  • The Rayris Affair: Delita III finds proof that Queen Marie is having an affair with Count Lance Marineten of Bervenia, and has been for some time. Delita III is incensed- he strips Marineten of his rank and exiles Marie to Gallione. Sidney and Delita are disinherited, even though Marie insists they’re really his. The event ruins relations between the King and Duke Max of Gallione.

122 AV:

  • Delita III annuls his marriage to Marie Rayris. He remarries, taking Diana Aduvel of Lesalia as his bride. Apparently Delita III is extremely watchful of his new young wife, and she finds little to enjoy about the situation.

123 AV:

  • Queen Golene’s iron-clad ship is finished. She embarks on it herself and leaves Ordalia’s shores for years.
  • Marie Rayris contracts Quickening Plague, and evidence suggests Delita III had her infected, although he denies this and notes that the Quickening Plague is a demonic ploy. Nonetheless relations between the crown and Gallione deteriorate so much that Gallione ceases paying taxes and answering summons from the King.

124 AV:

  • Queen Diana of Ivalice gives birth to a son, Orvan.
  • Telmanas V becomes depressive. His reign begins to slacken.

125 AV:

  • Tellis Kyne of Midoria dies. He is succeeded by Konrad Rayris, a cousin to Max Rayris. King Delita III intervenes to block the election. A fight breaks out and, in the chaos, Konrad Rayris is murdered. The fight turns into a rebellion, and Delita III is chased from the city. Midoria elects Johan Barsum as new Grand Councillor, who forms an alliance with Gallione against Delita III’s tyranny.

126 AV:

  • Prince Orvan dies of disease, but King Delita suspects treachery. In his grief, he executes any Rayris he can find in Lesalia. Max Rayris rises up in revolt.
  • Queen Diana flees to Ordalia, where she becomes good friends with Telmanas V.

127 AV:

  • Duke Valmir Kekkonen invades Mount Germinas. In an incredible battle he delivers a shocking, picture-perfect defeat of the demon army there. The battle becomes required study for military cadets within years.
  • Battles rage between King Delita III and the Rayris family and their allies, but neither side gains an advantage.
  • Queen Diana gives birth to a daughter. King Telmanas is given the curious privilege of naming her, and he names her Teta.

128 AV:

  • Queen Golene returns from her travels, and to everyone’s joy has managed great success, having reestablished trade with Lufenia and other far-off lands. She has even managed to find proxies to trade with Romanda. With this in hand, the OTC finally begins turning a profit, and more iron-clad ships are commissioned. King Telmanas recovers from his depression.
  • King Delita III hears of the birth of his daughter. He becomes convinced that he is not the real father, and that he has been cuckolded by his brother Telmanas. To the alarm of all, he leaves the front and marches significant parts of his army into Ordalia. In truth, Princess Teta really is his daughter, and it is his paranoia at play.

129 AV:

  • The Ordalian Trading Company acquires the plans for firearms and cannons.
  • The Gallionians invade the Lesalian Heartlands with limited resistance.
  • Prime Minister Kellam dies. Shan McKinge, High Mage of Gariland, becomes Prime Minister.
  • King Telmanas V petitions Valmir Kekkonen, asking for aid from the Duke against King Delita III.
  • King Delita III invades Ordalia. King Telmanas tries to persuade him to stop, but he is mad with fury and paranoia. He demands the head of Queen Diana, and the head of his ‘bastard’ daughter too. Telmanas debates with Delita for hours, verbally crucifying his brother, saying he is no better than Maram the Tyrant, and that when did he start murdering little girls? The debate lasts long enough for Duke Kekkonen’s forces to arrive at Delita’s rear. Delita is enraged and attacks Telmanas. Telmanas takes out a gun and shoots Delita in the stomach. As Delita bleeds out, he begs forgiveness for his paranoia and distrust, and entrusts Teta to Telmanas’s care. With this, Telmanas becomes the last surviving triplet son of Queen Teta I- worst of all, he had major roles in the deaths of both. He is the saviour of his sister-in-law and goddaughter Teta, and his action saved thousands of lives, but his depression returns and he is subsumed with grief and guilt for the loss of his brother.

130 AV:

  • Prime Minister McKinge offers the crown of Ivalice to Telmanas. Telmanas spurns the ‘cursed crown’, and so Princess Teta becomes Queen Teta II at the age of 3 years old. Queen Mother Diana returns to Lesalia to serve as regent.
  • The Royal Court of Lesalia sues for peace with Max Rayris, and pays heavy concessions in exchange for peace. Max Rayris is granted the extinct title of Archduke, granting him special rights and autonomy.

131 AV:

  • The Drought of 131 leads to a terrible famine in Lesalia and Zeltennia.

132 AV:

  • The Great Winter of 132 cripples half of Ivalice. Desperate peasants revolt in Midoria, Lionel and Lesalia and are put down. Queen Mother Diana summons Rayelle Dionathan to court. When Rayelle declines, she is given nothing more than a sternly-worded letter as punishment. This incident marks the realisation that royal authority has declined so much that the monarch can be safely ignored.
  • Duke Valmir Kekkonen comes to the conclusion that the weather is due to fell magic from Nelveska. Breaking the taboo on the Kekkonen family, he leaves for Nelveska and vanishes. His son, Vladimir Kekkonen, succeeds him, but he is nowhere near the great man his father was.

133 AV:

  • Mossfungus poisoning takes 80% of the Bethla garrison. Demon forces swell. Queklain arrives in person at Bethla. Lord Protector Harelwen sounds the alarm: the demons are preparing for a major invasion.

The Third Great Demonic War, 134 AV-144 AV

134 AV:

  • Queen Teta II heads for Bethla at the head of the Lesalian army. Although only seven years old, she is bright and charming, and wins over many on the way. This is part of Queen Mother Diana’s plan, to shore up support, but Queen Teta has an interest in seeing the war as well.
  • The Third Great Demonic War begins, but it is different to previous incursions. Queklain decides to focus his forces on Bethla, deciding to once and for all crush the obstinate fortress and in doing so overrun Midoria and Lionel.
  • The First Assault of Bethla begins. The outer wall falls, and the central citadel nearly falls as well, but the garrison stubbornly holds out.
  • Mount Germinas is besieged.
  • Great demonic sea monsters spread beneath the turbulent waters of the Bugross Sea, where they duel with Ordalian iron-clads for control of the ocean.

135 AV:

  • Queen Teta II arrives at Bethla with her army, and bolsters the defense. The outer wall is reclaimed. Queen Teta, now eight years old, is a keen learner and does not shy away from death or violence. By day she reads books on war and trains with knights on how to kill, and by night she binds the wounds of injured soldiers.
  • Midoria and Lionel mobilise and its forces march for Bethla.
  • Gallione mobilises more slowly, and instead of focusing on Bethla, Duke Max claims to be keeping an eye on Fovoham. The days when Gallione’s armies boasted battalions of arquebusiers and cannons are gone, and now it is made up of steel-clad knights riding sturdy warbred chocobos.

136 AV:

  • Mount Germinas falls to the demon forces.
  • Bethla holds. Queen Teta II sneaks out to join the defense, and slays her first demon at the age of nine.

137-142 AV:

  • Bethla holds, through the second, third and fourth assault, although the demonic forces swell in size and number. Gallione remains passive, although it does launch some incursions into Fovoham, reclaiming the region of western Fovoham and settling it.
  • Rayelle Dionathan, Duchess of Lionel, dies. Her successor, Heathcliff Dionathan is disputed by family members and other nobles, and Lionel splits into three factions, just at a time when its unification is needed.
  • Idrio Poorport becomes Count of Bariaus.

143 AV:

  • Lord Harelwen dies, attempting to assassinate Queklain. Queen Teta II takes a more active role in the defense. She discovers proof of treachery, and roots out cultists in her midsts, launching them at the demon armies via catapult. The Fifth Assault of Bethla thus fails.
  • An Ordalian-Zeltennian force assaults Mount Germinas and fails.
  • King Telmanas V commits suicide with the same gun he used to kill his brother. Thus he becomes the only Cursed Son of Teta I to have a hand in the deaths of all three. He is succeeded by his son Telmanas VI, who is 30 years old.

144 AV:

  • The Sixth Assault of Bethla begins, and Queklain plays all of his cards. What traitors he has left sabotage defenses, mossfungus is liberally spread, new and terrifying demons fly over the walls, and tens of thousands storm the gates. One by one, the defenses of Bethla fall, and thousands of soldiers die defending it. Queklain breaks into the great citadel and begins slaughtering its last defenders. The Bethlans play their last desperate defenses, opening the sluice gates and flooding the fortress. In the sky, the ancient secret weapon of Bethla, the airship Adelaide, appears to shell the demonic army. It isn’t enough to break the attackers, but it is enough time to buy Queen Teta II a chance to escape. Instead, she lures Queklain into a trap. Cut off from his entourage, Queklain fights Teta and her Lionguard for a full hour. Teta finally prevails, cutting Queklain down and finally claiming the Stone of Scorpio. She loses her right arm in the process, and quickly passes out. With Queklain dead, the demonic horde falters as always, and a counter-attack from reserve forces manages to secure the citadel. Over the next few months, the rest of Bethla is reclaimed, until finally the fortress is once again fully Ivalician. The Third Great War is over.
  • Queklain’s great third defeat proves too great an embarrassment for the forces of hell. His role as commander of Limberry is stripped away.

Queen Teta II, The Last of the Great Heirals, 145 AV-160 AV

145 AV:

  • Queen Mother Diana dies. Queen Teta II becomes queen in her own right, and names Lisa Goldberg as the seventh Lord Protector of Bethla.
  • Queen Teta II is a far cry from father and grandmother. Intelligent, a keen learner, charming and inspiring, she is the strongest warlord and fighter the Heiral line has seen since Delita II. Although many would consider her actions brave to the point of reckless, many of the commoners in Ivalice adore her for her no-nonsense nature and the ease with which she mingles with the common people.

146 AV:

  • Queen Teta II commissions expansions to Orbonne Basilica, including sculptures of various martyrs and saints, including Saint Lily, Saint Orlando and, of course, Saint Delita.
  • The First Royal Art College of Dorter is commissioned.
  • Queen Teta II arbitrates a peace between the factions of Lionel.

147 AV:

  • Romanda considers easing its blockade of the continent. However, OTC agents convince the Romandans to maintain it, as this allows the OTC to maintain its monopoly that much easier.
  • A sickness spreads through the Imperial Chocobo population.
  • Queen Teta II spreads the printing press to Ordalia, Bervenia, Lionel and Gariland.

148 AV-154 AV:

  • Queen Teta’s Reforms: Queen Teta II implements massive reforms to Ivalice’s economy and legal system. New coinage standards are implemented, new rights are granted to the common folk, and great incentives are placed on those who settle or reclaim lost lands. An Ivalicing Trading Company is established to compete with the OTC. Teta II begins work on creating a professional army of Ivalice, loyal only to the monarch and not dependent on the whims of noble lords. Most decisive, however, is the creation of the Parliament of Ivalice. Too many times, personal squabbles and disputes turned into gigantic wars that sapped the weakness of Ivalice. To counter this, Teta creates the Parliament, where all of the prominent nobles of the land, as well as representatives of the merchants, the church and the people, can assemble and be heard. Laws can be reviewed, and disagreements can be solved with diplomacy and discussion rather than with sword and fire. However, Teta II by necessity binds some of the power of the monarch to that of parliament- in essence, domestic law must be agreed on by the parliament, and not even the monarch can gainsay this.
  • Queen Teta II marries a captain of Bethla, Wolf Domin.

155 AV:

  • Teta II gives birth to a son, Agrianus.
  • Ivalice and Ordalia agree to the construction of a highway through Zeltennia, so that both realms can come to each other’s aid that much more swiftly.
  • Telmanas VI proves to be a sickly king, and dies without any children. His brother Gabriel inherits the throne as King Gabriel II of Ordalia. He is 38 years old.
  • The Faran population of Zeltennia increases, and becomes higher than 10% for the first time.

156 AV:

  • A demonic incursion to Zarghidas, led by Bruchandor, is put down by Queen Teta II. Teta proves that she is more dangerous with her left hand than she ever was with her right by becoming the latest hero to slay Bruchandor.
  • The Conclave Controversy occurs, when it is revealed that Garilander mages and Vaserian mages have been embroiled in a secret ‘war’ for the last forty years, trying to steal each other’s secrets and even kill each other. The end result has been the decline of quality in the mages of both sides. King Gabriel II and Queen Teta II both decide to crack down on it, and the leaderships of both cities are purged, with Teta imprisoning the Garilander mage leaders, whilst Gabriel II executes the Vaserian mage-lords responsible.

157 AV:

  • The Vaserian Rebellion: The Vaserian mage-lords, led by Magister Supreme VIncent Rel, rise up in rebellion, and rage across Enavia. The Ordalian army moves in to crush them.
  • Ivalice prospers. Queen Teta’s reign is peaceful for the most part, and the borders are secure. Teta II funds a huge expansion of Bethla’s garrison, buying cannons from the OTC at great expense.

158-159 AV:

  • The Vaserian Rebellion spreads, and King Gabriel II is killed fighting it. The Ordalian court is inclined to surrender and pay reparations, but Gabriel’s heir, King Elgar I, is a headstrong and furious 17 year old who is inspired by his cousin Teta’s acts. He swers to crush the Vaserians once and for all.

160 AV:

  • Queen Teta II begins real progress on her Professional Army plan.
  • Queen Teta II dies of Quickening Plague whilst carrying her second child, who also dies. The ship of state loses its last good captain.

The Fall of the House of Heiral, 161AV -176 AV

161 AV:

  • King Agrianus I ascends to the throne of Ivalice. He is a timid and sickly six year old.
  • The Battle for the Court: Strong personalities in the Royal Court of Ivalice strive to become regent. Key players are Prime Minister McKinge, Prince Dowager Consort Wolf Domin, and Lysander Kyne, Grand Councillor of Midoria and chairman of the Parliament.

162 AV:

  • Artistic pursuits blossom in Midoria and Lionel, and the regions go through a kind of artistic renaissance, with new plays, operas, music, sculptures, art and other beautiful things proliferating.
  • Prime Minister McKinge is assassinated. With no clear regent, the parliament claims the right to name a successor, and grants that right to Archduchess Victoria Rayris of Lionel. Rayris attempts to calm the court, but is ineffective as Wolf Domin and Lysander Kyne struggle for supremacy.

163 AV:

  • Teta II’s professional army reforms are cancelled.
  • The Coup of July 3: Wolf Domin, leading forces loyal to himself, takes control of Lesalia City by force. Lysander Kyne is executed and Victoria Rayris is taken hostage. Domin requests forces from Lionel and Zeltennia. Zeltennia provides token forces, whilst Lionel ignores him.

164 AV:

  • Wolf Domin invades Midoria and captures Dorter. There he dissolves the noble republic, triggering revolts from the most quarrellsome province in Ivalice. Victoria Rayris escapes to Gallione and raises her forces.
  • The Alliance to Restore the Monarchy: Victoria Rayris of Gallione, Heathcliff Dionathan of Lionel and Acting Grand Councillor Cailan Mayne of Midoria align their forces to oust Wolf Domin from Dorter and liberate the court.

165 AV:

  • Wolf Domin is driven out of Dorter. He retreats to Lesalia.
  • King Elgar of Ordalia finally puts down the Vaserian revolt, after exterminating one third of the mage-families of the city. For this, he is gven the name King Elgar the Magemasher.

166 AV:

  • The Restoration Alliance takes Lesalia. Wolf Domin is cornered in the palace, where he reveals that he had succumbed to whispers from the Stone of Sagittarius, although he traded the Stone away for soldiers and weapons (to whom, he doesn’t reveal). Victoria Rayris and Heathcliff Dionathan kill him. Sensing further disruption, Rayris gathers all the Stones found in the Heiral treasury and hands them over to the Victorian Church for safekeeping.
  • Rayris, Dionathan and Mayne try to handle the court, but with no common enemy they soon turn to squabbling amongst each other as to who will be Agrianus’s Regent. When Agrianus vanishes one day, each of the three accuse the other of hiding him. Their personal armies ransack Lesalia City and each other, causing mayhem. Rayris takes Mayne’s leg, Mayne scars Dionathan’s face, and the three retreat to their respective power bases.
  • Agrianus fled in secret, is taken in by Count Ballard Marineten of Bervenia. His location remains a secret. Marineten is considered by those who know to be an ambitious, unsavoury individual who rubs shoulders with smugglers, assassins, criminals and worse.

167 AV:

  • Archduchess Victoria Rayris and Duke Heathcliff Dionathan invade Midoria. However the two of them fight each other as much as they fight the Midorians. Grand Councillor Cailan Mayne consolidates his power by taking control of the southern half of Lesalia.
  • With the three big powers committed, Count Marineten reveals that he is Agrianus’s protector, and declares that he has been named Regent. He gains support from some elements in Lesalia, namely counts and lesser lords loyal to Agrianus. He demands aid from the Duchy of Zeltennia, but Vladimir Kekkonen refuses. King Elgar of Ordalia is just as unenthusiastic. Marineten needs to consolidate his territory in some way but he seems surrounded by enemies. The other lords of Ivalice see Marineten as nothing but a man using the King to his own ends.

168 AV:

  • Marineten declares that the Lady Protector of Bethla, Lisa Goldberg, will fight for the King. Before Lisa can vehemently deny it, Duke Heathcliff lashes out in paranoia, invading Zirekile. This forces Lady Goldberg into a corner- namely, Marineten’s corner.
  • Cailan Mayne occupies Lesalia City with the tentative support of the city leaders. Persuasive and charming, Mayne relies more on persuasion than military force to expand.
  • Duke Vladimir Kekkonen dies. His daughter Emilia Kekkonen drifts closer to the orbit of Ordalia, the more stable of the two powers.

169 AV:

  • Count Marineten invades Gallione. Having mustered his forces, he moved through Fovoham instead of via Midoria. Fovoham was an empty demon-infested land, and moving through it seems like suicide, but Marineten manages it (albeit with heavy attritional losses to his army). Nonetheless Gallione is taken completely by surprise. Before Victoria Rayris can respond, Marineten takes Zeakden and besieges Igros, where spies on the inside sabotage the defenses, allowing Marineten to storm the city.
  • Lisa Goldberg is defeated in the field by Heathcliff Dionathan, who besieges Bethla.
  • Cailan Mayne sends word to Bethla. He believes Goldberg is a loyal servant of the King, and that she must know that Marineten is exploiting the king. Mayne wants peace to be restored so his merchants can travel safely. Mayne is willing to assist Goldberg if she will in turn assist him afterwards. Although the Lady Protector is loath to break with convention and involve her position in politics, she agreed. Mayne’s armies march and attacks Dionathan. Although Heathcliff Dionathan is the superior general, he is caught between Mayne and Goldberg, and his army is crushed. As per their agreement, Goldberg aligns herself with Cailan Mayne. He quickly resecures Midoria and invades Lionel.

170 AV:

  • Victoria Rayris marches north. Leaving the bulk of her army behind, she takes her finest five hundred chocobo knights and moves against Marineten. In a surprise battle, she raids his camp and decapitates him with a single swing of her mace. The rest of his army crumbles.
  • Marineten’s domain shatters. His son, Hector, is murdered by King Agrianus’s servant, a canny young woman named Sylvia Golanda, before Hector can abduct King Agrianus. They flee into the wilderness.
  • Mayne and Goldberg crush Lionel. Heathcliff Dionathan is killed defending the city gates. Again, the succession of Lionel is disputed, but this time an outside power has a say. Mayne divides Lionel into three: Gann Poorport, Count of Bariaus, is granted control of Zaland, whilst Dionathan’s son Jon is granted control of Lionel, Red Orchards, Golgorand and Zirekile. Warjilis is made into a republic similar to Midoria.

171 AV:

  • King Agrianus is captured by the Baron Finn Sabrard of Dogoula. The Baron is one of the successors to Marineten’s state, and uses the King to grant himself all kinds of titles and powers. He aligns himself with Birus Mann of Grog.
  • King Elgar of Ordalia begins the Mage Purges. Suspicious that the mages of Ordalia are plotting against him, he starts shutting down magic conclaves and bringing them under ever more restrictive authorities.
  • Archduchess Victoria produces a pretender. Tired of Agrianus being constantly used by other powers, she decides to unveil a new Heiral who she deems worthy of the throne and declares him King of Ivalice. This new king, Luc Heiral, the grandson of Delita Rayris-Heiral, the disinherited son of Delita III. Victoria claims that he is truly of Delita III’s blood despite what the paranoid king thought, which means that Queen Teta II inherited illegitimately, and thus Agrianus is illegitimate as well. This turns Victoria into a proper traitor to the crown in the eyes of other powers.

172 AV:

  • Cailan Mayne’s forces muster and he marches northward against Finn Sabrard and Birus Mann. In a series of quick battles he crushes both armies, recovers King Agrianus and secures the Duchy of Lesalia. Cailan Mayne is named Prime Minister. King Agrianus is 17 years old at the time.
  • King Agrianus marries the loyal servant Sylvia Golanda. The marriage scandalises Ivalice, for Sylvia is commonborn. However, it is the only thing Agrianus is willing to show some resolve on, and Cailan Mayne permits it.
  • Lionel dissolves into war as Poorport and Dionathan invade one another, to no decisive results.

173 AV:

  • Cailan Mayne approaches Ordalia and Zeltennia. Using all of his charm and persuasion, he convinces Duchess Emilia Kekkonen. King Elgar, however, is rapidly deteriorating, his purges of mages turning into a blood-slick mania that is causing chaos across Ordalia.

174 AV:

  • Cailan Mayne gathers his forces and invades Gallione. One week into the siege of Gariland, however, an arbalest bolt fired from the city walls takes a freak turn and tears his head from his shoulders. The invasion falters, for Midoria has no clear line of succession. The assembly of Midoria elect Helmut Arburn four months later, well after Archduchess Victoria is ready for war.

175 AV:

  • Helmet Arburn puts down noble revolts in Lesalia. Infuriated by this, he begins systematically crushing the oldest and most powerful noble families in the region, using King Agrianus’s authority to do so.
  • King Agrianus and Queen Sylvia have a child, Prince Delros Ramias. The name is surprisingly ambitious, for Delros Ramias was the first king of a unified Ivalice and Ordalia.

176 AV:

  • The Extermination of the Heiral Dynasty: Helmut Arburn is assassinated by King Agrianus, who resolves to take back his kingdom. Agrianus rules for two weeks, before Helmut’s son, Constantine Arburn, seizes power in Midoria via a coup, marches north and enters Lesalia practically unchallenged. What follows next is a grisly, incomprehensible scene as Constantine murders Agrianus and Sylvia, but then declares that the time of the Heirals is over. Declaring himself King Constantine I of the Arburn Dynasty, he seeks out anyone who is even suspected of having Heiral blood and exterminates them, leading to a purge of thousands of people across his domain. Despite this, and despite what he publicly claims, the baby Delros Ramias evades his purges and vanishes; multiple pieces of the royal regalia go missing.
  • Heiral loyalists flock to Gallione to support the last known branch of the Heirals in Ivalice: Luc Heiral. He remains a ‘prince’ for now, for Victoria has no intention of actually letting him have power.

The End of the Kingdom of Ivalice, 177 AV-189 AV

177 AV-181 AV:

  • The Swansong War: Gallione invades Midoria in order to destroy King Constantine. What follows are long, brutal and bloody battles across Midoria and southeast Gallione. Victoria is the greater commander, but she struggles to compete with the superior resources of Constantine and his vassals.
  • The Mage Purges in Ordalia become more frantic.

182 AV:

  • Luc Heiral’s Unmasking: Luc Heiral, desperate to take power, begins arguing with Victoria Rayris, demanding that he be crowned. She refuses. Eventually Luc gathers Heiral loyalists and stages a coup. The coup is crushed, and Victoria reveals that no, Luc isn’t a Heiral- Delita III really wasn’t his father. She kills him, and with that the Heiral loyalists fall into despair: the line of Heiral-Ivalice has failed, and no clear successor can be found. The only surviving Heiral is the King of Ordalia, who is busy slaughtering mages for imagined insults.

183 AV-186 AV:

  • Swansong War continues.
  • Duchess Victoria dies in battle, and is succeeded by her capable, sensible son Leon Rayris.
  • King Constantine I becomes increasingly despotic, and eventually becomes loathed by his own people. Desperate for funds, he begins raiding churches, monasteries and convents, looting them of treasures and confiscating the land.

187 AV:

  • Archbishop Gray excommunicates King Constantine I. He rages, marching south for Orbonne, but revolts occur all over his domain, and before long he is killed by a noblewoman of Dorter, Theanne Kyne. Theanne is soon elected Grand Councillor of Midoria, but is unable to hold control over Lesalia.
  • Lesalia reorganises itself along similar lines of government to Midoria, becoming a noble republic. Sashe Aduvel becomes the first Prime Minister of Lesalia.
  • Lisa Goldberg dies. The captains of Bethla state that the Lord Protector is answerable only to the king of Ivalice, and since no king reigns, they will appoint Protectors until such a king appears. Carl Verver becomes the eighth Lord Protector of Bethla.

188 AV:

  • King Elgar dies after attempting to execute Faran priests who knew white magic. The act was the breaking point for the commoners, who rioted, slaughtering Elgar and much of his family. His son, Isador, becomes King at the age of 21 years old. But the anger doesn’t stop there, as all of Enavia rises up under the twin leadership of Kaldemar and Vaseria, declaring independence from the King.

189 AV:

  • The Ordalian Civil War: Ordalia’s state armies rage as they try to conquer Enavia, to no avail. King Isador is smart, pious and strong, but the scars left by his father are deep, and the people are highly suspicious of him. Ordalia is vulnerable, but Limberry remains quiet and no other threats appear to be forming.

The Undead Wars, 190 AV-225 AV

190 AV:

  • The Lich Lord of Zeltennia: A strange figure appears in Zeltennia Castle, seeking an audience with Duchess Emilia Kekkonen. When he is rebuffed, the figure simply kills the guards, blasts down the gates and allows himself in. Duchess Emilia demands to know who this figure is, which is when the figure lowers his hood and reveals himself as Valmir Kekkonen, the Lich Lord. He did not die in Nelveska, but instead found truth, or so he says. He is pale, but he is far stronger and more resilient than he was and his magical power is beyond compare. He seizes Emilia and every other relative of his in the entire Duchy in a single night, then takes them to the highest tower of Zeltennia Castle. There he reveals the Stone of Gemini, although he is not a Lucavi host, he knows something of its power. He sacrifices his family, and uses the Stone to animate every halfway useful corpse from Bervenia to Istel. In the space of a night, Valmir Kekkonen has gathered in army numbering in the millions. With this army he marches in every direction, starting the Undead Wars.
  • Ordalia is taken completely by surprise by the Undead invasion, as much of its forces are in the south. Border patrols are overwhelmed within days at best. Valmir Kekkonen leads the invasion of Ordalia himself.
  • Bervenia falls within a month. The invasion of Ivalice is led by Samande Kekkonen, who has been reanimated and given a kind of half-life by her own son- whether her will is her own is unknown, but she is a figure of terrible wrath and power, destroying many with her Fell Bahamut eidolon.

191 AV:

  • Welldor falls to Lich Lord Valmir, who slaughters the population wholesale and raises them as corpses.
  • The State Army of Zelamonia is exterminated by Lich Lord Valmir.
  • The Orbonne Summit of 191: Archbishop Gray declares a summit, to which every primary lord of Ivalice is invited. They attend in September. Gray has multiple issues on his agenda.
    • The first is proposing a reformation of the Kingdom of Ivalice, but as an elective monarchy where the most powerful lords of Ivalice elect one of themselves. The proposal is received unenthusiastically, to say the least, but the invited lords, and the only lord who supports it is Lord Protector Carl Verver of Bethla.
    • The second is a continent-wide ceasefire, ending all hostilities, skirmishes, wars, etc. This is aimed especially at the feuding powers of Lionel and Bariaus, who remain locked in ugly war. All parties agree, except for Lionel and Bariaus, as it turns out.
    • The third is a temporary alliance to ensure the continent comes together to fight the undead hordes.
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