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Below is a page of traits for Warheroes of Ivalice. Traits are major abilities that are often hard to earn, and can radically change or inform a character.

Name Subname Effect
Hatred X You possess a fierce hatred for a particular group. You gain a +1 to Damage tests against the object of your hatred.
Infiltrator - You're particularly sneaky when it comes to fights. You may deploy last in any battle, as though you (and you alone!) had gained Advantage. You also gain a +2 bonus to Agility tests when attempting stealth or stealthy maneuvers such as pickpocketing, lockpicking or disarming traps.
Strider X You are exceptionally fleet-footed in certain terrains. You ignore Difficult Terrain effects in the listed environment.
Local Knowledge X You are considered to be able to speak the language of this place, and understand its customs. You take a +2 bonus to Insight tests to recall knowledge about the ways, customs, geography etc about the place in question.
Resourceful - You have what it takes to make things 'work' in some informal manner, whether that be people or other situations. At the start of each Cycle, you can expend a personal acquisition and select a single social group; you gain a +1 bonus to all interaction tests with members of that group for the rest of the cycle. Furthermore, spending a Fate Point (in all situations) to add a DoS to a test now adds one extra DoS.
Animosity Desc. Some creatures are infamous for being willing to fight anyone at anytime, including each other. At the start of each Utility Phase, everything with this trait that is not Engaged in Melee, capable of shooting a target, within 10m of an enemy or was shot at in the previous turn must make a Willpower test. Any who failed must then roll a 1d10 and consult the results below:
- 10 YOU WOT?! You are convinced that a nearby so-called 'ally' insulted you, and decide to get even, now. Pick a random ally: you attack them this turn to the exclusion of all else, in any way you prefer.
- 2-9 ZOG OFF! You dissolve into hurling inane profanities, obscenities and curses at your nearby allies. You may do nothing this turn, although if charged or shot at, you may attack back.
- 1 I'LL SHOW YER! Convinced that your allies think you're a big ol' weakling, you tear off toward the enemy. You move toward the nearest enemy as fast as possible, charging if possible. You are Fearless for this turn and the next.
Bane - You possess a deep fear of something. You treat X of any kind as having the Fear trait, unless you have at least three allies within 5 squares per X you see.
Fear - You are especially intimidating. Characters who wish to charge you must pass a Willpower test first; on a failure, their charge falters, and they end 2 squares away from you. When you charge an enemy, they must pass a Willpower test; on a failure, they suffer a -2 penalty to their to-Hit tests on their next melee turn. You are also immune to Fear from others.
Fearless - You're unshakeable to a disturbing degree. You are immune to Fear and Terror.
Immune to Psychology - Your mind is simply your own, and nothing will shake that. You are immune to Psychology effects that compel behaviour, such as Fear, Terror, Frenzy, Stupidity and Animosity.
Leader - You're the designated leader of your group. You gain a +2 to Morale tests. All allies within 10 squares of you gain a +1 bonus to Morale tests.
Stupidity - You are, unfortunately, rather stupid and somewhat useless in a fight. At the start of each turn, you must pass an Insight test to act normally. If you fail, then you may not make any attacks or use any AT abilities this turn. If you are not Engaged in Melee you move at half your normal speed in a random direction.
Terror - You're extremely threatening, forcing others to flee just by being near them! Terror works in the same way as Fear, except that instead of Willpower tests, your opponents must pass a Morale test when you charge them, or else flee! Unlike normal Morale tests, this happens after you charge them and not at the end of the turn. They skip their Attack round this turn. You are immune to Fear and Terror.
Unbreakable - You're simply unbreakable and immune to the petty morale of combat. You never Rout.
Arcane Entity - You are a magical entity, like an elemental or spirit- but whatever you are, you aren't human. You likely do not need food nor water to survive, but may require some more esoteric power source.
Beast - You are an animal, relying on instinct and your physical gifts. You do not gain Experience. You can survive in your natural habitat easily enough to not require any tests to do so.
Battle Conditioning - You count unarmed attacks as Maces or Swords instead (decide at the start of the turn and stick with it until the end of the turn).
Ethereal - You are ethereal. You ignore difficult terrain and can pass through solid terrain (walls etc), although you cannot pass through living creatures or units. You cannot be harmed except by magical attacks, the attacks from Daemons and the attacks from other Ethereals.
Fast - You're very fast (at least compared to a human!). You double your Agility for the purpose of determining your base movement speed.
Flammable - You are particularly flammable! You suffer an extra wound per hit from flaming/fire attacks.
Flyer X You can fly, due to possessing wings or such things. In place of a normal Move action, you can choose to fly, moving X squares, ignoring difficult terrain and landing at the target spot. You cannot land or take off in heavily wooded/blocked terrain, and cannot land on top of an enemy.
Hover - You permanently hover above the ground, allowing you to ignore difficult terrain and travel over the surface of water.
Huge - You're huge! Attacks against you take a +2 to hit. However, you gain +1 wound, and you double your Agility for the purpose of determining your base movement speed.
Immune to Poison - Poisons have no effect on you. You treat poisoned attacks as though they were normal attacks.
Impact Hit X When you crash home you do so with great effect. You gain X extra attacks as part of a charge.
Large - You are particularly large. Attacks against you take a +1 to hit.
Light - You're light, small, beneath average in weight and size. You cannot equip or carry Heavy Weapons, although you can use stationary emplaced ones.
Lumbering - You move at a slow, lumbering gait. You can never Sprint.
Arcane Entity - You are a magical entity, like an elemental or spirit. You likely do not need food nor water to survive, but may require some more esoteric power source.
Magic Resistance X You possess a natural resistance to magic. You gain an X bonus to Ward Save tests against magic effects (although not magical weapons).
Multiple Arms X You possess multiple pairs of arms, with X representing an extra pair of arms. For each extra pair, you gain +1 Attack.
Natural Armour X You possess a natural armour, such as scaly skin. You gain X Armour score, which stacks with other sources of armour.
Natural Weapon - You possess a natural weapon. You take no penalties with unarmed attacks.
Overawe - You gain a +1 bonus to Resolve tests against characters with lower Resolve than your own. You can spend a Fate Point to force a non-hostile character who otherwise wouldn't have a reason to obey you to do as you say by passing an opposed Resolve test against them.
Painless - You feel no pain, or so little pain as to render such shocks insignificant. Whenever you are Stunned as the result of an injury, you instead become Knocked Down.
Random Speed X For whatever reason, your movement is unreliable at best. Whenever you make a Movement action (unless it is flying or magical) you roll as per X to determine how far you move. You must move the resulting amount, no more or less.
Regeneration X You regenerate wounds at a remarkable rate. You gain a bonus of X to Ward Saves against attacks not of a flaming/fire nature.
Stabilised - You're stable enough to be able to soak the recoil from heavy weapons. Moving doesn't remove your ability to fire Heavy Weapons.
Strength of Steel - You ignore Agility penalties from armour.
Very Fast - You're absurdly, unnaturally fast. You triple your Agility for the purpose of determining your base movement speed.
Mage - You are a Mage, and are able to use magic. You are also able to sense magic with a Spellcasting test, and can also Dispel magic.
Celerity - You move with an unearthly haste. You roll twice on the Initiative table, and act on both times- in essence you gain two separate turns. Each turn is counted separately for action restrictions and the like. However, reactive-type actions (eg) Dispel are still limited as normal without regard for turns, and augments, hexes and ailments with a duration measured in turns still only tick down once per turn. You lose Celerity for the rest of the encounter should you be knocked to zero wounds.
Demon X This creature is a damned Demon of Hell, who now stands on the physical realm, ready to wreak havoc. Creatures with this trait add X to their Defense Saves. However, this bonus is ignored by sanctified weapons, attacks with the Holy element, and attacks from other creatures with the Demon trait.
Elemental Resistance X, Y You have a special resistance to a specific element (Air, Electric, Earth, Ice, Fire, Water, Holy and Dark, listed as X). You add Y to Ward Saves against attacks of this element.
Elemental Weakness X, Y You have a special weakness to a specific element (Air, Electric, Earth, Ice, Fire, Water, Holy and Dark, listed as X). You take a penalty to Defense Saves of this element equal to Y.
Lucavi X This creature is a Lucavi, a Fallen Angel, one of the Twelve made by God in Heaven, cast to Hell. All Lucavi possess the following traits: Celerity, Demon, Mage, Terror, Unbreakable. Lucavi have a bonus to Ward Saves equal to X. Killing a Lucavi merely banishes it back to hell. Whenever a character burns a Fate Point because of a Lucavi's actions, the Lucavi permanently increases their Fate Point stock by one. This lasts until the Lucavi's next banishing.
Talent Aptitude Desc. You have a special aptitude with a particular set of skills. Below are the six types of Talent. If you possess an Aptitude in a Talent type, then Talents of that type cost 1 Experience less than usual, to a minimum of 1.
- Offense Offense Talents cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
- Defense Defense Talents cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
- Agility Agility Talents cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
- Insight Insight Talents cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
- Resolve Resolve Talents cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
- Spellcasting Spellcasting Talents cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
Score Aptitude (Melee, Ranged, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Insight, Resolve, Spellcasting) Choose one of the Scores in parentheses. Advances of that Score cost half as much experience to buy, rounded up.
Fusion Job Traits
Onslaught - You gain +1 Attack.
Master of Weapons (Melee, Ranged) Select one of the groups. You count as having the Weapon Expertise talent for all weapons in that group.
Pre-Empt - Whenever an enemy with a Melee score lower than your own makes a melee attack against you, you make a single free Melee attack against them that resolves before their attack can be rolled. This counts as a Superior Skill Penalty.
Punish Overreach - The Counter-attack talent now applies whenever an enemy misses a melee attack against you, regardless of their Melee score.
Dragoon Jump - You always pass your tests for Jumps. When leaping horizontally, you double the maximum range of your jump; when leaping vertically, you multiply it tenfold. Finally, your Jumps are also treated as Charges if they land you next to an enemy, and Jump moves no longer incur attacks of opportunity.
Strike and Fade - In any turn in which you charge, you may perform a regular move action after attacking, which doesn't incur attacks of opportunity.
Predictable Skill - Mark one enemy within 5 squares during your Movement Phase. This enemy loses all Superior Skill Penalty benefits unless its relevant score (Melee or Agility) is superior to your Insight. This effect lasts until you mark a new target with Predictable Skill, or you cease being within 5 squares at the end of the turn.
Lock Down - Mark one enemy within 5 squares during your Movement Phase. This enemy always incurs attacks of opportunity if they move, even if it's via Disengage or special traits or talents.
Death before Dishonour - So long as you are on the battlefield and not routing, the first time a minion routs, they Frenzy instead.
Lambs into Lions - All of your Warband's Minions gain a +1 to Attack Score. This persists so long as you are on the battlefield and not routing. This does not stack with itself.
Enchant Weapon - During the Utility Phase, you may apply a spell you know to a weapon on you or adjacent to you with no test needed, although it can be dispelled as normal (with a penalty equal to your Spellcasting/2). This counts as casting a spell for the purposes of action limits. This applies an effect to the weapon depending on the spell type in question, see below. A weapon may only ever have one applied spell, and if you apply a new one to the same weapon, it overwrites the existing spell. Enchantments last until changed.
- Element Attack Element Attack spells apply their element to the weapon, so all attacks with that weapon possess that element.
- Hex Hex spells apply their effect if the attack deals unsaved damage.
- Restoration Restoration spells apply their effects in place of the weapon's normal damage with every attack.
- Other (eg. Augment) This changes nothing, but the weapon's spell can be 'burst' using Enchantment Burst.
Enchantment Burst - Select one weapon that you have applied a spell to. This spell 'bursts', removing itself from the weapon and being instantly cast. This can only be done once per weapon per encounter, but the spell can be cast in any Phase and doesn't count towards any action limits.
Undying - You gain +1 wound and +1 to Ward Save.
Second Wind - The first time per encounter that you are knocked to 0 wounds, instead of taking an injury roll you restore all wounds and gain the Unbreakable trait for the remainder of the encounter.
Arm Break - You may decide to perform an Arm Break melee attack. You only make one attack this turn. However, if this attack hits and does damage, not only do they suffer a wound, but the target takes a permanent -1 penalty to all hit tests for the rest of the encounter. This penalty can stack to a max of -3.
Disarm - You may decide to perform a Disarm melee attack. You only make one attack this turn. However, if this attack hits and does damage, the target rolls a defense save with no Armour value and using Agility instead of Toughness; should they fail their save, they take no damage, but instead they drop an equipped weapon of your choice, which must be picked up during the Utility Phase. If you score 3 or more DoS on the test, and their Melee score is lower than your own, instead of dropping it, you just take the weapon instantly.
Counter Ambush - Whenever an enemy gains Advantage over you, you may make an Opposed Insight test with the enemy Leader. If you win, not only does the enemy not gain Advantage, you gain it instead.
Safeguard - Allies within 5 squares of you may add half your Toughness to their Ward Save against physical attacks designed to steal equipment, damage equipment or inflict a status effect. This includes the following abilities: Armour Breaker, Attack Breaker, Bane Techniques, Dirt Bomb, Steal, Gear Grabber, Weapon Wrangler.
Challenge - On engaging in melee with an enemy Hero, you may make an opposed Resolve test against their Resolve. If you pass, then neither you nor the enemy Hero may disengage from melee, and you may only attack each other; furthermore, enemies who try to attack either of you take a -1 penalty to hit. However, all Minions gain +1 to Ward Saves and reroll Defense Saves and Morale Tests so long as you remain standing and facing that enemy Hero.
Pillar of Resolve - All of your Warband's Minions gain +1 to Wounds. Should you rout or be incapacitated, however, all of your Minions suffer an instant, auto-hitting Strength 5 hit, and they take a -3 penalty to their next Morale test.
Blue Magic - You can learn Blue Magic. Blue Magic is any ability with the 'Blue Magic' quality, as determined by the GM. You learn Blue Magic by being hit with that ability. Blue Magic can then be used by you as if you knew it, but still takes up a memorisation slot.
Siphon - You may make one extra Dispel action per turn.
Phantom Speed - You gain the Fast trait. If you choose Phantom as a Fusion Job twice, you gain the Very Fast trait on your second selection, replacing Fast.
Touch of Death - The first hit from each of your Critical Hits ignores defense saves. Furthermore, attacks benefitting from the following talents now critical on a roll of 1 or 2: Backstab, Dirt Bomb, Misericord, Bane Techniques, Steal, Gear Grabber and Weapon Wrangler.
Read the Land - Before a battle, select one terrain type; all allies take a +1 bonus to all rolls within that terrain type. Furthermore, any Allies who gain Advantage at the start of the battle may deploy anywhere in that type of terrain, even inside enemy deployment zones.
Trap Buster - You take a +2 to bonus to tests to avoid or disarm traps. Furthermore, once per battle during the Utility Phase, you may deal a single auto-hitting Strength 4 hit to any enemies within the terrain affected by Read the Land.
Beast Whisperer - All of the Orator talents that only apply to humans now apply to Beasts as well. Furthermore, you can ride any type of Beast. Finally, the Entice talent can be used against Beast Heroes, but only if that Hero was incapacitated, and it is after the battle. Beast Heroes recruited in this way cannot be deployed by themselves, but can be used as a Mount for those who know how to use them.
Leader of the Pack - All of your warband's Beast Minions take a +3 bonus to Morale tests so long as you are on the field (this doesn't stack with itself). However, if you are incapacitated or routed, then they take a -3 penalty to their next Morale test.
Geomantic Channeling - Select one terrain type before the battle. You take a +1 bonus to Spellcasting, Melee and Agility tests so long as you are within that terrain. Three times per battle during the Utility Phase, you can summon that type of terrain, which appears on your square and on all adjacent squares.
Traverse the Strands - You gain the Strider (all) trait. If you are within a particular form of terrain, then during the Movement Phase, you can move to anywhere on the map with matching terrain; this doesn't trigger attacks of opportunity. (Narratively, this can be used to travel up to 80km per day).
Battlespace Mastery - Before battle, you may select three minions or one Hero. They now deploy as though they had Advantage, even if you didn't earn it. If taken twice, Battlespace Mastery lets you apply this to all Minions, or to half your Heroes, rounded up.
Living Stockpile - You can carry an extra four consumables, and you can now use the Use Consumable action an extra time per turn.
One on One Time - Once during Personal Turns, you can use 'One on One Time' as your action. Test Resolve: on a success, all of the Warband's Heroes may take one of the following benefits of their choice: an extra Personal Turn action, add half your Resolve as a bonus to their tests, reduce their Stress by your Resolve.
Smart, Achievable Goals - All of the Warband's Heroes double their Degrees of Success for Personal Turn actions. If a Warband has multiple Counsellors, then each copy of Smart, Achievable Goals increases the multiplier by one- double becomes triple, triple becomes fourfold, and so on.
Empower Item - Once during Personal Turns, you can use the 'Empower Item' action. Take one spell, then spend some cash- 1 Small for a tier 1 spell, 1 Medium for a tier 2 spell, and 1 Big for a tier 3 spell. Then test Spellcasting (-2 penalty for tier 2 spells, -4 penalty for tier 3 spells). Just by attempting, you generate one consumable (named by default '<spell name> gem') that can be used in the spell's utility phase to cast the spell at regular strength, automatically hitting. On a successful test, then you generate one extra copy of the consumable per 2 DoS.
Sagacity's Certainty - At the start of each Cycle, roll three 1d10s and record the result. Once per turn, you can at any time swap the result of one test you or an adjacent character made with one of your 1d10s. This is a swap, so your 1d10 'slot' is now filled with the test result you replaced.
Project Character - The range of all Orator talents are doubled. For those that affect adjacent characters (including the Play talents), they now can affect targets up to two squares away.
Work the Crowd - Your Orator talents that target a single target now target one extra. This includes Energising Play, Cautioning Play, Seductive Play, Manipulate Emotions, Talk Down, Entice and Distract.
Make a Contract with Me? - All of the Orator talents that only apply to humans now apply to Arcanes as well.
Summon Eidolon - Summoners can make pacts with Eidolons, which requires fulfilling certain obligations negotiated between Summoner and Eidolon. Once per Encounter, a Summoner can spend a Fate Point. They are removed from the battle and replaced with their Eidolon, who lasts until destroyed or recalled, at which point the Summoner returns on the same spot. Destroyed Eidolons recover at the start of the next cycle. All Summoners start with one of the six starter Eidolons (Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, Ramuh, Sylph and Siren)
Arcane Magister - You gain extra magic memorisation slots equal to your Spellcasting score. If your score increases, you gain extra slots as normal.
Double Cast - Once per turn, you may cast one extra spell during a single Phase. This ignores restrictions on keywords, attack counts or other such restrictions.

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