Why Should I Be Out Of Mind Because I Am Out Of Sight

[17:12] <Aline> While she looked over her shoulder, proverbially, a few times, Aline was supposedly safe to leave protective custody, and as such… well, she now sought someone. Someone important to her that she hadn't seen in a few weeks now, because of that damnable awkwardness. But she had to tell him now. Aline had to tell Shinji what happened to Raphael and what it meant for the two of them.
[17:14] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Shinji would be at the Evangelion camp set up for the foreign evas, south of Paris- a wide green field cleared as a temporary repair and preparation area. When she found him, he’d be at the virtual shooting range, gun in his hands, shooting…-
[17:17] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> [And hitting his targets, mostly. They weren’t super-precise shots, but better than misses. He was deep in concentration…]
[17:23] * Aline couldn't even think of a good way to approach him, with how in concentration he was… So in the interest of kindness, she walked near the range, and calmly sidled up a bit to his side, waiting for him to detect her in his peripheral vision, silently.
[17:27] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Nngh…" He was still focusing as hard as he could, but now a few of his shots were starting to go wide. He pulled the gun back, and ’reloaded' it… Then brought it back up to continue shooting.]
[17:30] <Aline> This was going to take forever, Aline realized… and she brought up a hand, grabbing the weapon further up its length. "Think you could take a break?"
[17:31] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Huh-Wha-?!"-
[17:31] <@Isabelle`Bellamy> [Shinji jumped, clearly startled, tripped over his own feet and fell backwards into the dirt. "Ow…"]
[17:34] * Aline blushed deeply, and rushed to stand over him, extending her hand down. "S-sorry! I couldn’t think of any other way, and you'd probably spend hours there…"
[17:37] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Uh…" He himself was beet red, clearly embarrassed. He reached up to grab her hand, pulling himself up. "S-Sorry, I should’ve seen you…"]
[17:40] * Aline smiled at him, nodding gently. "It's okay, I guess you were really focused! But yeah. How are you today?~" Best to start out casual.
[17:47] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Ah…" He spent a bit of time dusting himself off, and ran a hand through his hair. "Um, I guess I’m alright. Uh… How're you?" He asked nervously.]
[17:54] * Aline waved her hand. "Ah, doing okay myself…" A pause, and she timed it to try to make it slightly ominous. "…except for one thing that's come up. Sorry to sorta shoot straight to business, but it's, uh…" She pushed her fingers together. "Important."
[17:57] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Important?" He put a hand on her arm. "Everything alright…?"]
[18:03] * Aline stared off to the side for a second, before locking her gaze onto Shinji’s. She looked… not worried, or scared, but /embarrassed/, complete with bright cheeks and shifting eyes, even with the aforementioned locked gaze. "Have you… heard of the things that the Nineteenth Angel did?"
[18:11] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Ah… No, I wasn’t told. Misato-san was kind of vague, but she said you were hurt."]
[18:18] <Aline> "Well, yes, I was… It was pretty grotesque, actually, but…" Aline continued to look at Shinji. "That one's open-and-shut. Hung from the roof of the plug by my own muscular sinew. Snip snip and lots of biogel." It was a bit odd how… casual she was about it, though she did briefly darken during saying it. "Actually, what is important, is what happened to one Sir Raphael Guillory."
[18:20] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Shinji, for what it’s worth, clearly blanched at Aline's description…-
[18:20] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["U-Uh, what happened to him…?"]
[18:22] * Aline exhaled sharply. "…It’s a bit of a longer story. It did /something/ horrible to him, and in the process of doing it… turned him into a copy of your father, except with these coins made of fancy angelstuff that couldn't be broken. And he couldn't walk right, either. He… went insane, partially. Your dad wasn't very pleased, either, as you might imagine."
[18:27] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Ah…" Shinji grimaced. "That’s terrible…"]
[18:30] * Aline wagged her finger a little, and… well she didn't grin, but her expression subtly shifted. "So you'd think, but that is not all! Your dad was displeased enough - and the resulting security breach was big enough - that he authorized a relatively crazy plan to fix him. Through what is best called AT Surgery… reshaping the body through AT Field shenanigans using a person's idea of
[18:30] * Aline their body." She paused, but decided to add something. "…I'm intentionally pausing at these places so you can digest it the right way, idly."
[18:33] <@Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["People can -do- that…?"]
[18:36] <Aline> "Well, Evangelions can do that to people. Which technically means people /in/ Evas can do that to people" Aline shook her head rapidly. "Uhm, anyway! So we started to do it, and it seemed to work well enough. We managed to ’magically' remove the coins with it, though from all reports it apparently /really really hurt/, but he's a tough guy so he took it gladly. Or mostly gladly, anyway."
[18:36] <Aline> She tapped her lips with a finger. "…But when it came time to do the actual bodily reshaping part, something, uh. went, er." She was becoming progressively more embarrassed. "Amiss."
[18:37] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["… wait." Shinji sighed. "I can see where this is going. You turned him into Rei."]
[18:40] * Aline actually stared wide-eyed at him. "W… wha? No, no. Not Rei. You see, uh. The amiss part was Voriel taking over to make sure Raphael didn’t turn into a puddle of LCL. I wasn't able to use Raphael's own body, I didn't…" Bluuuuuush. "'Know' it enough. I had to have an… uh. …er… 'Intimate' knowledge of the body in question, in order to uh, 'reproduce' it." Beat. "I didn't
[18:40] * Aline turn him into me, either."
[18:42] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["Ah… Er…" Shinji thought.-
[18:42] <@Ikari`Shinji> [As if there were some mental blank on his thought process he skipped the obvious answer, his face blushing. "There was that time you were in the hot springs with Mum…"]
[18:45] <Aline> It took some doing, but Aline hit this moment - the critical point after which she had to facepalm. "I didn’t have sex with your mother!… It's not just seeing them naked, god!" But… "So that means it's you. I turned him into you. A version that has some magic sexy-field or something!"
[18:46] <@Ikari‘Shinji> "W-What?! That isn’t what I meant! I didn't-"-
[18:47] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["… Uh… Me? Magic sexy field? What…?"]
[18:53] * Aline was actually curling inwards in utter embarrassment now. "I well uh you see it was based on my ideal of you, so not only is he literally impossibly pretty, but uh… I haven’t heard any real science backing it up, but between my own experiences and what he's said, he apparently has a literally unnatural effect on teenage girls. Like an opposite-gender version of what they say about
[18:53] * Aline Chiisana."
[19:16] <@Ikari‘Shinji> "…" Shinji blushed yet redder and looked away.
[19:17] * Aline frowned. "He hates it. I’m incredibly uncomfortable about it, too. The last time him and I were close after that, he was /scared/ of me. Apparently Alphonse told him the transformation might've uh, included echoes of how you felt about me. So we're sorta trying hard to not go near to each other because it'd be a disaster if the weirdstuff took over…"
[19:19] <@Ikari‘Shinji> "Why does this weird stuff happen to us…?"
[19:23] * Aline leaned back against the nearest convenient pole, bulkhead, stack of durable crates, or what-have-you, and sighed immensely. "I am trying hard to not reduce this all down, but really… Second Impact. Angels. Evangelions. For whatever crazy reason we’ve been thrown into all that by 'Destiny', which is quite the bitch I might add. Your dad keeps going on about the whole 'you pilot
[19:23] * Aline because you were meant to', thing, and I've heard enough about Destiny and souls and so on to be inclined to think he's right, for some definition of 'meant to be'. Probably a perverse one."
[19:31] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["Ah…" Shinji stared up at her, a little shocked at what was an answer to a complex rhetorical question. "Ah. So… So what do we do…?"]
[19:36] * Aline stared back, sighing yet again. "…Try our best. Right now, I’m trying to keep him from getting to me, and trying to not be too close to him. And uh…" She gained a softer look, now. "He said, later, after I told you, that he wanted to talk to you. If there's anyone who knows what it's like to be you, it's… uhm, you."
[19:37] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["That’s going to be weird…" Said Shinji, sighing deeply. "Alright."]
[19:39] * Aline nodded sympathetically. "I'm… sorry to have to bring this to you, since in a way it's partly my fault. And sorry for quizzing you on it too, and uh… other… stuff like that."
[19:45] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["Ah… T-That’s ok." He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.]
[19:48] <Aline> "R… ight. Right then." Aline said, as if affirming it to herself. "So I guess that's that. Anything… else… to uh, talk… about?" She obviously was still a bit awkward, perhaps even moreso after the apologystream.
[20:00] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["Um… You’re all ok? After that terrorist warning…"]
[20:01] * Aline nodded. "Oh, yeah. We had to spend a whole lot of time stuffed into the safehouse, though. At least I didn't get in any fights with Yanmei…" She looked around shiftily. "…Partly because I spent a lot of time reading or taking showers or other stuff like that. I dunno, the girl has enough stress as it is without having to deal with me."
[20:03] <@Ikari‘Shinji> "Oh?"
[20:07] <Aline> "Yeah…" Aline began. "Between Isaiah being shipped out to Boston and still having to raise someone else’s kid, and her insistence on getting involved in political stuff… Lots to be angry about."
[20:19] <@Ikari‘Shinji> ["Oh, right, right… Um… What’re you doing now?"]
[20:23] * Aline thought on that for a bit, scratching her chin. "Well, other than seeing you, there's been a lot of preparing going on with me too. I was getting in some extra training." But then she grinned a little. "I also have been doing yoga a lot recently. So I'm more flex~i~ble~."
[20:29] <@Ikari‘Shinji> "Oh… Oh really?" Asked Shinji, trying to ignore the sudden wave of tingling feelings that shot through his body. "S-So, do you maybe want to train together or something?"
[20:33] * Aline giggled openly. "Ehe, yeah. Why not? We can give each other pointers in our weak areas and everything~"
[20:35] * @Ikari`Shinji blushed. "Y-Yeah… Yeah… I-I heard you might need some help w-with close quarters combat…"
[20:40] * Aline giggled even /more/. "Don’t you worry, you have trouble with your guns sometime, but it's okay~"
[20:42] <@Ikari`Shinji> "…"

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