William's Integrity

(11:42:28) Sept: Sera's coat flapped in the wind as he was hanging out on the deck of the Lachapelle, smoking a cigarette idly. It looked like it might start raining that day.
(11:55:07) * Aline stepped up in her own coat, which was over a rather plain black dress. "…Smoking, now?" She waved her hand a bit as if to clear the air, as she approached him.
(11:59:43) * Sept put it out under his foot. "Should've started earlier. There are much worse nervous habits." He took a deep breath and smiled a little. "How are you doing?"
(12:01:26) Aline: "Absolutely swell, what with the spontaneous apotheosis coupled with nightmarish imagery, and the boyfriend with effectively an Eldritch left hand that I /still/ can't talk to." Behold the power of sarcasm.
(12:04:02) Sept: "Yeah. Is there anyone you've -been- able to talk to?"
(12:06:19) Aline: "Isabelle Bellamy, briefly. She was with Gendo and Shinji, at least some of the way through."
(12:07:51) Sept: "…we have Bellamy? What did she tell you?"
(12:10:20) * Aline leaned against a nearby bulkhead, rubbing her forehead. "Shinji and Gendo were in the Synfront when it was attacked. Mary Caine rushed Gendo and mortally wounded him… after using her weird Eternity Drive AT Powers along with some mystery maybe-girl who's perma-synched to neutralize him. Then they went to Gendo's private boat, Gendo thrust the thing into Shinji's hand, then took
(12:10:20) * Aline her to Asgard while Shinji went… elsewhere with presumably, Gendo's corpse. Ezekiel brought Isabelle here, though."
(12:14:57) Sept: "I see. She couldn't ascertain which Prime it was?"
(12:15:35) Aline: "It wasn't a Prime. She can tell the difference between Angelic and human souls." Aline corrected swiftly.
(12:16:45) Sept: "…mm. Strange."-
(12:22:16) Sept: "Oh, goddamnit. Sorry. I meant talk to someone about all this," he waved a hand. "It's all screwed up right now, but it's not going to go away, either. Maybe if you talked it over with, like, Felix, you'd be more prepared to, you know, talk to Shinji when you do get permission."
(12:26:40) Aline: "…Ah." Aline sort of said with a bit of a start. "That might work? It's definitely a thing to do I suppose."
(12:31:52) * Sept glanced behind him, overboard. "He needs you at your best now, Aline. We all do."
(12:36:17) * Aline sighed. "…Don't think I don't know that. Don't think you don't have to be good too."
(12:47:18) Sept: "Yeah. Let's… be clear. I don't know about the resistance, I don't know… where all these people stand. But I have faith in Elisha's plans, that's the god I serve. And you're his chosen. I'm always on your side. Any other crises of faith will be… inevitably 'fixed' by Dreamer synch with 01."
(12:55:36) * Aline nodded. "I'm willing to believe in Elisha as well, if only because his plan seems to be honoring the FAR's plan, but yet giving us a role in history, to be more than just so much dust." And a sort of sidelong glance. "Brr, Dreamer synch. I find it vaguely disturbing, but I guess I don't have the luxury of 'becoming me'."
(13:00:52) Sept: "Yeah. But you've seen how I can be. There's an odd comfort to be taken in it, even if it has its difficulties. Right. So. Loyalties are clear. That said."
(13:03:49) * Aline made a sort of gentle nod at that. "…I guess so. And… yes, that said…?"
(13:10:59) Sept: "It's William. I'm… worried about his integrity."
(13:11:52) * Aline decided to be blunt. "Please explain this in more of a way than 'please fuck him so he'll have a psychic buffer on his soul'."
(13:19:53) Sept: "…n-no that'd be a very inefficient way to go about this." Another deep breath. "Back at the Synfront, Mary and I met with him, right? She had this whole thing about the Instrumentality and she showed us the Eternity Drive and he was… completely fine with it. Like it wasn't unusual, like he knew he wouldn't just be killed for knowing stuff that doesn't even make it to a lot of the HIC."
(13:20:19) Sept: "And besides the point was for you to have the buffer, not him."
(13:33:43) * Aline …slowly nodded at Sera, looking rather concerned. "…So you have a feeling he might be with her or something? And… right, right. I got the wrong 'integrity'."
(13:38:23) Sept: "Now of course I haven't been in a position to point fingers for a long time, not to mention it could've been a clone. Either way, I've tried, I didn't get him to admit or remember anything about it. Which means fuck all."
(13:39:19) Aline: "Yeah. I mean… there's all sorts of possibilities that could be true one way or the other with that." Aline said ruefully. "What a mess."
(13:50:28) Sept: "That's right. If Bellamy's on board, we could get her to… take a look or whatever. But there's no guarantee that'd tell us anything, he's always been a zealot. "Mother Superior" was what he called her, and she made it clear she had a history with him back to when he was working with Blue and those people. Then there was that incident with Hohenzollern…"
(13:53:04) * Aline sorta shook her head a little bit, trying to work through all of that… "So him and Caine… all this time? Ugh."
(13:55:44) Sept: "I know! And we never asked him, so it could be completely harmless if it was true!"
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(14:00:25) Aline: "…But… if we ask him, won't… he be 'on to us'?" Aline looked /incredibly/ leery at the very concept.
(14:05:11) Sept: "-Yes-, presuming it's true, and whether he'd be conscious of it or not. That's why I've been at a dead end with this for so long now. It took ages just to gather up the courage to approach the topic with him. It'd be great if there was a plan."
(14:18:50) Aline: "…But… what kind of plan?" Aline said a bit helplessly. "An action plan? A means to counter him? At least he's just an Adam, so he can't perma-synch or something dangerous like that." She was clenching her fist. "So… frustrating…"


(13:38:03) Sept: "Yeah. So as I said, Bellamy's one option, and Blue's another. But I'm really not in a place where I could ask for favors from either of them. Isabelle's even more of a rebel than Blue…"
(13:42:26) * @Aline tilted her head a bit more, sighing. "Neither of them like you, that much is true. I could talk to Blue on your behalf, at least? But it seems kinda awkward."
(13:44:48) Sept: "Well, I've got a kind of thing going with Blue now, actually…"
(13:47:26) @Aline: "Eh? What, dare I ask, is that?"
(13:52:56) Sept: "Turns out Yanmei brought Viviane back on her rescue mission. Ran into her, so I… gave her a bit of a push. She has a job playing at Blue's, now."
(13:54:52) * @Aline blinked a bit. "…Huh. So you and him are in cahoots now to manipulate her into playing music again? I dont know what to think of that."
(13:56:57) Sept: "Hey, I take offense at the m-word. It's important I figure this out, too. I'll go over it with Felix… eventually."-
(13:57:09) Sept: "'Manipulate'. Not 'music'. Music's fine."
(14:01:31) @Aline: "Of course." Aline commented a bit coyly. "But all the same, I hope it works…" Beat. "…appropriately."
(14:01:52) Sept: "…I. Thanks?"
(14:04:32) * @Aline chuckled. "Yanmei has her ~one true love destined since time immemorial~, I have my boyfriend /and/ my now-under-suspicion destined partner competing for attention, but you… Your 'destined partner' was left behind by Elisha splitting his soul, and you have nobody else to bond with with Viviane's memory gone. You deserve someone to make bread with."
(14:08:49) Sept: "That's… valid, sure. Thanks."-
(14:10:47) * Sept fiddled with his fingers, clenching his hands into fists and opening them again, clearly regretting putting out that cigarette. "Speaking of Yanmei. You figure this is the end of all that shit with them?"
(14:11:27) * @Aline was quick to respond. "Define the 'shit' you're referring to, please."
(14:17:26) * Sept looked a bit embarrassed at that. "Well, I mean. Between 04's plans, a non-standard Libido initiation, his synchronisation thing, they haven't been much of a constant. -I'd-… go as far as calling it a vulnerability, when the things we - or they - don't understand can seem obvious to Angelkind."
(14:22:25) * @Aline shrugged a bit openly. "Well. I figure their relationship will be a lot less messy now in the metaphysical sense, yes. And… it's what comes from being an accidental creation, misbegotten and undesigned. Maybe the Disciples would've had more of a clue if they had been made instead of us."
(14:28:14) Sept: "Mm. Point."
(14:33:48) * @Aline looked out over the railing from the bulkhead she was leaning against, and drummed her fingers lightly against it. "But we're a lot closer to understanding things than we were…"
(14:37:23) Sept: "Things?"
(14:37:56) @Aline: "The nature of souls, and the universe. Who we are, what we are. Those things."
(14:46:52) Sept: "…yeah, we've got a pretty good grip on that. Though, on that front. I'm still not quite sure what it is you guys're expecting to come out of this, at the end. I've obviously got some kind of plan for the world -somewhere-, but."
(14:51:52) * @Aline craned her head the other way from when she did so earlier. "Eh? You say that like you left the plan in the sock drawer and haven't found it yet."
(15:01:27) Sept: "Well, it's more like 00, probably. All I have are some super pretentious literary references and, well, even less reliable fragments." He stuck his hands in his pockets, looking at her a bit sideways. "But there must be something you want. Or don't want? Is it Instrumentality or Caine you dislike?"
(15:06:12) @Aline: "Both, but Caine doesn't have the same passion reserved towards disliking her that Yanmei has." Aline exhaled. "Not that much anything I do has as much passion as Yanmei does to be honest. But… I mean. I've lived for months now with the horror of dissolution hanging over my head. Why would someone afraid of that, at all enjoy becoming an individuality-less drop in the bucket? The Angels
(15:06:13) @Aline: are proud, singular souls of great poise and strength. Not that I want to /be an Angel/, but that's the kind of model I think a soul deserves, more than to be just a tiny fragment of some being, no more important than a single cell of a human body."
(15:13:37) * Sept cracked a smile at that and nodded. "I'll keep that in mind. It's a good answer."
(15:16:31) * @Aline nodded with her own smile, and leaned back. "At any rate, on the positive rather than negative, I just want both seeds and humanity to all have relevance again. I admit, I was almost nearly ready to pack up with the Black Moon and shove off to be among the new Lilim, but Elisha thinks he can make humanity matter, so that's a good thing."
(15:35:06) Sept: "Yeah, that'd be… optimal. I'll ask Yanmei for her take, too, even if she'll probably still be more attached to things here. Which… definitely isn't bad for your mental health of course as I've learned," he muttered.
(15:39:51) @Aline: "Yeah. She's always been more 'normal' in that respect."
(15:43:48) Sept: "Totally not up for running a bakery, though. That takes a special kind of normal."
(15:49:03) * @Aline leaned even further, looking like at any moment she could just slide out from under herself. "Or an aggressive desire to experience normal."
(15:52:42) Sept: "Yeeeeah," Sera grinned. "I mean, you don't mind if we do keep Earth around, right?"
(15:54:11) @Aline: "It /is/ home. I only was even /considering/ being all 'shit let's pack our bags and go to whereverland to turn into a Disciple' because…" She closed her eyes. "…It might've been the only way, because I don't have the contingencies to retain Earth as it is now."
(16:00:57) Sept: "Right. If Isaiah had been killed, there might've been a few problems, but… I think we're still on track for that, uh. Secondary objective, I guess."
(16:05:27) @Aline: "Yeah." Aline didn't completely understand, but it seemed okay enough.
(16:14:27) Sept: "So. Do you think she should know about William, too? It's possible we could look into it by just the two of us."
(16:21:13) * @Aline took that rather critically. "Even if All Pilots cannot be united, the Trinity's pilots should be."
(16:27:51) Sept: "…alright. I suppose it would be ridiculous to worry about her being able to keep a secret."
(16:28:39) @Aline: "When it comes to /enemies/, Yanmei's good at keeping secrets from them." Aline commented dryly.
(16:40:32) Sept: "Mmh. You want to tell her, or should I?"
(16:41:29) * @Aline frowned. "Me or the both of us. She's too used to seeing you as rambling and paranoid."
(16:43:20) * Sept winced. "Yyyyes. I'll not dispute that."
(16:47:26) @Aline: "Yeah. Don't mean to be harsh, but… yeah." A sigh, and a pushing-up of her body gently. "Were there any other pressing issues you could think of?"
(16:50:44) Sept: "Yeah, that's fine. And I… don't think so, no. Wanna head out of the wind and probably inevitably rain?"
(16:55:39) * @Aline stood up straight again. "Oh, definitely. Rain sucks."
(16:58:04) * Sept nodded towards the doors leading below deck and started walking. "So… Viviane's playing tonight."
(16:59:01) * @Aline headed after him. "Ah yes, the fruits of your ma…sterwork. Should be interesting!"
(16:59:26) Sept: "I'd look marginally less like a stalker if you came with me?"
(17:00:33) * @Aline gave a vaguely sulky look. "Sure, but only because of some flimsy justification to make it look like I don't actually care." Then she giggled. /Madly/. "Just teasing, let's go."
(17:02:34) * Sept did his best to keep the pleading from his expression. "…thanks."
(17:11:40) * @Aline simply nodded succintly, and headed in deeper into the ship…
(17:15:44) Minaplo: [As they arrived on the promenade, they'd hear the sounds of some sort of commotion, stemming from their exact destination- Blue's Grill.-
(17:15:58) Minaplo: ["Oh motherfucker! Who are you even- you don't tell me where to sit!"-
(17:16:00) Minaplo: […-
(17:16:04) Minaplo: [That sounded like…-
(17:16:06) Minaplo: [Edgar…]
(17:17:31) * Sept took a deep breath and turned to Aline. "I'm having second thoughts about this."
(17:19:44) * @Aline shrugged rather abundantly. "Please. It's just Edgar. What harm would he cause to /us/?"
(17:20:58) Minaplo: [A chair went flying through a nearby window, missing Aline by a foot.]
(17:21:35) * Sept straightened up. "Right. What harm indeed?" And onwards they'd go.
(17:22:07) * @Aline managed to dodge just in time anyway, but laughed nervously. "…Surely it's just a misunderstanding." And onwards indeed!
(17:29:36) Minaplo: [The Bar was surprisingly undamaged, except for the window and the chair… But the entire crowd was transfixed on four individuals.-
(17:30:57) Minaplo: [Two of them, Aline recognised. Edgar Chevalier, all 6'1" of him, his hands curled into ham-sized fists, his bulging biceps straining against his bright red shirt, his legs lowered into a classical fighting stance. Everything about him exuded anger.-
(17:37:14) Minaplo: [Next to him, also lowered into a fighting stance, was Evangeline Marchand. She didn't exude heat like Edgar did- her anger was ice-cold.-
(17:42:13) Minaplo: [Opposite them were two young men, both Japanese in appearance. One, almost as tall as Edgar, had light brown, messy hair, hastily combed back. He had a sharp, insolent face, and thick eyebrows. He was wearing a dark blue tracksuit with white highlights.-
(17:45:50) Minaplo: [The other boy was…-
(17:47:09) Minaplo: [His entire demeanor was one of pure -arrogance-. His posture was one of someone who thought they owned the place. His pants were immaculate pinstripe black, his shoes highest quality leather, his white dress shirt immaculate, his black vest picture-perfect, the gold buttons shiny. He had straight, short black hair, kept back with razor-edge precision.-
(17:47:13) Minaplo: [… That said.-
(17:47:17) Minaplo: [He was…-
(17:47:20) Minaplo: [… Tiny.-
(17:48:13) Minaplo: [He would've been lucky to have been five feet. He would've been lucky to have come up to Eva's shoulder, and compared to Edgar and this other tall boy, he looked like a little kid.]
(17:56:51) * @Aline stared, and put her hands on her hips as if she was going to say something accusatory and motherly, but she just… stood there.
(17:58:31) * Sept stared for a while, too. "Yo. You at least moving this outside or what?"
(18:00:04) Minaplo: [Mr. Blue was behind the bar. "Yeah, what he said. If you're gonna wreck the furniture, at least have a proper fight so I can get a good story out of it."-
(18:01:25) Minaplo: [Edgar, Eva, the tall Japanese boy and the short one all turned to look at Sera.-
(18:01:44) Minaplo: ["So y'all think, maybe he's got a point?" Asked the tall Japanese kid.-
(18:05:59) Minaplo: ["The only way we're takin' this outside is when I throw you through the window, Asari!"-
(18:06:25) Minaplo: [The short Japanese boy stiffened, trying to stare Edgar down. "I invite to -try- it, Chevalier. Oh, I'd love to break your collarbone right now…"]
(18:18:32) Sept: "Yeah, no. I've got enough -points- for the lot of you if you don't go somewhere you can get your own audience." Sera's voice stayed measured. "What I mean is I'm better armed than you are. Outside, please."
(18:19:42) * @Aline scratched her hip slightly. "What are you even fighting over anyway?"
(18:22:00) Minaplo: ["Sera, you dick, don't you even -think- you can outdo my Judo." Said Edgar flatly.-
(18:22:45) Minaplo: [Mr. Blue was suddenly at Aline's side. "See, these two-" He pointed at Eva and Edgar, "Were sitting down, then -these two- came in told them they couldn't sit here, since this was their spot-"-
(18:23:23) Minaplo: ["Hey-ey-ey-ey-yay!" Said the tall Japanese kid defensively. "It wasn't me, it was Keita what said it, I'm just stuck in the damn middle of this shebang!"-
(18:24:01) Minaplo: ["Well, you wanted to know what you needed to do for me to treat you as a proper teammate, here's your answer, Suzuhara." Said Keita coldly. "Feel free to leave, but I'll spit on your shadow."]
(18:26:39) * @Aline looked over at Blue. Fucking teleporters. "…Yeah. Wait… Suzuhara Toji? You went to school with Akagi and Ikari, right?"
(18:29:56) Sept: "…" Figured. Well, maybe he wouldn't need any knives today.
(18:30:14) Minaplo: ["Sure did!" Said Toji, looking surprised.-
(18:30:25) Minaplo: ["Oh, -riight-, you're Shinji's broad, aren't ya?"]
(18:31:46) @Aline: "…" Aline blinked rather confusedly. "Someone actually uses that word still? Wow."
(18:32:18) Minaplo: ["Huh?"-
(18:32:56) Minaplo: ["Look, bond over mutual acquaintances some other time." Said Keita. "No more stalling. Chevalier, you go, or you fight. Take your pick!"-
(18:33:03) Minaplo: ["I already have, punk!"-
(18:33:15) Minaplo: [A fight would break out in a second unless they intervened…!]
(18:35:43) * @Aline had noodly arms and an AT Field she knew would be beyond bad to use for something this little. "Sera. Do something."
(19:00:42) * Sept slid out a neatly-kept little knife from inside his coat, crossed the distanced remaining between them, and stuck it in the table, emphasising the impact with a fist. "You're not listening!" Sera pointed down at the smaller Asian with a mechanical finger. "This place is supposed to be -calm-. It'll be -faster- to sweep your dead bodies outside than wait for you inconsiderate fucks to finish whatever this is!" He turned to Edgar. "And -especially- you are not ruining this or, so help me god, I will -undo- your judo, you prick. Both of you! OUTSIDE!"
(19:06:15) * @Aline helpfully glided in and to the /side/.
(19:09:03) Minaplo: [This resistance only served to make Edgar swell with fury, suddenly seeming to grow a few inches in pure indignation.-
(19:09:59) Minaplo: [But Keita flushed red, his eyes staring at Sera unblinkingly for a few long seconds, holding his breath, before he finally let it out in one big puff. "You've made your point. Fine!"-
(19:10:25) Minaplo: [He turned on his heel and stormed out, moving faster once he was past Sera. Edgar turned and followed him out, still puffed up with rage.-
(19:10:53) Minaplo: ["Ooh, ma ma." Mr. Blue leaned on the bar, cupping his chin with his hand. "You're so hot when you're going full Vader."]
(19:11:43) * @Aline gave Blue a /look/. "At least I didn't have to bring out the N2 option…"
(19:15:22) Sept: "Fuck oooff," Sera whined at Blue, glancing at Aline and the entrance. "Should we see to those two? I mean, they'll probably just beat the crap out of each other harmlessly."
(19:16:17) Minaplo: ["Hey, you can't just let 'em do that!" Said Toji. "They're, like… Officers, man."-
(19:16:41) Minaplo: ["… Uh, maybe you could deal with this broad here, too? She's been starin' at me the whole time and I don't even know if she's heard a word you've said."-
(19:17:32) Minaplo: [And indeed, Eva had been staring at Toji with utter tunnel vision.]
(19:18:13) Sept: "All yours," Sera sighed.
(19:24:38) * @Aline looked at Eva for a second… waved a hand in front of her… then gave her a poke on the shoulder.
(19:28:32) Minaplo: ["Gurr!" Eva swept a backhand at Aline, narrowly missing her face…-
(19:28:41) Minaplo: [Only to pause, stop, and stare at Aline straight on. "… Aline?"]
(19:30:28) * @Aline nearly recoiled at that, and then smiled softly. "Yeah, it's me. Hi!"
(19:31:08) Minaplo: ["Aline!"-
(19:31:46) Minaplo: [Eva leapt forward, throwing her arms around Aline's neck. Suddenly Aline would feel a good sixty kilograms of weight pushed against hers with great momentum, potentially toppling her over. "Aline! You're here!"-
(19:32:07) Minaplo: ["Oy." Toji scratched the back of his neck, walking around them over to Sera. "Thanks for the backup, pal."]
(19:34:23) Sept: "Yeah? The hell -was- that?"
(19:36:14) Minaplo: ["Keita bein', uh, Keita. We should go outside."]
(19:36:35) * @Aline braced herself on a table… so she could fall onto the table! "H-h-hi! Yes, uh, I am! How have you been?"
(19:37:23) Minaplo: ["Bored! Missing you." Said Eva happily. She seemed to have no problems with their current… Arrangement. "How're you?"]
(19:41:44) * Sept frowned at him. "Really?"
(19:43:29) Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said Toji.-
(19:44:16) Minaplo: [Voices from outside. ("You've always been a fuckin' yapyap dog tryin' to be a rottweiler, Asari! I'd call you an asshole with a Napoleon complex, but Napoleon was a fuckin' great man, and you're just a little shit!")-
(19:45:10) Minaplo: [("You make sure to say that as far away as you can, Chevalier! You're a hen's egg, Chevalier: yellow on the inside.")]
(19:45:46) * @Aline was now getting a bit red in the face. "I'm doing better! You know, the usual… become a world-destroying entity in your Eva, save your friend from the mother of all Angels… boyfriend in isolation… the… usual."
(19:47:44) Sept: "…fine? I still don't quite see the problem. Aline, we're gonna go check on them."
(19:55:54) @Aline: "You do that! Don't get in a knife-fight or something okay?" Aline was busy sort of pinned in a table hug so there you go.
(19:56:54) Sept: "Oh, right! Almost forgot." Sera wrenched his knife off the table, and stowed it back in its rightful place. "Thanks~"
(19:57:09) Minaplo: [Although Eva was pulling back slightly now. "… Sounds to me like your usual's become pretty bad, Aline. Hi, Sera. I'll take care of Aline, ok?"-
(19:57:23) Minaplo: [Eva ran a hand fondly through Aline's hair. "Why don't I buy you a drink and something to eat?"-
(19:57:31) Minaplo: [Mr. Blue was watching this exchange with great interest.]
(20:00:39) * @Aline didn't notice Blue because she was a bit distracted, and… was still beet-red. "…Sure. Non-alchoholic, though, for me. Please." She /was/ slowly getting up, though. "And yeah. Hopefully we're near the end of it all."
(20:01:19) Minaplo: ["You can tell me all about it." She said soothingly. "It's only fair…"]
(20:02:22) Sept: "Okay, Evange-aline." Sera gave them a bit of a wave and headed back outside. Maybe Toji was worried he wouldn't get a good view once the crowd started properly gathering..?
(20:08:52) Minaplo: ["not-fer-nuttin', man, but if Keita gets hurt…" He shook his head, going pale. "I'm goin' finsies on the terrible fate that awaits he who didn't stop it. And trust me, it's a fate worse'n death."]
(20:10:03) * @Aline slowly nodded, not really changing her expression much. This is only the third time and second person not-Shinji to… put her in this kind of awkward position. "It's mostly… done, I guess? The stuff that is. We're getting through things one day at a time. I… don't know whwat else to say yet?"
(20:11:46) Minaplo: ["Come on, Aline." Eva stood up straight now, pulling Aline up to proper height. "Table for two, please!"-
(20:12:04) Minaplo: ["Oh, trust me, that table's been ready for the last five minutes." Said Blue warmly.-
(20:13:19) Minaplo: ["Aline, we have lots to talk about. C'mon…"]
(20:14:14) Sept: "Yeah? So who the hell are you two? You got some kind of connection to Ikari?"
(20:15:04) * @Aline almost-meekly went along, seemingly dazed by the general situation. "I bet we do…!"
(20:16:31) Minaplo: ["I'm onna Shinji's old schoolmates." Said Toji. "Suzuhara Toji, pleasedtameetcha. The other guy… That's Keita. Keita Asari. He's another schoolmate, but… Y'know, he's one of them NeoSpartans, he's wound tighter than a tourniquet."]
(12:27:09) Sept: "So how do you suggest we get them off each other, Toji?"
(12:31:07) Minaplo: [Aline would find herself being sat down at one of the tables, Eva sitting down opposite her, her face shining with undisguised enthusiasm.-
(12:31:24) Minaplo: ["Physically separate 'em?" Suggested Toji gamely.]
(12:32:27) Sept: "I was going to ask how this Keita guy's survived so far, but now I wonder how you have."
(12:35:09) Minaplo: ["I was kind of hopin' it would be a team effort."]
(12:35:12) * Aline sort of… was well out of sorts by now. Her head was roiling with distant thoughts, but soon she spoke up. "Well, if we have lots to talk about, where should we begin?"
(12:36:45) Minaplo: ["Well… How's your family?"]
(12:39:56) Aline: "I've been busy, but…" Aline began. "…They're somewhere shipboard right now, actually. But mom's pretty fine, dad's confident as always, and even my little sister Anastasie has been going quite well." She did smirk, managing to break through some of the awkwardness. "One thing I'm afraid of is if Little Aline runs into them, if only because she's a veritable terror."
(12:42:56) * Sept shrugged. "Fine. You're handling Keita, then?"
(12:46:09) Minaplo: ["Little Aline?" Asked Eva, mystified. Then… "… D-Daughter…?"-
(12:46:46) Minaplo: ["Uh… You sure? Hell, alright." Toji sighed.]
(12:53:49) * Aline shook her head. "N-no. Not like that. Little Aline is… uh…" Aline looked slightly uncertain on that subject. But then, after swallowing air, she decided 'fuck it' and went with the blunt approach. A throat was cleared. "Ahem. Little Aline is a 1 meter tall clone of myself made by Dr. Surov as some kind of bizarre birthday present. She is apparently really aggressive and fights
(12:53:50) * Aline with Surov's self-sister a lot…"
(12:58:05) Minaplo: ["A… One metre clone. Well. T… That's what you get when you expect a gift from Surov." She laughed lightly. If perhaps with a hint of horror.-
(12:58:11) Minaplo: ["So where is she now?"]
(12:59:26) Aline: "Good question! When I left my room, she was still there reading something. Unlike me, I doubt she'll be entertained by it for too long, though." Aline said, with sort of shifty eyes.
(13:03:35) Minaplo: ["You said she's violent, right? Have you tried to find some way to exercise that out of her?"]
(13:06:06) Aline: "I actually said aggressive, but you're right, she can get violent too." A pause, as Aline considered that. "I admit I haven't been much acting like a 'parent' or anything, but I guess trying to get her involved in some kind of combat training or something might work, though I'm not sure /which/. Maybe you or one of the other mecha pilots could instruct her enough to use the trainsims."
(13:13:30) * Sept gave Toji a moment to get in position, then strode past him towards Edgar. "Yo, change of plans. We're going."
(13:18:55) Minaplo: ["Stay outta this, Sept. This is Neo business, doesn't concern you."-
(13:19:27) Minaplo: [A world away, Eva nodded. "Fair. But of course you need to make sure you don't just make her a more effective terror…"]
(13:20:24) * Aline waved a hand gently. "Yeah, yeah, that's right. Maybe jogging…" She looked obviously contempative of the suggestion either way.
(13:27:41) Sept: "Don't patronize me. There," he said, going straight in for a headbutt.
(13:27:50) Sept: "There's more to this than that"*
(13:30:12) Minaplo: ["That might work, but then there's another possibility." Said Eva. "That she's bored."-
(13:31:04) Minaplo: [The impact hit home, and Edgar staggered backwards, his hands going to his face. "Mother-!"-
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(13:37:15) Minaplo: [Meanwhile, Toji was approaching Keita, a little warily. "C'mon, this isn't worth it-"-
(13:37:23) Minaplo: ["Out of the way, Suzuhara."-
(13:38:03) Minaplo: ["No! Hikari's gonna break our asses like an urn fulla ashes! Just calm down-" He reached out to grab Keita's arm-
(13:38:47) Minaplo: [Keita knocked the arm away, retaliating by driving an elbow into Toji's chest. He stumbled away, wincing. "Hey-!"-
(13:39:06) Minaplo: ["That's the last warning you get, Suzuhara. This doesn't concern anyone but the Dog and me."]
(13:41:24) * Aline tried to ignore the vague loud noises outside of the restaurant. "Well, I don't know what she finds fun. I guess I hoped a bit too much that she'd be similar to me in demeanor, but I guess I not only didn't get that, but got something rather different."
(13:43:44) Sept: "Stand down and stop bothering everyone, Neospartan." He gave Keita one more chance.
(13:45:28) Minaplo: [Keita simply ignored Sera completely, and began to walk around them to head towards Edgar.]
(13:45:56) Minaplo: ["She might not know what she finds fun." Offered Eva. "I mean, she's pretty little, right?"]
(13:46:49) Aline: "In size…" Aline trailed for a second, allowing a small sigh. "But she acts like a teenager. I think. I could be wrong?"
(13:48:25) Minaplo: ["But she doesn't have the experiences." Said Eva sagely, leaning back in her chair as though she'd somehow taken a rank in world-wise.]
(13:49:48) Sept: "Goddamnit. I guess your training isn't over yet." Sera quickly crossed the distance between them and, with a feint, delivered a sharp kick to Keita's stomach, circling around to elbow him in the back of the neck to disturb his remaining sense of balance.
(13:56:13) Aline: "There is that. I don't know how thorough this kind of 'pre-programming' is anyway." Aline leaned back as well. "But it's something to work on, no?"
(14:02:19) Minaplo: [Eva nodded. And then, an idea seemed to strike her, and she beamed. "I can help!"-
(14:02:58) Minaplo: [Sera's blows hit home, and Keita stumbled, falling to one knee. He froze for a moment, before he started to breathe again.-
(14:04:10) Minaplo: ["I thought… I told you to stay away!" He lifted his knee, pushing upwards, bringing the knee into Sera's side before striking Sera square in the nose with the base of his hand.]
(14:05:08) * Aline wasn't /suspicious/ per se, but she /was/ curious. "Help, like, in what way were you thinking?"
(14:05:44) Minaplo: ["Just helping out! I could take little-you off your hands, maybe help you figure out what she likes or wants…"]
(14:14:31) * Aline smiled. "Aheh, I'd appreciate that!"
(14:18:54) * Sept took the blows with a cough and a shake of the head, then stepped back in to retaliate. "You can't be second guessing me. -Not even- off the field."
(14:21:04) Minaplo: ["I'm happy to be of any help I can." Said Eva. "You know, I'd like to help, because recently I've just been… A little useless, you know?"-
(14:37:12) Minaplo: [Keita wasn't very tall. He wasn't even 5'0 tall. Yet that small height came in handy for someone with his wiry strength. He moved in under Sera's reach, his knees bent, then he launched his head up, striking Sera beneath the chin. A second later he brought his knee up into Sera's groin, hard.]
(14:39:18) * Aline sorta craned her head and had a sympathetic look. "…Yeah. I can't say I know that feeling, but it must be rough all the same."
(14:43:13) Sept: The first strike connected, making Sera take a step back with a grunt. But he was ready for the second one, stepping in to sweep his other leg off, tackling him to the ground. "Tch. Hesitate with orders again, and your lives are forfeit. Toji." Assuming the guy was sufficiently out of it, Sera got off him to drag Edgar off.
(14:48:53) Minaplo: ["Well… Sure, you're out here, you're in the Eva, you're on the front lines." Said Eva. "I've been hiding in an underground base in New Mexico… It's not easy for someone like me to live like that."-
(14:49:43) Minaplo: [Toji was all too ready to oblige, pinning Keita down by sitting on his chest and arms. Keita came to a few seconds later, trying to buck Toji off to no avail. "Tch…" He stared daggers at Sera's back. "I'll see you dead for this, Dog! This is unforgiveable!"-
(14:50:01) Minaplo: [Edgar himself was just coming to, wiping at a bloody patch under his nose. "Fuckin' sheriff…"]
(14:52:18) * Aline …briefly looked at the door to the restaurant, and sighed /very/ heavily. But she paid it only that much mind, as she looked back at Eva. "Oh god yes. Denial of purpose… is like denial of life. And even if it weren't for that, being holed up in the ass-end of nowhere is never fun." Flat look.
(14:53:22) Sept: "You're damn right. Viviane's got a show tonight, and you were going to make even more of a mess of the place. You see?"
(14:54:42) Minaplo: ["Oh. Ohh." This ridiculously simple argument seemed to trigger neurons in Edgar's mind where reasonable things like civil behaviour hadn't. "My bad, bro. I didn't mean to stifle your groove."-
(14:56:23) Minaplo: ["Yeah! Exactly! See, you understand. It was as unbearable as school was."-
(14:56:29) Minaplo: ["Say, how… Did that go? You graduated, right?"]
(15:00:07) Aline: "Yeah!…" But soon, Aline leaned in conspiratorily. "Between you and me though, I'm actually still qualified for a doctorate in a number of fields, especially Xenoscience and Physics. Technically."
(15:00:22) Sept: "Now, we gonna go watch that like civilised fucking people or are you gonna see me dead for this, too?"
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(15:05:02) Minaplo: ["Huh? How'd you manage…?"-
(15:05:17) Minaplo: ["Well." Edgar rubbed at his nose again. "Sure, but you got shit on your shirt, man."]
(15:07:36) * Aline had a weird look. It was obviously sad. "The Archangel Raphael put us in a fictional, but highly-accurate illusion world. I became a scientist and professor for a good while, before picking up piloting again due to Things and uh… Died. It was a ploy to make us basically die for real by feeling as though we died in his world. But the things we learnt stayed."
(15:10:15) * Sept stared down at his shirt and swore. He swiped at it a few times, as if trying to scare the stains off. It didn't work. Reluctantly, he buttoned up his coat. "Hmph. So you stay out of trouble around Blue's, right? Why can't you just agree to meet on a better battleground?"
(15:22:29) Minaplo: ["Really? How do you know it's accurate?"-
(15:23:01) Minaplo: [Edgar gave Sera a black look. "S'not like we agree on anything. I was just sittin' in there with Eva, when jackass walks in, shouts, 'DOGS SIT OUTSIDE' and then kicks the chair out from under me!"]
(15:24:30) * Aline had a slightly helpless look on her face. "I can only trust Science Team on that one. They said, from analysis or something, that it, like… was collective unconscious of all humanity or something like that." She shrugged. "It was /depressing/ either way."

(15:28:00) Sept: "So why is it we suddenly have a surplus of Neos on board, then?"
(15:38:06) Minaplo: ["But… How much passed in real-time?"-
(15:38:23) Minaplo: ["Well someone needs to pilot the D-Titans." Said Edgar. "Or, in their case, the E-Dests."]
(15:39:06) * Aline answered surprisingly quickly. "Few seconds. Angel magic, I dunno."
(15:41:29) Minaplo: ["Could you replicate that?" Asked Eva. "Think of the possibilities! You could give someone a 12-year education in a minute!"]
(15:42:22) Sept: "Oh, those things. They'd better be good enough to put me out of a job, for this trouble."
(15:45:31) * Aline seemed just as harrowed as she was interested. "We'd need more insight into how he did it, and probably a very powerful AT Field…" But the former slightly won out. "But it can cause severe disorientation, identity issues, and so on.
(15:48:06) Minaplo: ["Well, he also did a lot of psychological effects too." Said Eva. "If we could clean that out somehow…"-
(15:48:50) Minaplo: ["They won't be, but that's ok." Said Edgar, stretching. "You know how Metatron throws lots of Angelspawn and shit to slow you down? Well, we're like your Angelspawn. We can't really beat you, but we can slow shit down for you so you can deal with the big threat."]
(15:51:47) Sept: "Yeah. Maybe it'll work this time?"
(15:53:04) * Aline nodded. "It's certainly interesting? I guess I just still have the bad memories…"
(15:54:52) Minaplo: ["Damn right it will. We got some serious badasses this time. We got Pham Thi Tien, man! Oh, and we have little Eva too. She's cute, like a little sister, but she's good with a gun… Speaking of, we should go back in."-
(15:55:22) Minaplo: ["No, I understand." Said Eva sympathetically, reaching out to grab Aline's hand… And not letting it go. "You wouldn't want to accidentally doom someone to a nightmare…"]
(15:58:07) Aline: "Y-yeah…" Aline was, in spite of herself, blushing again.
(16:00:59) Sept: "Yeah, I hear you. It'll definitely help."
(16:02:03) Minaplo: [Edgar nodded, slapping Sera's shoulder and guiding him back inside, where they'd quickly find the Yuri Field Table…]
(16:05:04) * Sept stretched as they approached the two. "We're clear, for now. What's up?"
(16:13:35) * Aline looooked up at Sera with a brief, very brief flash of a gentle, embarrassed 'I need an adult' look, but it quickly turned into something a lot more genial. "We were just talking about what's been happening to me. Catching up and all that, aheh." She had yet to have her hand back.
(16:15:16) Minaplo: [Eva relinquished her hand. "Aline was telling me about your dream world."]
(16:19:18) Sept: … that could've theoretically referred to anything. But he could still hazard more than a guess, trying to not let anything undue show on his face. Other than probably the redness of the bruise developing on his jaw. "… Raphael timeline?"
(16:20:20) * Aline nodded to Sera. "Oh, yeah, that."
(16:22:16) Sept: "Yeah, that was a barrel of laughs, wasn't it?"
(16:25:17) Aline: "Hah." Aline managed, though it came out pretty flat.
(16:30:37) Minaplo: ["What was it like for you?"]
(16:34:03) Sept: "Life in prison expedited by creeping madness and cut short either by suicide or murder. Accounts are unclear," he said with an apologetic look. "It may have helped me in retrospect, of course. Perspective."
(16:35:57) Minaplo: [Eva winced.-
(16:36:22) Minaplo: [Edgar whistled. "Dang. That's pretty fucked up. There wasn't any, like… You-die-there-you-die-here stuff?"]
(16:37:05) * Aline sorta turned to Edgar. "…Eh? What do you mean by that?"
(16:38:50) Minaplo: ["Like, I woulda thought that if you were gonna fuck with someone like that, you'd make it so that if they died in the dream, they died in the meat world."]
(16:39:22) Sept: "Angels have… different motives. As far as -I- know, there wasn't. We're pretty clear on what happened in the battle before and after the flash."
(16:47:50) * Aline tilted her head. "Oh! I thought that was the intent. But I think it just plain didn't work." A pause. "Maybe it was the Evangelion that did that."
(16:51:02) Sept: "Ah, yes. Plenty of things could've gone wrong there."
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(16:54:15) Minaplo: ["That sounds like it was a closer call than it seems." Muttered Edgar. "I dunno, it's just fucked up, man! Being trapped inside a prison for 20 years… But it's all in my head…"]
(16:55:27) * Aline raised a finger. "But you only know it's in your head later."
(16:56:17) Minaplo: ["Well yeah, that's what makes it so fucked up."]
(16:57:40) Sept: "Pascal's wager. Or maybe it's the simulation argument? I think they're the same thing these days."
(17:03:21) * Aline abundantly shrugged at that. "Whichever."
(17:10:43) Sept: "Either way, we'll probably never figure it out properly. We ordering something?"
(17:15:12) Minaplo: ["You pain'?"]
(17:16:24) * Sept laughed. "No."
(17:16:53) * Aline waved her hand. "Eh, I can cover it this time." She still had a Fabulous Fortune, after all.
(17:20:30) Sept: "Generous! Let's celebrate, then. Neospartan family reunion?"
(17:21:19) Minaplo: ["Sounds good!"]

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