William Weiss Xylander
Name: William Weiss-Xylander
Position: Evangelion Pilot
Sex: Male
Age: 17 (Born 2000)
Nationality: German
Place of Residence: Paris-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic
Theme Song: Distant Everyday Memories

Personal Details
"There is more than one way to do the Work of God."

William Weiss-Xylander is the fourth pilot for Paris-2, assigned to the squad in a surprise unveiling during Thunderdome. A very handsome young man with a pleasant voice and a gentle countenance, he carries himself with a humble, unobtrusive air.

William doesn't know his real parents. As a baby during the aftermath of Impact, he was taken in by a relatively prosperous Jesuit mission based in Germany. During his developmental years, William grew up amidst these men of the cloth, soaking in their faith and philosophies. He himself never quite became a full Jesuit, but he remained with the order until NERV called him away.

He spent most of that time, however, overseas, in war-torn locations such as South America, Africa or Australia, assisting the Jesuit charities and missions. At first he was a helper, someone who carried food and water- ultimately, however, it was discovered that he had a knack for firearms- a knack he developed through protecting those same Jesuits from threats such as bandits or soldiers.

Name: William Weiss-Xylander
Background: NeoSpartan
Gender: Male
Career: Skirmisher/Skirmisher
Rank: Heavy Weapons Master
Experience: 28,900


Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 46 4 Trained
BS 63 6 Expert
Strength 37 3 -
Toughness 40 4 -
Agility 54 5 Expert
Intelligence 37 3 -
Perception 37 3 -
Willpower 44 4 Intermediate
Fellowship 53 5 Expert
Synch Ratio 76 7 Expert

Wounds: 23/23

AG Bonus Half Full Charge Run
6 6 12 18 36

WUP Pool: 18
Fate Points: 3/3
Insanity Pts: 68/100

Ego Barrier: 75%

Assets, Drawbacks, Traits, Coherencies, Instabilities and Disorders


Skill at Arms (Pistol General)
Trained for War (+5 BS)
Memento (Chain Crucifix)
Conditioned (Anyone commanding you gains a +20 to their roll)


Gifted (Fellowship)
Sexy Voice
Soldier (Arms Master, Jaded, This Gun Is Mine, Overzealous)
Inquisitor's Presence (Spend fate to pass any social interaction test)


Cannot Live Without (??)
Dark Secret (??)


Fearful (-10 to fear tests)


Starting Talents: Deflective Field, Neutralise, Melee Weapon Training, Basic Weapon Training, 1 WUP
Starting Skills: SL Catholicism, Command, Common Lore (War), SL (Weaponry)


CL (War)
Drive (Automobiles)+10
Silent Move+10


Performer (Singing)+10
SL International Relations+10
SL Catholicism+20
SL Japanese Pop Idols
SL Weaponry
Speak Language (English)
Speak Language (French)
Speak Language (German)
Speak Language (Japanese)
Speak Language (Italian)
Speak Language (Polish)
Speak Language (Latin)


Weapon Proficiency Talents

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General Yes - -
Melee Prog Yes - -
Basic Bolt Yes Yes Yes
Basic Fusion Yes - -
Basic General Yes - -
Basic Maser Yes - -
Basic Positron Yes - -
Heavy General Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Fusion Yes - -
Heavy Maser Yes - -
Heavy Positron Yes - -
Pistol Bolt Yes - -
Pistol General Yes - -
Pistol Maser Yes - -

Generic Combat Talents

Name Effect
Ambidextrous No penalty for using off-hand, -10 to penalty for using both hands at once
Arms Master -10 penalty to untrained weapons, not -20
Gunslinger -10 to penalty for using both hands at once when firing pistols
Quick Draw Can swap/draw/etc items as a free
Rapid Reload Reload time halved
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Reduce penalty w/dual wield ballistic

Melee Talents

Name Effect
Berserk Charge +10 bonus to charge, total +20
Furious Assault Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack
Unarmed Warrior Unarmed attacks do 1d10+SB-3 damage, and do not count as Unarmed

Ranged Talents

Name Effect
Assault Shooter May fire Basic/Heavy weapons in melee. Heavy weapons have -20 penalty, basic have 0, and pistols have +30.
Bolter Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with a Bolter
Crack Shot +2 critical damage from ranged attacks
Deadeye Shot Reduce penalty to called shots by -10
Dual Shot May shoot two pistols with one action and one BS test
Eye of Vengeance Apply to single-shot with Full Aim. +1 Pen per degree of success, auto-confirm furies.
Hip Shooter May move full move and fire single shot with one pistol
Marksman No penalties for shooting at long/extended range
Mighty Shot Add half of BSB to ranged weapon damage
Overcharge Fire weapon with 'Recharge' quality without having to recharge, taking a WS-10 penalty with a stacking -10 until weapon can recharge
Sharpshooter Reduce penalty to called shots by -20
Stable Shooter Fire semi/full as a Half Action
Storm of Steel Enemies take a -10 to dodge full auto bursts; double damage against Hordes with semi/full auto burst
This Gun Is Mine May unjam a gun as a half

Fortitude Talents

Name Effect
Bulging Biceps Can fire heavy weapon w/out bracing
Catfall Reduce Falling Damage
Drop Trained Reduce Falling Damage above 10dm
Hard Target -20 to enemy BS to hit when Charging (-20) or Running (-40)
Lightning Reflexes Double AB for initiative rolls
Sprint +AB to movement when full moving, double movement when running
True Grit Halve Critical Damage taken

Willpower Talents

Name Effect
I Cannot be Defeated +2 to Fatigue Threshold
Hotblooded +10 to willpower to resist feedback. Roll twice on shock table after fear
Jaded No insanity from gore
Nerves of Steel Reroll failed WP test to recover/avoid Pinning
Resistance (Cold) +10 to resist effects from cold
Resistance (Heat) +10 to resist effects from heat
Resistance (Mental) +10 to resist mental effects
Resistance (Poison) +10 to resist poison

-Interpersonal Talents-

AT Field Talents

Name Effect
Barrage Pattern: Angelic Artillery AT Funnel shots are now Blast +1, +1 per 4 ATP spent
Barrage Pattern: Shatter Spend 8 ATP on AT Funnel, weapon now possesses Positron Quality. Positron weapons reroll penetration
Barrage Pattern: Sniper Shot Spend 8 ATP on AT Funnel, add Accurate quality to weapon. Accurate weapons can sacrifice AT Funnel dam/pen and gain Brutal quality instead
Quick Spread Spread full as a half

AT Field Powers

AT Field Spreads

Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflective Field

Offensive Powers

Cross Blast

Enhancement Powers


Neutralization Powers


-Dirac Sea Powers-

Utility Powers

Wrap Beam


Name Effect Purchase
Commission (Scout) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon -
Commission (Precision Shooter) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon -
Commission (HW Spec) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon Rapid Fire Heavy Bolter, Dam Up, Pen Up
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