Wizard State Army

The Wizard Army

Below are the rules for W's Wizard Army, made up most notably of elite Iron Guard Mk3 warriors. He has ten units of these warriors. These units are organised as per Hordes, with a single Lieutenant attached to each Horde as a Leader.
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Deploying Units

1: Select Units

When chosen to deploy on mission, the first step for W is to choose a number of Units to undertake the mission. The number may vary, but will rarely be above 3.
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2: Configure Units

Each Unit's Horde requires W to configure them. Each Horde has access to various weapons, which naturally changes how it performs in combat. Each Horde also has access to multiple Specialists who influence its ability and help to place the Horde into a specialised role.

Furthermore, each Unit contains a Lieutenant as well, who may be equipped as a normal character. Each Lieutenant possesses 4 RP with which to spend on any gear they choose from the Iron Guard Personal Equipment list. The Lieutenant's personal traits may modify some equipment costs.
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3: Spend Favour Points

Every mission comes with 4 Favour Points. Favour Points may be spent to grant a single Lieutenant extra RP at the rate of 1:1, but they may also be spent to gain beneficial circumstances, useful resources or to requisition a Special Character such as Euphemia One or Albus Mortens.

4: Execute Mission

After this is done, W's forces are deployed and the mission carried out.

5: Post-Mission Rewards and Consequences

Once a mission has been completed, then the aftermath is determined. Missions can result in upgrades or benefits being opened up to the participant units or Lieutenants, or more broadly in rewards being granted to the Wizard Army at large (for example: upgrading a specific weapon or adding a new weapon to the arsenal).

Conversely, there may be negative consequences. An excessively damaged or destroyed Unit or Lieutenant may render that unit unusable for a short period of time, whilst poor play or planning could lead to penalties such as a temporary increase in RP costs for equipment.

Unit Lists

Core Units

Core Unit Arthur

Core Unit Berthold

Core Unit Christopher

Core Unit Dominic

Core Unit Ethan

Core Unit Francis

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Assault Units

Assault Unit George

Assault Unit Helen

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Heavy Units

Heavy Unit Ingram

Heavy Unit Jordan

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Special Leaders

Knight-Captain Euphemia One

Apostle Prime Albus Mortens

Apostle Zhang Jiang

Apostle Ardashir Charmchi

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Iron Guard Personal Equipment

Iron Guard Traits and Starting Talents

Iron Guard Restricted Equipment Section

Favour Points

All options (on each individual line) cost 1 Favour Point each. Each favour may only be taken once.

Character Options

Deploy Euphemia One.
Deploy Albus Mortens.
Deploy Zhang Jiang and Ardashir Charmchi.
Deploy Henok Ashenafi. He comes with four units of LN Veterans.

Equipment Options

Gain any one item from the Restricted Equipment Section.
Equip one squad with Attack Bikes. The squad gains the Mounted (8) Quality and change their basic weapon into Twin-Linked Guard Bolters. The Lieutenant counts as riding a Guard Attack Bike with up to 4 RP of upgrades.

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Vehicle Options

AC Suits
Equip one Lieutenant in a Juggernaut Suit.
Tracked Vehicles
One Tyrannosaur Tank, all crewed by Federation Pilots. It has 6 RP in special equipment. The crew may be replaced with one deployed Iron Guard Squad, in which case, all positions are crewed by an Iron Guard with that squad profile, with the Lieutenant becoming the Commander. However, the crew may not have any Specialists and only possess their sidearms and armour.
Two Viking APCs, all crewed by Federation Pilots. They have 6 RP in special equipment each.
Fixed Wing Aircraft
Three Federation Interceptors, all crewed by Federation Pilots. They have 4 RP in special equipment each.
Two Federation CA Bombers, all crewed by Federation Pilots. They have 4 RP in special equipment each.
Variable Wing Aircraft
One Stormbird Gunship, all crewed by Federation Pilots. It has 4 RP in special equipment each.

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