Workload Fixes

Overview: Work overload

In preparing for the battle for Turn 7, I decided that the workload I was going through was just too much. Here's a brief outline of the workload I've gone through for AdEva.

First year

  • Create one Angel and a map
  • Have time to run mock battles a few times to finetune threat
  • Total time: About 2-3 hours a week

Second to Fourth Year

  • Create several enemy units, often Angelspawn or Superheavies
  • Create several allied units, primarily a few Evangelions
  • Accidentally give everyone too much XP, so go and make new talents
  • Make maps, but no more mock battles
  • Total time: about 4-5 hours a week, reducing over time

Fifth Year: Grand Campaign

  • Create Events and Battlefronts and Investigations
  • Create dozens of enemy units (Dysangelions, Superheavies, etc)
  • Create dozens of allied units (Evangelions, Superheavies, Hordes)
  • Create multiple maps
  • Run battles over several weeks
  • Periodically update talents
  • Redo weapons and upgrades several times
  • Total time: About 30 hours a week

Recent Cuts

  • Reduce battles to 1
  • Use Investigations etc to take more weight
  • Still creating dozens of everything
  • Battle still gonna take forever
  • Total time: Still about 25-30 hours a week

At present, it's still taking a huge amount of time to accomplish basically anything in AdEva. I can set up a Campaign Turn easily enough, with a few events, some Investigations and a few Battlefronts, they can be handled pretty easily. But battles take huge efforts to prepare and take forever to run. We shouldn't be running battles once every few months.

Because of this I'm proposing pretty drastic action designed to make the game easier to mechanically wrangle. They are based on several rationales but the three most important are how easily understood the issue is, how long it takes me to do it and how annoying it is to actually do it.

Change One: Superheavy Simplification

Rationale: Superheavies may be the most miserable mechanical element for me, the GM, right now. Each battle uses a good dozen of them, and each one requires to be statted up to 20,000 XP and have a full Superheavy unit kitted out. I actually think the Superheavy mech stuff works well but right now I hate looking at it because of how much time it takes to put one together.

Proposed Changes:

  • With a few exceptions, all Superheavy pilots will be set to run on a standard template which decides their talents, skills and characteristics.
  • The Superheavy mech stuff will be unchanged, but instead the pilots will be equipped with 'standard configuration' Superheavies.
  • Potentially, a 'training' option might be used where CP is spent to add a talent/skill to the existing templates.
  • SOS will be exempt from this, but hopefully their burden will be lessened as well.

Change Two: Upgrade Simplification

Rationale: Upgrades are cool, but not when you have to stat six to twelve constructs every turn. For this I have a proposed change that reduces the workload by a great deal and also completely cuts out XP purchases on Upgrade Points.

Proposed Changes:

  • Upgrade Points are gone. You can't buy Upgrades one by one. Saves a lot of XP.
  • Instead, Upgrades are bought faction wide, bought with either CP, Reserves or Research.
    • Example: Federation buys the Strength 4 Eva Upgrade. All Evangelions now receive the Strength 4 upgrade.
  • This means that most units automatically have a list of Upgrades they have (instead of buying them individually), but still have some level of customisation, eg. Picking 4 types of special armour or Superheavy modules.

Change Three: Battle Simplification

Rationale: Remember when I reduced battles from 3 to 1? I then decided to make the one battle a little bigger than a normal battle, but smaller than 3 battles. It's still too much.

Proposed Changes:

  • Battles are reduced in scope even further.
  • Optimally, a battle will have 1 capital ship, 2 superheavy Hordes, 3 Evas and 3 Superheavies per side, potentially one extra Eva or Superheavy depending.

Change Four: Advances (talents etc) Simplification

Rationale: There are a lot of Advances. A basic count suggests we have around 47 skill/proficiency talents, 120 combat talents, 80 or so Personal talents, 100 Specialist talents and 104 Metaphysical ones for a total of 450 or so talents. AT Power wise there's probably around 65 or so basic ones and another 15 or so Angelic ones. We have probably 20 Formations and another bunch of Tactics. That's a whole lot to keep track of, basically. Throughout this campaign, powers and talents have been flat-out forgotten and I can't really say I blame anyone for that. Apart from making sheets unwieldy, so many talents means forgetting stuff is easier and actually making purchases is harder (i.e. checking details, analysis paralysis). It also means less work if/when I have to update things.

Proposed Changes:

  • Talent lists are cut back, either merging some, or removing those that aren't being used.
    • Instead of there being Weapon Proficiency (Melee, Bolt, Flame, General) etc, it's now just Weapon Proficiency (Melee, Pistol, Basic, Heavy).
  • AT Powers are similarly merged and placed into a more organic system of buying 'sets' of powers instead of buying each one piecemeal
  • Formations may be okay.
  • Tactics are troubling because we don't have many Hordes anymore and I don't plan for big mass battles that use a lot of them to be a thing either. Tactics may be reduced massively.

Change Five: Career and XP Simplification

Rationale: Current XP levels are at 40,200 for 'main' characters like Eva pilots, Raphael, and ODs. For Auxiliaries it's at 20,200. Simply put: Statting people on 40,000 XP is hugely time-consuming and pretty fiddly as well. Of course, huge XP curves is a big part of why I began tinkering with the game in the first place by putting in new talents and the like.

Proposed Changes:

  • Everyone who uses XP has their XP cut back to 15,000. This means there's no more Auxiliaries or whatever, either.
  • Backgrounds are simplified: there's no more separate Auxiliary backgrounds either, everyone uses the same set.
  • Assets and Drawbacks no longer cost XP. You get a few points at startup to buy Assets, and you can purchase Drawbacks to boost those points.
  • Careers are simplified by having all purchases divided into Basic, Advanced and Elite; all talents are also organised as such. All purchases at Basic cost 100 XP, Advanced cost 200 XP, Elite cost 300 XP. This also has the effect of making a lot of things cheaper too.
  • Buying Characteristic upgrades is also made cheaper.
  • You can still choose Secondaries.
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