Yanmei S Conspiracy

[06:40] <Yanmei> There were certain pockets of Paris-2 that had been burned out and broken down by the riots that week. Some of them still held a certain air of danger just by virtue of how badly they had been damaged - nasty reminders of how badly the populace had fallen and that it could easily happen again under the right circumstances. -
[06:45] <Yanmei> At least, that's how it felt to Yanmei as she slowly pried her way into a burned-out office building. Soot rained down from the frame of the back door, and covered the interior when she finally got it open. The first room she stepped into must have been the lobby - there was some sort of a countertop with a destroyed computer monitor on it. Brittle black husks of waiting chairs stood nearby, and the floor beneath her creaked horribly. -
[06:48] <Yanmei> That was another danger. Structural damage. But any cameras in here must have also been destroyed, right? That was the purpose of meeting here? For lack of anywhere to sit she just stood there, twisting the strap of her leather handbag idly around the fingers on her good hand.
[06:55] <Minaplo> [A plank behind her creaked- one she hadn't stepped on.]
[06:56] * Yanmei turned around sharply at that!
[07:03] <Minaplo> ["Mrrrowr." A black cat stopped mid-stride, staring at her warily.]
[07:07] * Yanmei stared back at it. "You're not tailing me, are you?" she muttered, and then chuckled nervously. "Get it? Because you have a tail?"
[07:10] <Minaplo> ["Mrrow?" The cat sat down and began grooming its paws, still eyeing her.-
[07:10] <Minaplo> [Its eyes flicked to something over Yanmei's shoulder.]
[07:13] <Yanmei> "Hm?" She followed its gaze, turning once more.
[07:14] <Minaplo> [The Spectre was standing behind her, less than a foot away, the glowing eyes of its helmet mask on her.]
[07:19] * Yanmei froze. It took a few seconds of silence to unthaw again. "O-oh. There you are. Um… thank you for the flower before. That was you, right?"
[07:20] <Minaplo> [The Spectre nodded.]
[07:21] <Yanmei> "It was really thoughtful," she went on, getting her bearings a little more. "Really brightened up the bedroom. But you probably didn't contact me just to talk about that, right?"
[07:27] <Minaplo> [A shake of the head.]
[07:29] * Yanmei dug into her pocket and brought out a cell phone. "What's up? Are you wondering about what went on in the Geofront?"
[07:29] <Minaplo> [A nod. The Spectre turned around and began to walk away.]
[07:31] <Yanmei> "It was - huh." Yanmei followed her cautiously. "We had to brawl our way through a Dirac Sea. But we all made it out okay! Just a few minor injuries. Lots of our comrades were killed, though."
[07:33] <Minaplo> [The Spectre pushed open a door leading into what had once been a boardroom. The door swung open for a second before falling off its hinges and onto the ground.-
[07:33] <Minaplo> [The Spectre walked over to the boardroom table and pulled out a chair for Yanmei.]
[07:36] <Yanmei> Her jaw started to drop. But then she realized how rude that was, and bobbed her head slightly to her. "Th-thanks." She moved closer and sank down into it. Not that her legs were tired, but… maybe it was the painkilers. Her head felt a little foggy.
[07:42] <Minaplo> [The Spectre didn't sit. At least, not on a chair. It leapt onto the table and sat down, placing a hand upon the top surface. Yanmei's phone vibrated.-
[07:43] <Minaplo> ["Mrrow." The black cat padded into the room, and like the Spectre, leapt onto the table, stretching its body out before curling up to watch Yanmei with lamplike yellow eyes.]
[07:45] * Yanmei gave the cat a long, blank stare before glancing down at her phone.
[07:50] <Yanmei> "No, but we were inside it before we realized what it was. It spread before we got to HQ, and no one who was already inside was able to contact the outside world and tell us to stay away. They were all stuck, trying to fight off their own horrors. I think."
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[08:01] <Yanmei> "How did you know that?" Her shoulders sank a little, tiredly. "Yeah. We were overwhelmed. In that place, the Dirac Sea, the shadows kept coming alive and trying to kill us, and the hallways kept twisting endlessly, defying time and space. Meanwhile, the Angel managed to take advantage of our distractions and nearly won."
[08:09] <Yanmei> "-Nearly- perfect," Yanmei stressed. "It had a weak point? For all of its tricks, the other pilots and myself still found ourselves able to find and attack that personally. After that, the Angel fell easily to automated weapons that we had in the facility."
[08:21] <Yanmei> "Yeah, the weak spot in particular was probably the most difficult part of the whole ordeal." She reached for the cat absently as though she meant to pet it. "The form it took…" she frowned, brow furrowing slightly, "it was a terrible form. But we survived and won, so that must count for something."
[08:26] <Yanmei> "A monster with a white, smiling mask. The Angel basically pulled it out of my subconscious, and gave it life. I've had bad dreams about it before. Don't tell anyone, okay?"
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[08:34] <Minaplo> [The black cat eyed Yanmei's hand watchfully.]
[08:37] * Yanmei scratched it very gently behind the ears. "Hm? Well. We didn't get to see. After the fight, it just faded away. Is that important?"
[08:40] <Yanmei> "True. Yours does too, I imagine?" There was a slight teasing nature to her grin, and she drew away from the cat, satisfied.
[08:45] <Yanmei> "Of course it does. Hm. Look, do you know about Excalibur? I mean, have you been able to feel it while you've been in this city?"
[08:49] <Yanmei> "It's a big weapon used by the strongest of our enemies. It has a mind of its own, and when it communicates to humans it uses that form - the form of the masked monster. When we fought it in the Geofront, the creature spoke as if it was that weapon, so that would be its true identity?"
[08:53] <Yanmei> "Yeah, that's right," Yanmei nodded. "So you -have- heard of it?"
[08:59] * Yanmei nodded again. "That form - the smiling mask monster - is supposed to be Adam's true form, but I think Excalibur borrows it a lot. I mean, why not?" She gave a lopsided shrug. "What else are you curious about?"
[09:02] <Yanmei> "Huh. I guess that makes sense."
[09:05] <Minaplo> [The cat unwound itself and padded over to the Spectre in an attention-seeking way. The Spectre reached out and petted its back.]
[09:07] <Yanmei> "In… in what way? The riots or the Angelic stuff, or…?" She eyed the cat again, perhaps slightly jealous that it hadn't responded much to her own petting.
[09:11] <Yanmei> "Threats…? Another Angel?"
[09:14] <Yanmei> Troubled. She fell silent for a minute, trying to determine what to do.
[09:18] <Yanmei> "To protect me, right? Thanks. To be fair, you already have a reputation…"
[09:26] <Yanmei> "Lots of people think of you as a scary ghost. I'm sure those criminals were no exception," she chuckled.
[09:27] <Minaplo> [The Spectre stared at Yanmei stonily.]
[09:29] <Yanmei> "D-don't get annoyed at me! I'm just repeating what others have said. Anyway, if you've been intervening, I'm sure they recognize that you're not a ghost."
[09:32] <Yanmei> "What is their plot? What do they want?"
[09:35] <Yanmei> "Hm…" she shut her eyes a minute, thinking. "I guess I'll have to tip security off. They must have some sort of prevention protocol for this situation."
[09:57] <Yanmei> "We can't hold them off by ourselves? Or… maybe we can." She eyed the Spectre spectulatively. "They're really scared of you? Like, they'd try to run away if you appeared before them?"
[10:04] <Yanmei> "Yes, I know. But you can be there when they strike, can't you? For the criminal part, I mean. If it's just me they're looking for, then all you would have to do is stay close for a while."
[10:06] <Yanmei> "Hm, I see. What's it like?"
[10:10] <Yanmei> "Weird. I wonder if 04 could pick it out. I'd have to ask permission, but I'll see what I can do. It bothers me that we're so pressed for time, though?"
[10:15] <Yanmei> "If it's so good at hiding that we can't pick it out, then we can only stay alert, get prepared, and wait for it to make the first move. Frustrating, right?"
[10:18] <Yanmei> "Yes, you're right. I'll get some better weapons as soon as I leave here. Don't put yourself at too much risk either? Killing Angels is our job, not yours."
[10:22] <Yanmei> "Yes, that's right! I came back with a sword, too."
[10:28] <Yanmei> "W-well, I guess I could wear it underneath my coat. The sword might be harder to get away with? It'll make people nervous." She thought it over carefully. If only she could disguise it as an umbrella, the way Chiisana did… "I'll work it out anyway. Thanks for the concern."
[10:34] <Yanmei> "That will only work with NERV. If I tried to take it with me to school or in the subways or into a cafe, it would get a lot of attention."
[10:36] <Yanmei> "What do you mean, 'so'? It might get me kicked out of those places! Also, it would lead to rumors, I'm sure."
[10:41] <Yanmei> "…that simple, huh?" She tossed her hair with her good hand. "I -suppose- I could sweet talk everyone who asks about it. And make compromises."
[10:44] <Yanmei> "Well, I meant, like compromising by not going to cafes and other places where that sort of stuff would be frowned on. Security is definitely more important than that~"
[10:45] <Minaplo> [Yanmei's phone vibrated in a different manner, this time.]
[10:46] <Yanmei> "Hm? Oh. Whoops. Hold on a second." She went back, deleting a few messages from the beginning of their conversation to make room for whatever was trying to get through.
[10:48] <Yanmei> "What do you need?"
[10:50] <Minaplo> [The Spectre gestured at the cat.]
[10:51] * Yanmei peered down at it carefully. "How about 'Sparky'? 'Shadow'? 'Sable'?"
[10:56] <Minaplo> [The cat gave Yanmei a disdainful look.]
[11:01] * Yanmei met that with a frown. So picky… "Smokey? It totally blends in with these burned places. If it's a girl, we could name it after a flower. You like those, right? Rose, Lilac or Lily, or Anise…"
[11:07] <Yanmei> "Or… Xiuying. What do you think of that one?"
[11:17] <Yanmei> "Male? Uh, ok. What about Ying? It can be used for both genders."
[11:20] * Yanmei beamed. "Glad you like it! What about you, cat? Do you like it too?"
[11:21] <Minaplo> ["Mrrr."]
[11:22] <Yanmei> "Huh? You can do that?" She peered at the little cat curiously. "I guess he's a really smart one."
[11:25] <Yanmei> "I see. Well, I'll keep an eye out for him, then."
[11:26] <Minaplo> [Ying leapt onto the Spectre's lap, then up onto its shoulder. The Spectre rose.]
[11:28] <Yanmei> "Oh. Yeah, I guess it's getting kinda late? I'll see you later. And I promise that I'll be careful."
[11:32] <Minaplo> [The Spectre nodded, before walking through the doorway and around a corner.]
[11:35] * Yanmei lingered there in the chair before making herself move. She regretted, suddenly, that she hadn't taken the car today. New threats, danger… Finally, she steeled herself, rubbed a hand briefly over her face and rose, heading for the stairs.
[11:38] <Minaplo> [Before long she'd leave the smoky, dangerous building behind.-
[11:39] <Minaplo> [Once she was out the door, though, she'd feel a sudden heavy force bump into her. Someone sprawled across the ground.-
[11:39] <Minaplo> ["Watch it!" They cried hoarsely.]
[11:42] <Yanmei> "-!" Yanmei had staggered back before losing her balance too. Now, she glared at the rude individual. "Nice way to apologise."
[11:44] <Minaplo> ["You should be apologising yourself." The figure got to his feet. His clothes were shoddy, patchwork- he had dark skin and long straight blonde hair. He glowered.]
[11:46] * Yanmei frowned, climbing to her feet, and dusting off her own clothes. "…have we met somewhere before?"
[11:47] <Minaplo> ["Not that I know." Said the man awkwardly. He wasn't meeting Yanmei's eye as he started shuffling away quickly.]
[11:48] <Yanmei> "…?" Yanmei took a few steps after him, confused. What happened to all that bravado? "H-hey, wait! What's your name?"
[11:50] <Minaplo> [The man started shuffling faster away now.]
[11:55] * Yanmei started hurrying after him… until she realized that she was chasing a random vagrant to god-knew-where during a time when she was supposed to be watching her own back. She stopped, watching him go, a frown still on her face.
[11:55] <Minaplo> [And before long he was gone…]
[11:56] <Yanmei> "Who…?" she mumbled to herself, turning away. Well, she could think about it while she got on a subway car for home.
[11:57] <Minaplo> [And it'd be awhile, thus, when Yanmei was on the subway car, when she'd reach into her pocket to text a friend-
[11:57] <Minaplo> [Only to find that the phone she'd been using to receive the Spectre's texts was gone.]
[12:01] <Yanmei> Panic. And then… fury. Stupid, stupid… why hadn't she noticed sooner? That guy must have taken it! Or… maybe it fell out during the collision? She could only go back and search for it now. She waited for the next stop so that she could change trains. Maybe it wasn't too late!
[12:07] <Minaplo> [It'd take her another 20 minutes to return…-
[12:07] <Minaplo> [No phone.]
[12:09] <Yanmei> "No phone…" She mumbled aloud. She searched it again to be absolutely sure, and then started walking in the direction she'd seen the man go in. This was -stupid-. But it was her phone! If there were any shops around she could ask them. Maybe he wasn't long gone by now…
[12:12] <Minaplo> [But it seemed hopeless, at least at first. But Yanmei would notice something near one of the steps- a matchbox…-
[12:12] <Minaplo> [A unique club matchbox.]
[12:18] <Yanmei> "…" She stared at it. Hope swelled. Then died. A seedy place like this… she needed backup. But who would send it? She couldn't call anyone, and she couldn't be sure that S2 had picked up her own trail yet. Maybe if she just gave up… but no, that was impossible too! -
[12:21] <Yanmei> She would go. Scope it out from the outside. It wasn't -that- late. It probably wouldn't even be crowded. She peered down at the address on it and then slipped the matchbox into her pocket.
[12:22] <Yanmei> And then she headed off.
[12:34] <Minaplo> [The Club- 'Heaven Purview' looked as though it had definitely benefitted from having, at some point, been demolished. It all looked shiny and new, although much of the area around it looked damaged- from the riots, of course. The place seemed 'open' at the moment, but only a few people seemed to be inside.]
[12:42] * Yanmei avoided the door at first, nonchalantly moseying to the side of the building to look in the window. She tried to duck low, cupping her hands on the glass so that she could see better. She wished she'd brought a cap to hide her violet pigtails, but what were the chances of someone actually noticing?
[12:43] <Minaplo> [Fairly good, apparently. A muscular-looking bouncer leaned out the door. "Hey, you!"]
[12:47] * Yanmei jumped slightly, ducking down. It took an extra minute for her to register that it wasn't coming from inside but from the door. "*Ahem*" she straightened up as if this was something she got caught doing all the time. "Yes~? What's the matter, sir?"
[12:50] <Minaplo> ["Hey, you're not in trouble. Aren't you that Yanmei girl?"]
[12:55] <Yanmei> "Well, yes, I am." She smiled sweetly at him. "There's someone I'm looking for, but… I didn't want to cause a fuss, you see."
[12:55] <Minaplo> ["Oh yeah?"]
[12:58] <Yanmei> "A gentleman about this high," she held up a hand to demonstrate, "With long blonde hair. We had a little run-in earlier, and I think he might have mistakenly picked up something in the aftermath that belongs to me. Honest mistake, really. Have you seen anyone like that tonight?"
[12:59] <Minaplo> ["Hmm. I dunno, but then again I'm not always here. Maybe someone here knows who he is."]
[12:59] <Yanmei> "Would it be all right if I looked around? Do I have to pay a cover fee?"
[13:01] <Minaplo> ["No, for you it's fine, but- you can't order anything."]
[13:02] <Yanmei> "Wouldn't dream of it. Have to keep my head, you know." She winked at him, and then strolled over and stepped inside, panning the place.
[13:04] <Minaplo> [Most of the people in the club- which was empty and quiet- were sitting at the bar, glasses of wine, beer and the like in hand.]
[13:05] <Yanmei> So Yanmei headed over to ask around, using the same description as earlier.
[13:12] <Minaplo> [The description brings up results almost immediately. "'Ey, Jean, isn't she talking about Charles?"-
[13:12] <Minaplo> ["Yeah, yeah she is. Tanned fellow, long blonde hair. Charles Gamelin, works for NERV, right?"]
[13:17] <Yanmei> She was taken aback… and a little embarrassed, though she could smile that part off as she worked the crowd. Worked for NERV? Gamelin! No wonder he had seemed so familiar. "Has he always worked for NERV?"
[13:18] <Minaplo> ["Yeah, as far as I know." Said Jean. "Hasn't been in since the riots, though, he's probably been busy…"]
[13:19] <Yanmei> "Yeah, he has been. Security detail, I think? Well, I'll talk to him tomorrow. Thank you for the help."
[13:19] <Minaplo> ["Not a worry. You keep that chin up, missy."]
[13:21] <Yanmei> "Will do." She gave a light, playful salute, and headed for the door. That changed a few things. She didn't have to panic as hard, for one. It also meant that she knew where to go next. Not to her apartment, but the Geofront. It was time to have a talk with the Head of S2.
[14:10] <Minaplo> [A quick ride in the elevator to the Geofront later- the doors opened, allowing Yanmei out-
[14:11] <Minaplo> [… Only for her to run into two totally unfamiliar figures. They were soldiers, clad head to toe in their uniforms and armour- dusky yellow interlocking plates of ceramiclikes over dark red fabrics, with a smooth, robotic helmet. They carried long thin rifles- they turned to Yanmei as the doors opened.]
[14:15] * Yanmei stared at them a moment, and then bobbed her head politely before stepping inside. "…" The interlocking plates on their armor reminded her of what she had seen in Russia during her last vacation. The lastest style. So maybe… "Synfront Base?" she guessed?
[14:17] <Minaplo> ["Synfront Storm Trooper Ninth Company." Said one of the soldiers, nodding.-
[14:17] <Minaplo> ["Fire Regiment." Said the other.]
[14:18] * Yanmei nodded. "Welcome to Paris, gentlemen."
[14:22] <Minaplo> ["Lieutenant." Said one, nodding.-
[14:22] <Minaplo> ["Enjoy your day, Lieutenant." Said the other, stepping onto the elevator, the other one following.]
[14:28] <Yanmei> "Same to you." A last backward glance, and she was wandering down the hall toward Simon's office. She was in a part of the Geofront that she rarely ventured into - one with eyes undoubtedly watching everywhere. Best to get in, get the info, and hightail it asap. -
[14:28] <Yanmei> And so she didn't hesitate at all to knock on the office door once she had arrived.
[14:28] <Minaplo> ["Come in."]
[14:30] * Yanmei did. "Hello, Jeanne Simon~" she threw on her best smile. "It's been a while."
[14:31] <Minaplo> [The office was much like Yanmei remembered it. Filing cabinets, a desk- but of course, that bookshelf full of NERV merchandise. A stuffed 04 stared at Yanmei. It was always staring at Yanmei.-
[14:32] <Minaplo> [Simon wasn't alone, however. A holographic image- that of Japan's S2 Director, Kirihara, was also present. They'd been discussing something, apparently.-
[14:32] <Minaplo> ["I'll speak to you later, Misaki." Said Simon, switching the hologram off. She turned to Yanmei. "What do you need, Zhang?"]
[14:36] <Yanmei> Stupid 04 doll… Yanmei did her best to ignore it, focusing on Simon instead. "I'm a little surprised? I thought you might already have been clued in about it. I'll cut to the chase: I believe that one of your men might have made off with my cell phone."
[14:36] <Minaplo> [Simon's eyebrows rose. "Why would we do that?"]
[14:37] <Yanmei> Her own eyebrows rose slightly. "That's what I'm investigating. You didn't give him the order for that?"
[14:40] <Minaplo> ["Who are we even talking about?"}
[14:43] <Yanmei> "Charles Gamelin." Was she serious, or playing dumb? Yanmei held back a frown. "I bumped into him earlier on the streets. Right after that, I noticed that the phone was missing."
[14:44] <Minaplo> [Simon leaned forward, now, eyes wide. "You found Gamelin?"]
[14:45] <Yanmei> "Eh? What do you mean?"
[14:47] <Minaplo> ["Gamelin's been missing ever since the attack."]
[14:50] <Yanmei> "Is… is that so?" Jeanne's surprise was a little too genuine. It took her off guard. Maybe… that was what it was designed to do! "He was the one who informed us that we were supposed to go to the Geofront. But after that, he vanished…?"
[14:50] <Minaplo> ["Yes. We lost contact with him almost directly after. Where did you find him? Details!"]
[15:00] <Yanmei> That eagerness was a little too genuine too. "It, uh, was by one of the burned buildings in Les Halles? There was also this…" She searched through her pockets and pulled out the matchbox. "I already went by the club, and he wasn't there. Hadn't been for some time, apparently? Look, what's his deal? Would he have a reason for running off like that?"
[15:01] <Minaplo> ["Gamelin was a model agent. Single, parents live in the Rhone valley, always on time, excellent shot. We thought he was dead. What's he doing wandering about, stealing phones…?"]
[15:03] <Yanmei> "He was acting weird. Like he didn't want to be recognized?" Yanmei folded her arms, thinking hard. "Someone must have put him up to it? If not you, then…?"
[15:05] <Minaplo> ["Who else could he be working for? What were you ding in Les Halles anyway?"]
[15:08] <Yanmei> "Well - ah, I was on my way home, detoured to do some shopping somewhere else, and I spotted this black cat limping along the sidewalk, and I followed it in order to help it and ended up there, somehow. Then I lost track of it, so…"
[15:11] <Minaplo> ["Really."]
[15:13] <Yanmei> "Really."
[15:13] <Minaplo> [Simon gave Yanmei a critical eye. "Very well. I'll send a squad around that area to see if they can find him."]
[15:14] <Yanmei> "Great. Maybe we can get some answers!" Yanmei grinned at her, trying to look sincere as well. Then her smile faded. "There's another thing, though…"
[15:18] <Minaplo> ["What?"]
[15:20] <Yanmei> "Have you heard any rumors about the criminals here in Paris? Like, getting up to worse stuff than usual? I'm not just talking about the riots here."
[15:20] <Minaplo> ["What, like the Mafia?"]
[15:23] <Yanmei> "Hm, maybe. I'm not really sure on the details. The other day - before we evacuated to the safehouse - someone in my neighborhood mentioned seeing some shady people drifting around lately."
[15:24] <Minaplo> ["'Shady people'? That's not a lot to go on."]
[15:27] <Yanmei> "Yeah, I know. Sorry. It's all she gave me." She gave a helpless little shrug. "Do we even have the extra manpower to send additional agents to watch over the area? I'm a little worried about the other pilots' apartments too."
[15:31] <Minaplo> ["We're stretched thin as it is, and we aren't allowed to use the the Fire Company troopers for that sort of thing."]
[15:36] <Minaplo> <Ninth Company*>
[15:38] <Yanmei> "I see. In that case, we'll have to arm ourselves a bit more properly. Just in case, you know?"
[15:38] <Minaplo> ["Aren't you armed enough already?"]
[15:41] <Yanmei> "Do you think so?" She opened her coat, showing off the holstered sidearm she was carrying on her. "It's kind of puny, don't you think?"
[15:42] <Minaplo> ["I've seen the weapons your apartment holds." Said Jeanne dryly. "The only thing it's missing is a Challenger-3 in the parking lot."]
[15:43] <Yanmei> "How… how much would one of those cost, by chance~?"
[15:44] <Minaplo> ["Go away."]
[15:46] * Yanmei huffed. "Fine. If you locate my cell you'll let me know, right?"
[15:47] <Minaplo> ["Of course."]
[15:51] <Yanmei> "Thank you~ If I find any more clues, I'll let you know too?" She headed for the door. Caught sight of doll 04 again and hastily faced forward again, clearing her throat. "See you later."
[15:51] <Minaplo> ["'Bye."]
[15:59] <Yanmei> In the outside hallway once more, she tried to settle down. Well, that was a bust. No Gamelin, no phone, no additional security. Self-protection was the name of the game. A deep breath. All right. She could handle this. -
[16:02] <Yanmei> For now, however, she would just have to get home and cook dinner for Lizzie and then… grab one of the backup phones. There was a sense of dismay at that, but se tried to brush it aside. Someday, maybe, she would see it again after all.
[16:20] <Minaplo> --
[16:20] <Minaplo> ["Ghaagh… Hah… Gah…"-
[16:23] <Minaplo> [A few hours had passed since he'd taken the phone from the Zhang girl. Gamelin held the phone in front of him with his left hand, his right hand clasped over his heart. Shooting, stabbing pains rippled through his body.-
[16:24] <Minaplo> [He was leaning against a wall, in the cul-de-sac of an alleyway. It was dirty; the buildings around had been gutted by fire, and all sorts of debris lay around him. Trash, burned clothes, crates…-
[16:26] <Minaplo> [Tried to breathe slowly, but they came out in ragged bursts. Hurt his lungs. The fingers of his left hand twitched and shook slightly as he flicked through the phone's message inbox.-
[16:28] <Minaplo> ["I… I knew it." He gasped out, letting out a groan.-
[16:29] <Minaplo> ["Whatcha know, tramp?" Came a sneering voice from the alleyway entrance. Gamelin looked up.-
[16:30] <Minaplo> [Three men were walking towards him, looking rather predisposed towards violence. The one who spoke had greasy black hair and a perpetual smirk; he was cracking his knuckles.-
[16:31] <Minaplo> ["Piss off." Snapped Gamelin- even speaking caused pain.-
[16:32] <Minaplo> ["Big bad words from a sick little man, tramp." Said the smirking fellow. He walked into the cul-de-sac. "What's on the phone?"-
[16:32] <Minaplo> ["None of your business." Said Gamelin. He tried to tuck it into a pocket, but his aggressor grabbed his wrist.-
[16:32] <Minaplo> ["We're making it our business." Said the man. "Boss Parrino's business, in fact."-
[16:35] <Minaplo> ["Mafia? Oh, Christ." Groaned Gamelin. "Well this is S2 business, so crawl back to your papa."-
[16:35] <Minaplo> [That caused them pause. No one in Paris-2 invoked the name of Section Two lightly. The three mafiosi looked at each other.-
[16:36] <Minaplo> ["… Yeah right. What's an S2 doing in a shitty alleyway wearing those rags, stealing from a pilot?" Asked the lead mafioso.-
[16:37] <Minaplo> ["I don't need to explain myself to a bunch of pseudo-Italians."-
[16:37] <Minaplo> [Whack! The lead punched Gamelin square in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain, gasping and wheezing.-
[16:39] <Minaplo> ["Fuckin' bastard!" Said the mafioso, thumping Gamelin in the back with both fists. Gamelin buckled, falling to his hands and knees. The phone scattered across the cracked concrete ground.-
[16:40] <Minaplo> ["Things must really be rotten when dirty little thieves like you are disrespecting -us-." A boot into the ribs. Gamelin cried out in pain.-
[16:41] <Minaplo> [One of the mafiosi picked the phone up, pocketing it. The abuse continued; a few minutes of kicks and punches left him bloody and broken, barely able to move.-
[16:42] <Minaplo> ["Now." The lead mafioso cracked his knuckles. "What do you say? You say 'sorry'. Go on, -Agent-. Say it."-
[16:42] <Minaplo> ["I…" Gamelin tried to breathe through broken ribs. Breath. Breath. "I… Spit on you."-
[16:42] <Minaplo> ["What was that, tramp?"-
[16:44] <Minaplo> ["You… You're slime. Nothing between you and… Common street thugs, except- thugs aren't stupid enough to attack… People so openly." Said Gamelin, trying to lift himself up. He failed, collapsing to the ground. "You start as- as gangbangers, too scared of us, t-too scared… To do more than the most… Hidden things. Then- then you get together, you -gather-, and… And you think your pathetic Omerta gives you- you some protection. All it does… Is make you all stupid."-
[16:44] <Minaplo> ["Right. I'm gonna kill you for that-"-
[16:44] <Minaplo> [Another kick. Gamelin felt a burning in his stomach and chest- a second later he retched. There were cries of disgust from his tormentors.-
[16:45] <Minaplo> ["Christ almighty, he's really sick." Said one of the mafiosi on the side. "Look, we got what we came for, let's just leave him, alright?"-
[16:45] <Minaplo> ["Yeah… Yeah, whatever. He'll die anyway."-
[16:45] <Minaplo> [The three of them started to walk off.-
[16:46] <Minaplo> ["Wait." Said Gamelin, trying to stand once more. "Wait, damnit."-
[16:46] <Minaplo> [The Mafiosi stopped. The lead turned around. "-What-?"-
[16:46] <Minaplo> [Gamelin finally got to his feet.-
[16:46] <Minaplo> --
[16:46] <Minaplo> ["Dang."-
[16:47] <Minaplo> [Mr. Blue stood in the alleyway, arms folded, one hand on his chin as he surveyed the scene.-
[16:48] <Minaplo> ["They've been missing for a day." Said the thin young man at his side. The Brofessor- wearing an innocuous black coat- stared at the scene impassively.-
[16:49] <Minaplo> [Three mafiosi lay in the cul-de-sac, all obviously dead. Blood splattered the walls and soaked into the cracks of the concrete; their bodies were twisted.-
[16:49] <Minaplo> ["They didn't touch anything." Said the Brofessor. "The Mafiosi think it's bad luck to touch a Spectre's kill."-
[16:50] <Minaplo> [Mr. Blue tilted his head, but turned back to the corpses. He approached one. "Oh boy. This is lucky for them, then. This wasn't the Spectre's work."-
[16:50] <Minaplo> ["How can you tell?"-
[16:51] <Minaplo> ["How can I tell. Geez." Mr. Blue shook his head. "The Spectre impales and slashes. It's its thing. Impaled to a wall, impaled to the roof, impaled to an impala, there's a pattern there that usually involves running someone through with a long sharp thing."-
[16:52] <Minaplo> [Mr. Blue grabbed the head of one of the mafiosi and shook it. The skin of the face hung awkwardly and grotesquely. "This fellow- something smashed his skull in. Crushed it. See how the skin hangs?" He grabbed the nose and pulled it away, causing it to stretch disgustingly before letting it go limp. "I bet the cartilege of the nose was forced into the brain, too."-
[16:52] <Minaplo> ["I thought that was impossible."-
[16:53] <Minaplo> ["It is." Said Mr. Blue, standing and stretching. "For a normal human being." He kicked one of the other corpses over, so that it lay on its back. The Brofessor's face of impassivity shattered.-
[16:53] <Minaplo> ["What on Earth-?!"-
[16:54] <Minaplo> [Mr. Blue crouched down to the body, pulled at the ripped and ragged shirt it wore. It was soaked through with blood, an exposed and open stomach visible. "Jagged, ripped injuries, inconsistent internal abrasions…" Mr. Blue looked up at the Brofessor and grinned. "This fellow here has had his stomach eaten."-
[16:55] <Minaplo> ["… What? No. It was an animal or something-"-
[16:55] <Minaplo> ["What, like a dog? No. The blood splatter means his heart was beating when it happened, so he was definitely alive." Mr. Blue stood up. "This wasn't the Spectre's work. The Spectre is too clean for stuff like this."-
[16:56] <Minaplo> ["Then… What -did- cause it?"-
[16:56] <Minaplo> ["Something real hungry, I'd 'spect."]

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