Yanmei S Plea

[13:30] * Yanmei moved slowly along the hallways of the Dorian Lachapelle once again. After returning from the eventful apartment run, she had ditched her coat, tossed most of her retrieved things into her cabin's closet, and distributed a few old belongings of Lizzie's and Reggie's to their respective owners… although Daji had boldly claimed some of the latter as her own. -
[13:34] <Yanmei> She didn't have time to see how the drama would play out, however. There had been a call for her over the ship's announcement system, and so she was on her way to one of the conference rooms, leaving Lizzie and the pets in Isaiah's care. And yes, she found herself being closely shadowed by someone once more…
[13:40] <Minaplo> [Chiisana.-
[13:40] <Minaplo> [She… Looked very different.-
[13:47] <Minaplo> [She'd changed out of her lacy, big dress; instead, she was wearing a pair of tight white Jodhpur trousers, tucked into tall black riding boots. She also wore a white linen shirt with a red military tie, over which she wore a long dark blue blue double-breasted coat that fell to the knee.-
[13:47] <Minaplo> [Compared to her usual frilly appearance, it gave her a sharply more martial, aggressive posture.]
[13:54] <Yanmei> It made her feel painfully under-dressed, even though Yanmei herself was in a dress shirt and pair of slacks. -
[13:56] <Yanmei> But it wasn't long before they reached their destination and Yanmei rang the buzzer, primly fluffing her hair.
[14:01] <Minaplo> [The door slid open for them, revealing the conference room, which was empty save for two people- Marianne, sitting at the head of the table, and Vercingetorix to her right.]
[14:06] <Yanmei> "Colonel and company," said Yanmei briskly, stepping into the room with a quick salute.
[14:06] <Minaplo> [Chiisana saluted Marianne, before taking a seat.-
[14:06] <Minaplo> [She pointedly ignored Vercingetorix.-
[14:07] <Minaplo> [Marianne returned their salutes, folding her hands together.]
[14:10] <Yanmei> "Thank you for meeting with us today." Yanmei took a seat of her own. "I'm sure we all have things to do, so I'll be very brief. I'll assume you both heard the details of what happened at the Palais the other night?"
[14:12] <Minaplo> ["Of course." Said Marianne.]
[14:14] <Yanmei> "The Solomon prime who assaulted our party that evening met up with us today while we were in the city. We talked a while, and I've come to make a proposal as a result."
[14:15] <Minaplo> [Vercingetorix and Marianne looked at each other for a second.-
[14:15] <Minaplo> ["Go on." Said Marianne.]
[14:25] <Yanmei> "The Prime in question has revealed himself to be the Seventeenth Angel, codename: Elemiah. Back then, before it was destroyed and recreated as one of Caine's Solomon Primes, it was intensely drawn to the Sixteenth Angel, Ramliel, as a result of them being a part of the same A-Type and E-type pairing?" -
[14:28] <Yanmei> "It seems like that same attraction has persisted even now. He expressed a desire to establish an offical Libido Effect with the incarnation of the Angel Ramliel. And… I believe that we should help him."
[14:28] <Minaplo> ["Denied." Said Vercingetorix. "You may go."]
[14:29] <Yanmei> "I won't," she said firmly. "You should hear me out."
[14:30] <Minaplo> ["Why?"-
[14:30] <Minaplo> ["There's no harm in it." Said Marianne. "Go ahead, Yanmei."]
[14:40] <Yanmei> "Thank you." She tossed her hair. "I want you to imagine an opportunity: the chance to erode the conditioning that two of Caine's apparently best assassins had to make them as loyal to her as they are. And all we have to do to accomplish this is to get this latest Prime and the Spectre to meet in person. Now, why would we pass up this opportunity?"
[14:41] <Minaplo> ["Because there's too much risk, could be a trap and won't work." Said Vercingetorix. "Are we done?"]
[14:48] <Yanmei> "We are not? What's your basis for saying it won't work?"
[15:00] <Minaplo> ["Caine doesn't keep her Primes under control via just conditioning. She uses the Eternity Drive to crush down their own willpowers and make them do what she wishes."]
[15:07] <Yanmei> "But -how- does she do it? The Prime mentioned that it was something Caine did while dividing their souls? We already know that the Spectre is an anomally on that point. Isn't there a chance that this Eternity Drive business is less effective on her?"
[15:15] <Minaplo> ["There is a portion of the soul, called the Will or the Psyche, that is responsible for all conscious, sapient actions the soul takes. Control that portion and you can control the soul, regardless of what it is doing or where it is."-
[15:16] <Minaplo> ["Caine divides her Primes' souls into at least halves- one for the Prime, one for the Dysangelion- then places the Psyche within the Eternity Drive, where it can be dominated by her."-
[15:17] <Minaplo> ["So you see, it does not matter what you do. So long as the Psyche is within the Eternity Drive, they will both be controlled."-
[15:22] <Minaplo> ["Is that what you did to us?" Asked Chiisana, her tone dark.-
[15:23] <Minaplo> ["No. You are only divided once, and you- the pilot- retain the entire psyche."-
[15:23] <Minaplo> [Chiisana sat back, giving Vercingetorix a deathly look.]
[15:28] * Yanmei seemed to be in a slightly darker mood herself, but for different reasons. -
[15:31] <Yanmei> "So what does this mean for your, well. Thing. Since it's powered by a part of Ramliel's soul? Does this mean that Caine could mess with it at will?"
[15:45] <Minaplo> [He folded his arms. "No. Caine is controlling the Psyche via the Eternity Drive. It is thus possible to control souls through external power. My trump card is kept in check in two ways- my own physical willpower, and synchronization technology similar to that of the Evangelions."-
[15:46] <Minaplo> ["If the Psyche were to be restored with the other portions of the Spectre's soul, however, then the Spectre could end up controlling the trump card."]
[15:56] <Yanmei> "But that doesn't look like it's happening any time soon? So." She was frowning deeply. "Colonel, what are your thoughts on all of this?"
[16:27] <Minaplo> ["I do have some questions." Said Marianne. "The Paris Evangelions, aren't they all soul-divided themselves? Where's the Psyche for -their- soul?"-
[16:27] <Minaplo> ["In Sera de Pteres." Said Vercingetorix gruffly.]
[16:30] * Yanmei looked deeply uncomfortable at that. Although, not very surprised either.
[16:32] <Minaplo> ["How come de Pteres cannot control the Evangelions remotely, then?" Asked Chiisana, folding her own arms, almost a mirror of imperious stubbornness to her father.-
[16:32] <Minaplo> ["The Pilots of the Evangelions override that-"-
[16:32] <Minaplo> ["And when the pilots aren't in their units?"-
[16:33] <Minaplo> ["Conditioning on de Pteres keeps him in line." Snapped Vercingetorix. "And the Ginevre Fontaine keeps the Evangelions in line via the Li-"-
[16:33] <Minaplo> [He froze. He stared at Chiisana, his face hidden by his mask, and yet there was undisguised anger in that look.-
[16:33] <Minaplo> [Chiisana sat back, smirking.]
01[21:49] <Yanmei> "My, how interesting," said Yanmei - a statement that could be made at multiple levels, to be sure. -
01[21:51] <Yanmei> She steepled her fingers on the tabletop and smiled. "If we apply the same reasoning to the Solomons, it doesn't look quite that impossible, does it?"
[21:53] <Minaplo> ["There are too many variables." Growled Vercingetorix. "The Spectre's A-Type is undoubtedly going to be controlled in the same way as the Spectre. It isn't the same as Fontaine, who is whole."]
01[22:03] <Yanmei> "And what of it? A little while ago, weren't you interested in seeing if certain Primes could be influenced over to our side by - what was it? - hugs and understanding and sunshine? How does an idea like this have more uncertain variables than -that- one?"
[22:25] <Minaplo> ["I was interested in seeing if it could happen simply as a passive result of natural interaction." Said Vercingetorix darkly. "It was de Pteres' idea, and even then I told you I had my doubts about it. This is different. This is active engaging in a dangerous ploy to engage two entities controlled by your enemy with forces you do not understand."]
01[22:57] <Yanmei> "Actually getting the Spectre out of there shouldn't be too difficult?" She was gazing at Marianne now. "We're retaking the Geofront anyway? So when the battle starts we could spend a small task force to find and keep her subdued until everything's concluded. According to the Prime, she is still down there. There's no reason to believe that she'll be moved by the time we strike."
[22:58] <Minaplo> [Marianne nodded. "That's a fair point. And it's not like we wouldn't have to deal with her anyway, Vercingetorix."-
[22:58] <Minaplo> [Vercingetorix was silent for a moment.-
[22:59] <Minaplo> ["We would have to capture and contain both of them."]
01[23:02] <Yanmei> "What? Both Primes? The other one has been forbidden to enter the Geofront at all, so he'll be unable to hinder us once we get inside? And afterward he'll be waiting at a designated spot in order to see her."
[23:03] <Minaplo> ["Then that is when we should capture him."]
06[23:04] * Yanmei frowned at that. "What are you planning to do?"
[23:05] <Minaplo> ["If we capture the Spectre, that is an asset we obtain to Caine's loss. There is no guarantee that the Libido Effect will do anything to free her or the male Prime from Caine's influence. So, to give the Spectre back to a Caine supporter is to give her back a powerful weapon. Here we have the perfect opportunity to capture another Prime and weaken her again."-
[23:06] <Minaplo> ["Those are my conditions. Either we capture just the Spectre, and no Libido is formed. Or we form the Libido, but capture both and see if we can't subvert them in some way during capture."]
01[23:13] <Yanmei> "I can't really argue with that?" Yanmei grumbled, drumming her fingers lightly on the table. "There will need to be Ayanamis on both teams, of course? Himesama has some very good suggestions on who should do it."
[23:18] <Minaplo> ["I recommend myself, Rei, Julie and Ni." Said Chiisana. Her back was very straight, her hands folded together on the table.-
[23:19] <Minaplo> ["Mm. Agreed." Murmured Vercingetorix.]
01[23:20] <Yanmei> "I would also like to accompany them."
[23:21] <Minaplo> ["Very well."]
01[23:23] <Yanmei> "Excellent. Then it looks like we have a plan. Was there anything else we need to discuss while we have the opportunity?"
[23:25] <Minaplo> ["Yes." Said Vercingetorix. "Regarding the planned attack on the Geofront. It is the question of forces at our disposal."]
01[23:28] <Yanmei> "The ones on the ship aren't enough, are they? Will we be getting military backing from elsewhere?"
[23:28] <Minaplo> ["I have tabbed several sources. The French army is one, certain American units is another. I am in contact with certain Iron Guard warlords as well."-
[23:29] <Minaplo> ["But there is another, untapped force of battle-hardened troops available to us- the gangers of Melbourne."]
01[23:29] <Yanmei> "Absolutely not."
[23:29] <Minaplo> ["No?"]
01[23:33] <Yanmei> "They don't have the equipment or training to get involved in a war like this one? Moreover, they have more than enough of their own troubles in Melbourne. They don't need to be swept up in a war that's completely unrelated to them."
[23:37] <Minaplo> ["Wrong on both counts." Said Vercingetorix. "I have been supplying them with equipment ever since you left. And furthermore, the situation in Melbourne is much different than what you experienced. The city is now almost completely controlled by the Lions."-
[23:38] <Minaplo> ["And not even you are dull enough to believe that that this war is unrelated to them, when it both involves you and is for the stake of humanity." He said severely.]
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01[23:46] <Yanmei> The Lions were flourishing and dominating? If she'd had the time, she would have given in to a longer moment to wallow in her wonder. "Most of them didn't even know what an Evangelion was until Isaiah and I crashed there? And it's only been a few weeks since then! How could they possibly be ready for a commitment of this scale?" -
01[23:46] <Yanmei> "And you… how long have you been giving them supplies? Have you been planning this all along?"
[23:47] <Minaplo> ["Of course."]
01[23:50] <Yanmei> "They're my responsibility. You shouldn't use them like that!"
[23:50] <Minaplo> ["Too bad."]
06[23:51] * Yanmei -glowered-.
[23:51] <Minaplo> ["Either we use them now, or Caine nukes the city afterwards just in case."]
01[23:55] <Yanmei> "In case of what? Like we'd be foolish enough to flee to the same hiding place twice? Won't she just straight up attack the city anyway if we're using people coming from there?"
[23:57] <Minaplo> ["Caine expects us to use troops from the city anyway. So even if we do not, she'll destroy the city just to stop the possibility."]
01[23:58] <Yanmei> "…"
Session Time: Sat Nov 02 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <Minaplo> ["So we will use troops from Melbourne. That is final."]
01[00:03] <Yanmei> The slightest muscle twitch in her jaw bretrayed that she was now gritting her teeth. "I take it they're already on their way?"
[00:04] <Minaplo> ["Of course."]
01[00:07] <Yanmei> "Very well," she said coolly. "I can at least look forward to speaking with their leader again, when they arrive."
[00:07] <Minaplo> ["Leaders, in fact."]
01[00:08] <Yanmei> "They've started electing more people to gang leadership positions?" A small twinge of hope.
[00:11] <Minaplo> ["Not exactly. Your Lions seemed to have absorbed other gangs whole, including their leaders. Your… viceroy… Hermione Severus… Has a small 'parliament' of advisors. Checkers Lucy, Saint Luna, Mosquito Reynolds and the Blue Prince among them."-
[00:11] <Minaplo> [Chiisana looked over. "The Blue Prince?" She asked, interested.]
01[00:15] <Yanmei> "He's not an actual royal?" Yanmei glanced over at her. "But you two might get along. He's intelligent. Very curious about the world outside of Melbourne."
[00:16] <Minaplo> ["I see."]
01[00:20] <Yanmei> "In any case, I'm glad they're doing well. Even almost Saint Luna."
[00:21] <Minaplo> ["Mm."]
01[00:23] <Yanmei> "What do you two predict our chances of success as being?" She glanced between Vercingetorix and Marianne.
[00:24] <Minaplo> ["Pretty good." Said Marianne. "We have a few plans in place to help with the attack."]
01[00:25] <Yanmei> "Oh?"
[00:26] <Minaplo> ["Using Evangelions to create a bridgehead and secure the city, whilst a strike force waylays any reinforcements." Said Marianne.]
01[00:27] <Yanmei> "Simple enough."
[00:30] <Minaplo> ["Is that all?" Asked Vercingetorix.]
01[00:31] <Yanmei> "Mainly. As an aside, I trust you heard the details about Rei's trial?"
[00:32] <Minaplo> ["I did."]
01[00:33] <Yanmei> "Well? What do you think?"
[00:34] <Minaplo> ["It is good that she was exonerated."]
01[00:35] <Yanmei> "You're welcome," she said primly.
[00:35] <Minaplo> ["It would have been better for you to have ensured she avoided such trouble in the first place." Lectured Vercingetorix.]
01[00:41] <Yanmei> "Maybe I had other things on my mind? Like dealing with that unsuitable babysitter you recommended for Lizzie? Or making sure she wasn't seen running around with that suspicious toy you left behind for her."
[00:42] <Minaplo> ["These are irrelevant."]
06[00:43] * Yanmei huffed.
[00:43] <Minaplo> ["Perhaps we should go, Yanmei." Said Chiisana archly.]
01[00:44] <Yanmei> "Very well." Yanmei stood, saluting them both once more. "Thank you for your time."
[00:45] <Minaplo> ["And you." Said Marianne, whilst Vercingetorix merely nodded.]
06[00:49] * Yanmei gave a last acknowledging nod of her own, and then hobbled for the door.

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