Yanmei's Storytime

(14:32:49) Yanmei: The base was already in full swing by the time that Yanmei and Isha left their respective quarters after breakfast. -
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(14:38:07) Yanmei: While noises carried here and there - shouts, the very distant din of footsteps, machinery and the like - the residential wing itself wasn't especially crowded. Yanmei was glad for it. Clothes had been a bit of a problem for her today. -
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(14:42:00) Yanmei: Everything she had to pick from was so… boring and unsuitable! She'd gone ahead with one of the outfits Isaiah had gotten for her as part of her roadtrip disguise; a blue and white floral dress that was entirely too long and matronly. "I hope there's a tailor employed somewhere around here," she grumbled, knocking on the door that she and her companions had come to.
(14:46:47) Sept: There was a vague noise from the other side, soon followed by footsteps and the door opening. "Hi," he said with some cheer as he leaned on the door, but a frown followed that. "Are you going already?"
(14:49:20) Yanmei: Yanmei's own cheerful greeting stalled on her lips "Eh…? Where would we go, exactly? We just dropped by to say hi?"
(14:49:46) Minaplo: [Isha's eyebrows rose slightly.]
(14:52:10) * Sept glanced sideways. "You looked like you were… mm. Hi," he tried again. "How are you two doing?"
(14:56:16) Yanmei: "Can't complain?" She went along with it, smiling. "They're treating us pretty well. Have you met Skippy yet?"
(14:59:07) Sept: "Nnno," Sera said, eyes trailing downwards towards the creature. "You really like your pets."
(14:59:22) Minaplo: ["Nhaa."-
(15:00:11) Minaplo: [Skippy nudged itself between Isha and Yanmei. It stood up straight, a good six feet tall, and snuffled at Sera's hair.]
(15:01:08) Yanmei: "Heh. He likes you!"
(15:04:22) * Sept went with it, not particularly perturbed by it after all those ambushes by and on Felix. "Hah, that's me. Friend to all creatures. Do you… want to sit down or something? I haven't found any bugs," he said, glancing back at the room, as if that would finally reveal one.
(15:09:44) * Yanmei followed his gaze. "Sure, thank you."
(15:11:26) Minaplo: ["Thank you." Said Isha, following Yanmei.]
(15:14:38) Sept: A couch sat by one of the side walls, opposite a desk with a single chair. "Make sure it's closed, the door," he said, collapsing onto the bed himself.
(15:17:58) Yanmei: "Naturally?" She waited until it was done before speaking more frankly, lowering herself into the couch. "Nice place, by the way. How have you been doing since you got here?"
(15:19:23) Minaplo: [Isha took the single chair, whilst Skippy flopped on the ground, his tail slapping against the wall with a heavy -thokthok-.]
(15:22:14) Sept: "Eh, one base, another base," he said, staring at the ceiling. "I'm hanging on, piecing it together. You're here now, that's… a comfort."
(15:24:16) Sept: [There were a few notepads strewn across the desk, partially filled with indecipherable text in indecipherable handwriting.]
(15:28:54) Yanmei: Yanmei took little notice, not being close enough to the desk to see them in a lot of detail. "Thanks. Or maybe I should say 'sorry for worrying you'? The Synfront was probably in chaos after we left."
(15:34:06) Sept: "It saw worse. It was abandoned after the Angel came in."
(15:38:41) Yanmei: "It was?" Yanmei sat up a touch straighter. "I heard that it was badly damaged, but…"
(15:39:18) Minaplo: ["I doubt it was completely abandoned." Murmured Isha. "They would've evacuated key personnel and equipment, but they wouldn't leave such a prize open to anyone to take without a fight."]
(15:45:07) Sept: "True. There are no Evangelions protecting it, but even one person capable of communicating can instantly call in a Dysangelion. This is hardly about territory now. Which is why traditional forces will have minimal impact on any of it."
(15:46:08) Minaplo: ["It's true." Said Isha. "The main value of the Synfront is buried miles and miles underground in every direction- you couldn't destroy it with just a normal army."]
(15:48:27) Yanmei: "What happened to Isabelle? Was she relocated someplace else too?"
(15:51:08) Sept: "…no idea, sorry. If she's alive, she was relocated somewhere else than me, or stayed behind."
(15:53:14) * Yanmei looked disappointed. She leaned back against the sofa and sighed. "I see. What about the other pilots…?"
(15:58:12) * Sept sat up with a bit of effort again, looking at her. "You trust the Magistrate with all of this? This goes -far- beyond his paygrade. No offense," he added, in a non-apologetic voice.
(16:01:40) Minaplo: [An amused expression crossed Isha's face as he sat back in his chair, waiting for Yanmei's response.]
(16:18:26) Yanmei: "Former Magistrate by this point. Probably. Look. If anyone would have benefited from betraying me during my little adventure, it would have been him? And yet, here we are. Anyway," she smirked a bit, "it's a bit odd hearing that from you. What about your promotion?"
(16:25:48) * Sept weighed the argument, looking not entirely convinced. "It's true that she's probably getting more out of me than him now, but I wouldn't trust NERV with this, either. We aren't NERV, Mary isn't the UN."-
(16:27:49) Sept: "Anyway," he said, giving up. "Tsubaki was abducted by the Angel. Along with 01, 03 and 04. The Angel is Vercingetorix's."
(16:32:27) Yanmei: Silence for quite a few beats. Yanmei was staring. "Vercingetorix's? Then… what, is he some kind of Angel himself? How does that make sense?"
(16:35:27) Sept: "There's also compelling evidence that he's…" Sera glanced sideways. He hadn't once said it out loud yet. "Ikari." His look made it clear this had been an annoyance for him for a while, and continued to be. "I don't have any answers."
(16:43:20) * Yanmei shifted uncomfortably. "That makes even less sense? Is…" she frowned, dropping her voice a little. "Is he in this base somewhere? Did you meet with him or somethng?"
(16:44:58) Minaplo: [Isha momentarily looked extremely shocked, but quickly scrabbled to rebuild a mask of composure as they continued.]
(16:49:05) Sept: "Doubt it, but then…" Sera shrugged. "He supposedly proved it to Tsubaki as he was keeping her. I'm inclined to believe her, but she -is- incredibly valuable. He's not the only one who wants to have her."
(16:51:35) Yanmei: "What do you mean?"
(17:01:23) Sept: "I… don't know. I don't think she should've survived when Jeremiah attacked us. She was treated well at the Synfront. I… no, nevermind. It's gone now. Where was I? The abduction?"
(17:03:58) Yanmei: Yanmei's stare turned puzzled… and a little concerned, too. "The abduction," she confirmed. "You're sure you're all right?"
(17:11:39) Sept: "Yeah, thanks…" Sera closed his eyes for a moment and fiddled with his hair with one hand. "A lot of traffic recently, you know? One of the Dysangelion pilots actually helped me sort it out… for now." A deep breath. "Vercingetorix also removed the limitations on the Evangelions he had. That includes 04. Unsure of his reasons, though. It won't be directly hazardous to us, but I don't know how they'd behave in more extreme conditions."
(17:16:33) Yanmei: Yanmei's eyes darkened and she frowned, glancing aside. "I knew 04 felt weirder than usual. I don't like it. Who knows what that Vercingetoric could be planning?"
(17:17:05) Yanmei: ^Vercingetorix
(17:23:33) Sept: "It's a minefield for us, but we have to make it through somehow. NERV has been cutting deals with him, Tsubaki is on his side… Mary has people -everywhere-. People she can rely on more than me. We -have- to be careful." Even as he said it, he had a look on his face that said he was painfully aware of the obvious retort hanging in the air.
(17:24:52) Minaplo: ["Isn't this Vercingetorix something of an ally, though?"]
(17:25:57) Sept: "Against what?" Sera jabbed.
(17:26:12) Minaplo: ["… Caine?"]
(17:27:15) Yanmei: "Even if he is, it doesn't mean he has our best interest at heart in the long term? It just means that we're useful to him at the moment." -
(17:27:44) Yanmei: Yanmei was still frowning. "We still don't know anything about his motives."
(17:28:19) Minaplo: ["Would he have told Akagi anything, do you think?"]
(17:33:45) Sept: "If he did and she somehow paid attention… It's possible she knows something more."
(17:36:51) Yanmei: "Hm. We'll need to ask her about it later, then."
(17:41:25) Sept: "The third Battleship is also functional, now. Which is all the more reason for us to not rely on either side's assistance for anything more than we absolutely need."
(17:42:52) Yanmei: "Wait, what? NERV has another battleship…?"
(17:44:19) * Sept shook his head. "Even that one had to be stolen, remember? NERV doesn't have the resources."
(17:47:31) Yanmei: "And this little operation seems to have even fewer of them. Angel business aside, that is. So…" Her eyes widened. "It doesn't belong to Caine and her people, does it?"
(17:52:18) Sept: "The family owns that project. And it's unlikely this one will be crashed by Silas… Which means NERV's ship is probably reduced to trench warfare with the other one. Evangelions and Angels remain. That's how this is going to be."
(17:59:11) Minaplo: ["Hold on. You say we can't rely on 'either side', but you haven't actually established what our or -your- goal -is-."]
(18:11:38) Sept: "I defer to Yanmei," he said grimly. "Our position continues to be unique, and we must take full advantage of it by getting to the bottom of everything before someone fucks it up for everyone, -forever-."
(18:16:06) * Yanmei sank into a deeply pensive expression. "Ultimately? We're trying to survive intact and to emerge from the conflict as masters of our own destinies instead of instruments for someone else's vision. It's always been like that for us…" -
(18:23:05) Yanmei: "In this conflict in particular, it means picking from the lesser of two evils and siding with the one that will allow us the greatest degree of success in regards to that in the long term. That -appears- to be Vercingetorix and his lot. But we have to be careful in case we're wrong about it? We also have to consider what each of the parties involved want for humanity as a whole as well, which is… trickier."
(18:32:18) Minaplo: ["Masters of our own destinies, hm…?"]
(18:34:26) Yanmei: "That's right. And the ideal scenario would allow that same freedom to be extended to humanity as a whole."
(18:38:10) Sept: "I realise this may lead to sound advice in the future, but if he dies now…"
(18:38:50) Yanmei: "Caine is already aware of some things."
(18:42:55) * Sept nodded at that with an uncomfortable expression.
(18:47:43) Minaplo: ["Caine, NERV and Vercingetorix. What do they all want, then?"]
(18:56:17) Yanmei: "I can only answer for NERV, and even then not with complete accuracy? They've lied to us a lot, and are ultimately under Caine's thumb. With Caine and Vecingetorix, it's harder to say? I can only judge the former on th horrific things she's done and is likely to do, and I don't really know much about the latter."
(18:56:53) Sept: "Our Evas are integral to a lot they could want. Other than that…"
(19:04:10) Minaplo: ["I thought you said NERV was cutting deals with Vercingetorix, though."]
(19:06:31) Sept: "NERV is under the influence of a lot of people. There are always more players."
(19:07:18) Minaplo: ["Like who?"]
(19:10:33) Sept: "The other Caines? I understand Linden's been quite the benefactor recently, as well."
(19:11:55) Minaplo: ["Other Caines?"]
(19:14:36) Sept: "Yes," Sera replied, irritated. "The Evangelion are Elisha's. The NeoSpartans are Azariah's. We understand neither of them fully."
(19:15:02) Minaplo: ["I'm pretty sure Azariah's dead."]
(19:17:19) Yanmei: "With both his work within NERV and the later LN rebellion, he left quite a legacy behind? Being dead hasn't stopped that."
(19:18:58) Sept: "Nor his son. As I said, we don't know the depths of what he did with the NeoSpartans."
(19:23:05) Minaplo: ["I worked with the Liberated Nations before and during the war." Said Isha. "And afterwards, I monitored LN remnant groups for the New World Army. Azariah Caine's influence is pretty extensive, but I really doubt at this point it counts on the scale of anything that even Linden could muster."]
(19:28:27) Sept: "And the NeoSpartans remain what they are, whoever holds the data," Sera insisted.
(19:32:56) Yanmei: "If you monitored them, you must know about the notorious conditioning programs that many of the LN troops went through. We're dealing with something similar, but with people who are either respected figures in the organization or actual Evangelion pilots."
(19:33:42) Minaplo: ["I'm pretty familiar with NeoSpartans, yeah." Said Isha. "I've even had to hunt two or three of them down. But I'm still not seeing how they're really that big of a threat on the grand scheme of things."]
(19:37:16) Sept: "NERV operations have traditionally relied on a limited number of pilots spread out over several bases. Removing even one of them would cause severe problems. They could start to remedy this by not giving a fuck about that damn Treaty, for starters."
(19:38:08) Minaplo: ["The Vatican Treaty?"]
(19:39:53) Sept: "Yes. I'm sure they've made exceptions here and there already, but as they start getting more and more cornered, they should act like it."
(19:41:40) Minaplo: ["NERV has been flouting that treaty for months, ever since it was discovered that several ranking members of the IPEA had ties to Eigenhart groups." Isha's brow furrowed. "… You yourself have been part of that flouting, since the treaty limits it to -three- Evas and Weiss-Xylander made four for Paris-2 before Metatron's attack on the Synfront."]
(19:48:38) Yanmei: "They're down at least three pilots. Maybe more, after the Synfront got wrecked. If they remain spread out, they're probably doing it for tactical reasons. In any case? We've strayed a long way from our original point."
(19:49:43) Sept: "…fair. We can discuss this further as needed."
(19:50:32) Minaplo: ["Actually, there's something that Sera's said that reminded me of something we've overlooked."]
(19:52:13) Yanmei: "Oh?"
(19:53:33) Minaplo: ["Sera, you said it's possible that Vercingetorix is Ikari?"]
(19:55:31) Sept: "Yeah. He… may have been Tsubaki's actual father, as well. What do you have in mind..?"
(19:56:00) Minaplo: ["What about the twelve Ayanami pilots?"]
(19:58:05) Yanmei: "He'd almost certainly retain some influence over them, if that's what you mean…"
(20:00:53) Sept: "If not more than before, considering he apparently has some power over Angels now. That -is- disconcerting."
(20:04:23) Minaplo: ["Maybe Vercingetorix has more control in NERV than we thought…"-
(20:04:45) Minaplo: ["Sorry, I have something else, but we'll come back to it. You were saying, Yanmei?"]
(20:07:08) Yanmei: "No, please, go ahead. If you have any more insight, I'd like to hear it."
(20:10:19) Minaplo: ["Well, I was thinking to myself- those Dysangelion units are fairly powerful, would you say so?"]
(20:11:53) Yanmei: "Ugh. Incredibly so? We almost lost yesterday you know."
(20:13:02) Minaplo: [He nodded, turning to Sera. "And you saw Vercingetorix's Angel in action. Was it powerful?"]
(20:16:31) Sept: "It got through three of us without… well, it's impossible to estimate actual damage to Angels. It was very powerful."
(20:17:29) Minaplo: ["Hmm."-
(20:19:34) Minaplo: ["Vercingetorix, let's assume he -is- Ikari and he does have some power with the Ayanamis, would have 12 Eva units and an Angel versus… How many Dysangelions? And dozens of E-Destroyers. Give Ikari NERV, and he has a full 21 Evas and an Angel, and both sides have a single battleship…"]
(20:25:05) Sept: "And what is Hohenzollern doing all this time..?"
(20:25:21) Minaplo: [Isha turned to Yanmei.]
(20:30:32) Yanmei: "Probably nothing. I'm pretty sure Caine's alienated the hell out of her by this point, but she's in no position to oppose her openly either. If I was in her position, I'd turn a blind eye to whatever Vercingetorix was doing and blame it on a coup later on. In fact, it would be in her best interest to become one of Vercingetorix's war prisoners instead of facing Caine should his plan come into fruition?"
(20:31:08) Minaplo: ["Wow, you're right. I can't argue with that. Caine's prisoners tend to do poorly."-
(20:31:18) Minaplo: ["Not as bad as Severus was though, I think…"]
(20:32:06) Sept: "Hm?"
(20:33:22) Yanmei: "God, that guy.' Yanmei made a face. "This crazy ruler we ran into in Melbourne after we escaped from the Synfront. Oh, and Caine was a lot worse, fyi."
(20:35:05) Minaplo: ["Albus might not agree on that. He told me he was imprisoned something like eight hundred times."]
(20:35:26) * Sept frowned. "You're going to have to start at the beginning. Where did you go when you escaped?"
(20:38:28) Yanmei: "Okay, okay. So we jaunted out of the Synfront, right? But it was an imperfect attempt and we ended up stranded in Melbourne… which is this big city in the middle of Australia. Totally torn apart by Impact and ravaged by gang wars, which we got ourselves swept up in pretty badly."
(20:41:09) Sept: "Despite your best attempts at diplomacy, I'm sure."
(20:41:25) Minaplo: [Isha let out a snort.]
(20:42:04) Yanmei: "-They- attacked -us- first. I-I mean, of course." She shot Isha a sullen look before continuing. -
(20:43:56) Yanmei: "For the first week, it was just us, hunting for food and shelter and trading and occassionally thwarting a violent ganger or two. The thing is that the non-gangers in the area were so used to putting up with their hijinks that we made a small name for ourselves?-
(20:46:04) Yanmei: "At the same time, there were some Stormtroopers poking around, making trouble for the locals and probably searching for us too. We told the Govorner of the place - that Severus we were talking about - about who they were, and somehow we got tasked with elimitating them. -
(20:48:44) Yanmei: "And then afterward, one thing led to another, and suddenly we had a bunch of followers, and Mr. Albus - one of Severus' old, badly-treated advisors - and some land, and gang colors of our own…"
(20:50:14) * Sept was grinning from ear to ear by now.
(20:51:30) Minaplo: ["I helped a little."]
(20:52:43) Sept: "Can I be there when you tell Asuka..?"
(20:54:18) Yanmei: "Huh? Why, do you think she'd be jealous~?" The expression on her face suggested that she was hoping for that very thing. "Also, we were an -army of the people-, not a common gang. And yes, Mr. Isha and Mr. Albus were the best advisors ever!"
(20:56:02) Minaplo: ["One day I will return to find my Saladin…"]
(20:56:32) Sept: "Would Asuka the Great be jealous of a self-raised army?" Sera clapped his hands together in excitement.
(20:58:27) Yanmei: "We had a superhero join up with us too. You would've liked her. She had a grappling hook."
(20:59:30) Minaplo: ["And those collapsible swords."]
(21:00:31) Yanmei: "Yup! I made her the new leader when we left. How could I not?"
(21:02:05) Sept: "So you enjoyed your vacation, then?"
(21:04:13) * Yanmei snorted with laughter. "Hey, that was all hard work! But it wasn't… awful."
(21:05:19) Minaplo: ["Albus disagrees."-
(21:05:30) Minaplo: ["Say, didn't little Elizabeth's parents come from a place like that?"]
(21:06:16) Yanmei: "…yeah." Yanmei suddenly sobered. "We ran into an uncle of hers…"
(21:08:31) Sept: "Ah..? From which side?"
(21:09:14) Yanmei: "Adrian's. I think, actually, he was more like a grand-uncle."
(21:13:25) * Sept nodded, a bit pensive.
(21:16:43) Yanmei: "I did get a chance to talk things over before we left Australia. There wasn't much time, because Joan showed up there suddenly, and we were sure that we'd have more invaders arriving any minute."
(21:21:11) Sept: "Yeah, that's still pretty lucky… She worked pretty hard to find you, you know. They really had to twist her arm to get her to do it."
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(21:24:10) Yanmei: "She seemed pretty pissed off about it, yeah." Yanmei started to snicker, and then stopped. "That would be more amusing if she hadn't taken it out on us. But yeah? We just barely survived her, thanks to EVA-08."
(21:29:25) Sept: "Mm. Taking on a Dys alone is a real challenge."
(21:33:32) Yanmei: "It is. But what about you? How did you get away from them? Caine seemed to trust you more so… I mean, did you just ask to leave wherever it was you were stationed after the Angel attacked the Synfront?"
(21:38:18) Sept: "I sort of had… have? free reign, but… we were working to retrieve the Evas and Tsubaki with the other two Dys pilots, but… well, Vercingetorix. I had no choice but to side with Tsubaki. I don't think she'd have forgiven me if I'd let them kill her Angel friend. Vercingetorix suggested the two of us retreat here, so…"-
(21:41:58) Sept: "It's like I'm touring all of my different career options or something, heh." There was a self-deprecating edge to the line. "Aline was there as well. We didn't meet under the best circumstances, and Scholastica- the Aline clone, thing, went after her and there was nothing I could do before I got to my Eva, so… I feel like an idiot for that."
(21:45:17) Yanmei: "They cloned her too?" Yanmei's brow furrowed. "Did Blanc get away?"
(21:48:49) Sept: "Yeah. She definitely got out, but it seems optimistic to think she could stand up to a full AT field long enough to avoid any injuries."
(21:52:27) Yanmei: "You've got a point… But, hey. I'm working on getting us a way to phone Paris from here, if only once. You could find out what happened for sure. Maybe make up with her?"
(21:57:24) Sept: "Really? That would… be great. You're sure a phone line can be secure over this distance?"
(22:01:54) Yanmei: "We'll see? They already have ways to communicate with the outside, even if they're used sparingly. Captain Hyuga says he'll let us use a private, secure console for it."
(22:06:25) * Sept laughed at that last phrase. "I'm willing to trust that man's intentions, if anyone's."
(22:08:53) Yanmei: "Hah. I doubt he's as harmless as he appears. He's hanging around with Alexandre Fontaine, after all."
(22:10:40) Sept: "You should cut him some slack. He's turned out remarkably well for someone who's been going out with -her-."
(22:12:55) Yanmei: "While that's a good point, please note that he was a jerkface way before they were a couple. I have a couple of stories I could tell you…"
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(22:19:54) Sept: "I'm sure I could defend him in his absence for -some- of them. Only some, of course."
(22:23:31) Yanmei: "Oh yeah? Well, then, gather around! Let me tell you about the time we first met…"

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