Zeruel is Coming

He was the noblest of his kind, strong in spirit as such that he could choose the universal good, rejecting the urge of destiny. He sought to make peace, halt death and terror. He was the Judge, a fair bringer of law and balance. And he fell in combat with one greater, and thus sacrificed himself on the altar of justice.

But there are two sides to every judge, two sides to this thing called 'justice'. There is the side of Redemption, to defend that which has fallen, to grant it the hand of mercy to bring it from darkness and back into the light.

And then there is the other side, that which finds the darkness hiding within the light and casts it down into the pit, that which tears the false edifices down and punishes wickedness with fire and harsh wrath. This is the side of Retribution.

He comes now to bring retribution to the wicked world of Men, so that it may be guided to redemption. He is the Arm of God.


Angelic Details

Body Type: Artificial
Size: Normal
Role: Warrior/Guardian
Locomotion: Ground


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 70 7 -
Ballistic Skill 60 6 -
Strength 70 7 -
Toughness 80 16 -
Agility 30 3 -
Intelligence 30 3 -
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 40 4 -
Fellowship 20 2 -
LS 190 19 -

Wounds and AP

Body Part Hit Location AP Wounds
Head 1-10 11 40
Left Arm 11-25 11 50
Right Arm 26-50 11 50
Core 51-60 11 65
Body 61-100 11 80


Walking Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
4 6 12 18 36


Merciless Flagellation (Whip)

Name Class Damage Penetration Special
Merciless Flagellation Whip (10dm) 1d10+10R 8 Brutal, Flexible

Crushing Punishment (Precise Blast)

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Special
Crushing Punishment Precise Blast Line of Sight S/-/- 1d10+5X 6 Paralytic Strike, Precise Blast
  • Adds +2 to damage per degree of success to a maximum of +10.




Name Effect
Angel Unnatural Toughness*2, Immunities to Fear/Pinning/Fatigue/Insanity/Ego, may Righteous Fury, gains +1 Fate Point
Angelic Senses Can sense anything within PB amount of dm, even if blind
Celerity Roll twice on the Initiative table and act on both results
Champion +1 Fate, +3 Rerolls
Exoskeleton +6 AP
Fear (2) Forces those confronted by it to test vs. fear with a -10 penalty
Impenetrable Shell Attacks that have a Penetration value of 6 or less do half damage after TB/AP against Zeruel.
Light of the Soul Can spend ATP without depleting ATS
Resilient Frame Can test vs. Toughness to negate an attack, and gains a reaction that can be used only on Resilient Frame
The Stuff of Nightmares Ignore any Critical Damage result that isn't a killing blow or a limb-remover


Name Effect
Crushing Blow WPB/2 bonus to damage
Iron Jaw Test Toughness to avoid Stun
Lightning Attack Attack three times in Melee
Sacrifice Divert attack to body part to arm
Takedown Bonus to Stun action

AT Powers

Spread Patterns

Deflective Field
Gravity Field
Layered Field
Inverted Field

Offensive Powers

AT Wave
AT Beam
AT Blast
Cross Blast
Rising Cross

Dirac Powers

Dirac Cache
Dirac Jaunt

Utility Powers

Kinetic Manipulation

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