Zhang Jiang

Name: Zhang Jiang
Position: Apostle, Wizard Army
Sex: Male
Age: 42 (Born 1976)
Nationality: Chinese
Place of Residence: W Base

Physical Details
Hair colour: Bald (black)
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 7'2"
Build: Powerfully built, a little stocky

Personal Details
"I do love Positron guns. So prone to exploding in their owners' hands; they may as well shoot themselves and get it over and done with."

This bald man hails from southern China. Before the LN War he was the famous owner of a rather powerful arms manufacturing corporation, selling weapons he himself had designed. An alcoholic, womanizing shame to his entire family, in some circles he was known as "Chinese Tony Stark".

To whip up profits he sold his weapons clandestinely to groups such as the Liberated Nations and the Australasian Militia, whilst selling his usual arms to UN Forces.

Despite his cushy job, alcoholism and playboy ways, Zhang Jiang was a highly active man, enjoying rock-climbing, abseiling, boxing, kick-boxing and various types of Kung Fu. An arrogant and avaricious man, when the LN gave him the chance to become an Iron Guard he took it.

Zhang Jiang's corporation was of course inherited by his brother, since Jiang himself was declared dead.

Jiang remains arrogant and cocksure, but he is still an excellent technician and engineer. Like all Apostles he was encouraged to diversify and experiment with his powers, and he found a curious and highly useful niche- his AT Field abilities specialise in manipulating technology, often in ways detrimental to his foes.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Zhang Jiang Gender Male

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 50 5 -
Ballistic Skill 60 6 -
Strength 50 9 Unnatural Strength (4)
Toughness 50 9 Unnatural Toughness (4)
Agility 50 5 -
Intelligence 55 5 -
Perception 45 4 -
Willpower 55 5 -
Fellowship 40 4 -

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Wounds: 27 Fate Total: 2
Insanity: 0/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Trait Effect
Apostle You possess an AT Field with 8 ATS.
Iron Guard Mk3 You gain the Unnatural Toughness (4), Strength (4) and Regeneration (2) traits. Lethal Critical Damage results only kill you if the blow is to the head or body. Limb shots that would normally kill simply remove the limb instead. If killed, you do not burn Fate, but regenerate back to life within 1d10+7 days. You gain +20 to tests to resist Poison, and the ability to reroll failed Toxin resistance tests, can breathe underwater, reroll all tests to resist suffocation, and take a +30 to tests to resist harmful gases. You count as Hulking in your Power Armour, but do not grant enemies the +10 to hit bonus. You have Heightened Senses (all). Finally, you do not suffer Fear tests. Instead, you take a -10 to all tests in the presence of Fearful enemies. The only exception to this is from explicitly unnatural mental attacks, such as an Angelic fear attack. Guard count as Hulking in their Power Armour. They gain the +1AB Bonus, but do not grant the enemy a +10 to hit them due to their size.
Technomancer You gain the Technomancer special ability. Furthermore you gain access to the Tech Curse and Weapon Mimic powers.

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Basic Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X X - -
Athletics Str X X - -
Awareness Per X X - -
Carouse Tou X X - -
Charm Fel X - - -
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel X - - -
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel - - - -
Demolitions Fel - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X X - -
Inquiry Fel - - - -
Intimidate Fel X X - -
Literacy Int X - - -
Logic Int X X - -
Medicae Int - - - -
Parry WS X - - -
Scrutiny Per X - - -
Security Int - - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi - - - -
Stealth Agi - - - -
Survival Per - - - -
Tech Use Int X X X Talented, Master Engineer, Specialist

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Common Lore LN Int X X - -
- Military Int X X - -
- Weapons Int X X X -
Navigate Land Int X - - -
Operate Land Military Agi X X - -
- Air Military Agi X X - -
- Personal Agi X X - -
- Superheavy Agi X X - -
Scholastic Lore AT Fields Int X - - -
- Technology Int X X X -
- Weaponry Int X X X -
Speak Language English Int X - - -
- Mandarin Int X - - -
Trade Armourer Int X X X -

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Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Class Weapon Type Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General General X - -
- Prog X - -
Basic Bolt X - -
- Flame X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Heavy Bolt X - -
- Flame X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Pistol Bolt X - -
- Flame X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -

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Basic Combat Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Ambidextrous - Do not take -20 penalty to hit when making attacks with your off hand. If used with the Two Weapon Wielder talent, reduce the to-hit penalty with both weapons to -10.
Arms Master - Take a -10 penalty when wielding weapons without Proficiency instead of -20.
Armor Master - Your AP on all areas counts as 2 higher than it actually is. Furthermore, you reduce all penalties to agility due to armor (such as Heavy Armor or F-Type) by 10. You retain the Agility Bonus when using F-Type Equipment. Any stealth penalty due to high AP is reduced by 10.
This Gun is Mine - Unjam Ballistic Weapons automatically as a Half Action.
Two Weapon Wielder Ballistic When armed with two guns, you may spend a Full Action to make an attack with both, at a -20 penalty. When used with the Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) talent, lets you attack with a gun and a melee weapon at the same time.
Two Weapon Wielder Melee When armed with two melee weapons, you may spend a Full Action to make an attack with both, at a -20 penalty. When used with the Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) talent, lets you attack with a gun and a melee weapon at the same time.
Quick Draw - Use the Ready action as a Free Action.

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Proficiency and Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Specialist Tech Use Select one skill in which you have either the Talented talent for, or a +20 training in. You now gain a free reroll for that skill once per round.

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Melee Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Berserk Charge - Charge. +10 bonus to charge, total +20.
Blade Dancer - Reduce the penalty for dual-wielding Balanced melee weapons by -10. If taken in conjunction with Ambidextrous, the penalty is reduced to 0.
Combat Master - So long as you are not helpless or immobile, you deny enemies the Ganging Up bonus against you and enemy hordes take a -20 penalty to attack you in melee combat.
Double Team - Increase Gang-Up bonus by +10.
Furious Assault - All Out Attack. Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Gravity Kick - Charge, Height. Make a WS test against a single enemy below you. On a hit, you deal normal unarmed leg damage, +1d10 damage. The attack has a Penetration value equal to 1 per 5dm fallen (or 2 per 1km in Strategic Mode). This attack may not be parried. If the attack fails to connect (either due to the enemy dodging, or the attack failing), the attack is applied to the used leg instead.
Swift Attack - Full Action. Make a single Attack roll. For every 2 Degrees of Success you score, you deal another hit. If you have Two Weapon Wielder, you may also make a single attack with a 2nd Melee Weapon.
Thunder Charge - Charge. Expend reaction when Charging to make an Unarmed attack against every opponent being charged. Attacks also act as Knockdown. Make normal attack after this. Deal 1d5+1 extra attacks on Hordes. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Unarmed Warrior - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB-2 damage, and no longer Unarmed.
Unarmed Master - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB damage, and no longer Primitive.

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Ranged Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Assault Shooter - May fire Basic/Heavy weapons in melee. Heavy weapons have -20 penalty, basic have 0, and pistols count as having the Point Blank bonus.
Barrage - +1 Degrees of Success with Ranged attacks.
Crack Shot - +2 critical damage from ranged attacks.
Covering Fire - Any enemies subjected to suppressive fire, even if these enemies are immune to Pinning or Fear, take a -10 penalty to BS so long as they are within the field of fire and Suppressive Fire is sustained.
Deadeye Shot - Reduce penalty to called shots by -10.
Dual Shot - Full. Dual-Wielding Ranged. Make a single BS test- do not suffer any penalties from dual-wielding. On a hit, roll damage for both weapons. The enemy's AP reduces both damage rolls individually, but TB only counts once against the combined damage of both attacks (after AP). A single dodge test will avoid both blows.
Flush Out - When using the Suppressive Fire action, any enemies within your area of effect have their Cover AP halved. Furthermore, enemies who are already pinned must take an immediate Willpower test. On a failure, they will spend their actions trying to move to different cover, preferably heading in a direction that cannot be affected by the Suppressive Fire.
Gun Drill Bolter Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with Bolt Weapons.
Gunslinger - Reduce the penalty for dual-wielding Pistols or Carbines by -10. If taken in conjunction with Ambidextrous, the penalty is reduced to 0.
Heavy Suppression - Enemies hit by the Suppressive Fire action whilst this talent is in use take a -10 penalty to pass their Willpower test versus Pinning.
Hip Shooter - May move Full Move or Run and fire single shot with one Pistol or Carbine. However, apply -20 Penalty to BS if firing as part of a Run action, -40 if used with Sprint.
Independent Targeting - When firing two ranged weapons at once, may may attack targets more than 10m apart.
Marksman - You reduce the penalty for shooting at long or extreme range by 10.
Mighty Shot - Add half of BSB to ranged weapon damage, rounding down.
Overcharge - Weapons with the 'Recharge' quality can be fired without having to wait for the recharge providing the wielder passes a flat BS check first. Each consecutive turn this talent is used adds a -20 penalty to the check. On a failure, the weapon overheats.
Precision Basic Well-Placed Standard or Called Shot Ranged Basic Attack: roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.
Precision Heavy Well-Placed Standard or Called Shot Ranged Heavy Attack: roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.
Precision Pistol Cleaving Standard or Called Shot Ranged Pistol Attack: +2 Penetration.
Rapid Reload - Weapon reload times are reduced by half.
Sharpshooter - Reduce penalty to called shots by -20.
Storm of Iron - Enemies take a -10 to dodge full auto bursts from you. Furthermore, when attacking Hordes with a semi or full auto burst, so long as one attack deals damage you add your Ballistic Skill Bonus once to the total Magnitude Damage dealt against that Horde that turn.
Target Selection - Take no penalty for firing into melee combat

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Physical Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Bulging Biceps - May fire unbraced Heavy Weapons on Semi/Full Auto without the -30 unbraced penalty. Furthermore, take a +20 Bonus when testing Athletics to increase your carrying capacity.
Catfall - Whenever you fall, test Agility or Acrobatics as a Free. On a success, and for every DoS, you reduce the distance fallen by an amount equal to your AB for the purposes of determining falling damage.
Drop Trained - Falling, 10dm or above. Always land on your feet, and treat distance as 1/3rd for purpose of falling damage.
Hardy - You always count as Lightly Wounded for the purposes of healing lost wounds.
Iron Jaw - When you become Stunned, you may test Toughness to shrug off the effects.
Leap Up - You may stand up from the Prone position as a Free Action.
Lightning Reflexes - Double your AB when rolling Initiative. So long as you are not stunned, helpless or otherwise immobile, Enemy Hordes take a -20 penalty to hit you with ranged attacks.
Rapid Reaction - When surprised or ambushed, you may test Agility to act normally.
Sound Constitution 7 Increase your Wounds by 1 per purchase of this talent.
Sprint - +AB to movement distance when full moving, double movement distance when running. You gain a level of Fatigue if you use this talent two turns in a row.
Step Aside - Gain an extra Reaction once per round, that may be used only to Dodge.
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage taken, rounding down. Minimum of 1 Critical Damage taken.

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Mental Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Blind Fighting - Take half the usual penalties when fighting in situations where your vision is obscured. Includes Blindness, but BS attempts still automatically fail.
Foresight - Spend 10 minutes in contemplation to add +10 to a single Intelligence test.
Heightened Senses All Take a +10 to Perception tests when using the chosen Sense.
Indomitable - Reduce all Ego Damage taken by 1, to a minimum of 1.
Jaded - Unaffected by mundane horrors such as death, violence or the sight of blood.
Light Sleeper - You are always assumed to be awake for the purposes of being Surprised, making Awareness tests or waking up in a hurry, even when asleep.
Mental Fortress - Once per session, you may reroll a failed Willpower test vs. mental attack with a +20 bonus. Furthermore, whenever you take Insanity, you may test Willpower. On a success, the amount taken is reduced by 1, +1 per 3 degrees of success.
Nerves of Steel - Reroll WP tests to resist or recover from Pinning. Furthermore, take a +20 bonus to your Opposed Test to resist uses of the Intimidate skill. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Paranoia - Gain a +2 bonus to Initiative, and your character makes automatic Awareness tests.
Resistance Cold +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Fear +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Heat +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Mental +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Poison +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.

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Interpersonal Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Air of Authority - When using the Command action, you may issue commands to a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. Only NPCs are affected, and any NPCs not under your command will only obey the order if you achieve an extra degree of success. You gain a +10 to Command tests in Social Conflicts. Your Followers also have +10 Loyalty when in your presence.
Cold Hearted - Any use of the Charm skill against you gives you a +20 to the Opposed Test to resist the skill in addition to other modifiers. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Forward, you Dogs - You may test Command as a half action on your turn. On a success, all allies within vocal range of you who are suffering from mental effects (Fear, Pinning, Frenzy, and others) may take an immediate free Willpower test to shake off the effects. For every degree of success on your Command test, those allies gain a +5 bonus to their Willpower test.
Iron Discipline - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes may reroll failed Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Peer LN You gain a +10 to Fellowship tests with people belonging to the specified group. Note that this category can be rather broad- typically, a character with Peer (Medical Establishment) could rely on gaining this bonus against most doctors worldwide, for example. This is to represent the idea that Peer is as much due to you knowing how a group typically operates as opposed to having just built up bonds with a particular set of people.
Radiant Presence - All within 20m (not enemies) of you take a +10 to tests made to resist fear or intimidation.

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AT Field Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Analyze Field - As Scan Field, but if you pass test by 3 degrees or more, make Perception+10 test. For every degree of success, learn about what 1 AT Power does
AT Extension - You can use the AT Funnel, Massive Momentum, Restrict Shot, Kinetic Damping and Force Null powers on allies within 20dm.
AT Focus - Designate a single AT Power, and bank ATP up to IB, reducing your current ATS by that amount. Next turn, test Synch Ratio. On a pass, you gain an extra amount of ATP equal to the amount banked, but may only be spent on the designated power (either activating it or augmenting it or both). On a failure, the ATP is los and, the pilot tests Feedback. If the pilot is unable to activate the declared power, treat it as a failure.
Offensive Mastery Incendiary Burst Enemies hit by at least one AT Blast must test Agility or catch fire. Similarly, AT Blast attacks now have the Blast (1) quality.
Quick Spread - Spread full as a half. May spread as a free, gaining ATS equal to your WPB.
Scan Field - Roll Perception test when within 20dm of target to gauge strength of their ATS. Success of 3 DoS or more tells you exact ATS.
Synchronize Group - Full Action. Your AT Field merges with the AT Fields of allies within 30dm of you. All pilots involved must test Synch Ratio, or spend a Reaction to automatically pass. If at least two pilots succeed (including yourself), Group Synchronization occurs. Any pilot who fails is not included in the Synchonization and must make a WP test or take 1d5 Ego damage. If you fail, then the entire group fails. In Group Synchronization, all Evas in the Sync lose their AT Fields, and you gain an AT Field with strength equal to your ATS, plus the highest ATS out of the rest of the Evas, then finally half of the ATS of every other member. At the start of every round after the first round in which Sync was formed, you must test SR or else the Sync fails. If an Eva other than you attempts to use an AT Field power during this, you must pass an SR test at -30 or else Sync fails, and all involved are Stunned for 1 round. Whilst Sync is in effect, any mental attack that affects one member affects all members, although they gain a +20 to any resistance tests.

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Technician Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Applied Engineering - As a Half Action you may modify any weapon within reach to do one of the following effects, shown below. Whatever the modification, this benefit only benefits the weapon's next attack, success or failure. The same benefit cannot be applied to the same weapon twice in an encounter.
- Calibrations Reroll the weapon's next to-hit roll and take the preferred result.
- Higher Output If the weapon's next to-hit roll is a success, the attack may reroll all of its damage and take the best result.
- Hits Home If the weapon's next to-hit roll is a success, add your IB/2 to it in Degrees of Success.
Careful, that's Dangerous - When a weapon wielded by an ally within IB m/dm (Adjacent KM) overheats or jams, you may test Tech-Use. On a success, the weapon is treated as though it had rolled a failure with zero degrees of failure instead.
Jury-Rig - When undertaking repairs with this action, you may decide to reduce repair time to a factor of one tenth. That is, a job taking 10 hours (600 minutes) will now only take one hour (60 minutes), whilst a job taking 60 minutes will now only take 6 minutes. However, all tests relying on the damaged part are now taken at a -10 penalty, and if any tests related to it fail by 4 degrees or more, the repair is undone. This penalty persists until proper repairs are completed.
Master Engineer - You takee a permanent +10 bonus to Tech-Use tests. Furthermore, you may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a Tech-Use test with a number of degrees of success equal to their IB, whilst repairs, constructions or modifications automatically take the least amount of time possible for the repairs. At the GM's discretion, this talent may also allow you to perform upgrades or repairs without all the required components.
Overclocking - You can push certain pieces of technology to their limits. You may, as a half action, do any of the following actions below to a piece of technology within reach. Regardless of the benefit, each upgrade can only be applied to an object once per encounter.
- Energy Weapons If the attack's next hit is a success, the attack deals extra damage and penetration equal to the character's IB/2.
- Superheavy Units Character's unit only. The unit's TB or AB is increased by an amount equal to the character's IB/2. Lasts until the end of the character's next turn.
- Vehicles One of the following: the vehicle's speed is increased by 10% per IB. The vehicle's Maneuverability is increased by +5 per IB/2. Lasts for a number of rounds equal to the character's IB.
Percussive Maintenance - You may unjam any weapon within reach automatically as a half action.
Temporary Reinforcement - As a Half Action, you may increase the AP value of a piece of armour or cover by an amount equal to your IB. This protection lasts for one round or until the armour takes a hit, whichever is later. This action may only be performed on a piece of armour or cover once in an encounter.

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AT Field Powers

Spread Patterns

Accelerated Territory
Barrier Field
Blast Field
Deflective Field
Layered Field
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Offensive Powers

AT Blast
AT Wave
Bunker Field
Cross Blast
Rising Cross
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Enhancement Powers

AT Funnel
Massive Momentum
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Utility Powers

AT Blanket
AT Flare
AT Ping
AT Weapon
Kinetic Manipulation
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Special Abilities

Tech Curse

Name: Tech Curse
ATP: 4 ATP Action: Full Action, Sustain Half
- - Range: Close (30m/3dm)
You use your master knowledge of machinery to seal your foes' equipment. You may choose a single weapon, piece of armour other technological device owned by a single enemy. It suffers the effects as shown below:
Ranged Weapons: The weapon will instantly jam on any missed attack. If used on a Horde, they instead make two fewer ranged attacks so long as the effect is maintained. If used on a Horde Specialist, they may not use their ranged weapon so long as the power is sustained.
Melee Weapons: Melee Weapons temporarily lose any qualities reliant on a technical source, most commonly: Heat, Hyper-Prog, Pneumatic, Positron, Progressive, Tesla. At the GM's discretion they may also lose certain other qualities as well if they stem from mechanical sources, such as Shocking if it comes from a mechanical shock.
Armour: Armour with the Powered Quality loses the following qualities: Auto-Doc, Chameleon, Empowering, Sentinel, Shimmer, Stabilised, Stims. At the GM's discretion, non-Powered Armour might lose those or other qualities as well, if the source is considered to be predominantly mechanical (for example, a Sentinel headset attached to carapace armour).
Bionics: Bionics cease to function, and no longer provide any benefits. If the benefit was essential to the target's life support or otherwise heavily integrated, they must test Toughness-10 once per round or take a level of fatigue so long as the power is sustained.
Vehicles (Motive): Vehicles with the Powered Quality can have their Motive systems targeted. They reduce Maneuverability by -10 per 4 ATP used. Any Motive Breaches caused during this time add +1 to their result per 4 ATP.
Vehicles (Hull): Vehicles with the Powered Quality can have their Hull targeted. Any Hull Breaches caused during this time add +1 to their result per 4 ATP.
Other Equipment: Other equipment may be targeted by this as well, such as security cameras, sensor helmets, computers, etc. Generally, technology that relies on lots of moving parts, an electrical current or the like may be affected and disabled by this power.
Increase range by one step, to max of 'very long', per 2 ATP. For every 4 extra ATP, you may select another piece of equipment (or remove another 2 ranged attacks from a Horde), or increase the severity of the result on a vehicle.

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Weapon Mimic

Name: Weapon Mimic
ATP: Varies Action: Half Action
- - Range: Self
Using threads and planes of AT Fields, you create a weapon in your hand designed to mimic the function of a known ranged weapon. When using this power, you may make an attack (single, semi or full) using the profile of a Ranged Weapon. The cost for using this ability depends on the type of weapon activated.
Pistol: A Pistol-class weapon costs 2 ATP.
Basic: A Basic-class weapon costs 4 ATP.
Heavy: A Heavy-Class Weapon costs 6 ATP.
Fusion, Positron: Increase cost by +2 ATP.

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Name: Technomancer Action: Passive
Your ability with technology extends throughout your AT Field, allowing you to perform wondrous feats. So long as you have a spread AT Field, you may manipulate technology requiring a Tech-Use test (or less) as a Free Action, and may do so remotely, with a range equal to 10m/1dm per 10% of Deflection.
Special Uses
Any AT Field attacks you make deal extra Damage and Penetration to targets with the Machine quality, equal to +1 per 2 ATP used on the power.

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Melee Weapons

Name Class Range Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Force Sword Melee - 1d10+2R 1d10+14R 3 3 Force, Guard; AT Foci (1), Balanced

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Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Base RoF Real RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
G-Bolter Basic Long (100m/10dm) S/3/- S/4/- 1d10+8X 1d10+8X 4 4 Guard, Special Bolts; Tearing
Bolt Pistol Pistol Close (30m/3dm) S/2/- S/3/- 1d10+8X 1d10+8X 4 4 Compact, Guard, Special Bolts; Tearing

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Ranged Weapons

Name Weapon Clip Size Reload Time Qty
.75 Sd. Bolt Clip Bolter 12 1 Half 4
.75 Hand Bolt Clip Bolt Pistol 6 1 Half 4

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Name Body Legs Arms Head Special
Mk3 Apostolic Armour 8 8, Weak Spot (2) 8, Weak Spot (2) 8, Weak Spot (3) Iron Guard; Ablative (2), Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (2), Intimidating, Psy-Proof (10), Recoilless, Sealed, Sentinel, Stims; Powered

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