Zoya Kedzierski

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Name: Zoya Kedzierski
Position: Coordination Officer in General Winter-Lorenz's Staff; Lieutenant
Sex: Female
Age: 27 (Born 1991)
Nationality: Ukrainian
Place of Residence: Dusseldorf, Germany

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slim

Personal Details
"Here's one for my brave friends of liberty! They have their dreams and I have my drink; it's a compromise of sorts…"

A skilled, cynical sensualist, Zoya Kedzierski hails from the plains of Ukraine. Zoya's parents were wealthy business partners as well as notable politicians. The intersection between the two ensured that her childhood was comfortable and privileged; she was given an excellent, cosmopolitan education in a wide variety of fields, from science and grammar to foreign languages, poetry, musical instruments and art. She mingled constantly with the children of other rich and powerful families, ensuring her own exclusive network of contacts when she came into her own.

But the Soviet Invasion in the aftermath of Second Impact destroyed that. The Soviet revolution in Russia had been undertaken by an opportunistic military, citing oligarchic influence as their reasoning. Considering the nature of Zoya's family, they were natural targets for the USSR's wrath: her parents were ousted from their positions; their businesses nationalised, or liquidated when that wasn't viable; and in general made into perfect examples of what the USSR intended to do with the rest of the 'parasite classes' in Europe.

Zoya had been steeped in luxury all her life, and found the new world she was in difficult in the extreme. Gone were the servants and gone was her parents' willingness to buy her whatever she wished. Gone were her friends, who had either fled (or tried to flee), been killed or relocated. Now all she had was education and hard work.

By 2002 it was obvious that Europe wouldn't be delivering Ukraine from the USSR, not without drastic chaos within the country itself. In this, Zoya's parents found new hope, and, being naturally resourceful, began to assemble a resistance. Although resistance forces were still active and widespread in Ukraine, these forces were disparate and disconnected. Zoya's parents intended to coordinate them, bolster their forces, then trigger a full revolution capable of taking and holding Kiev until such a time as the rest of the world came to help- this is what would be known as the Christmas Revolution.

By 2003, they'd made contact with nearly every resistance force in the country and had managed to coordinate them. By 2004, they were preparing their revolution, secretly shipping hardened guerrillas and weapons into Kiev. By late 2005, Zoya's mother and father lay dead on the barricades, surrounded by dead or dying revolutionaries- some soldiers, some guerrillas, some just common citizens-, the shock troopers of the Red Army breaking through to slaughter any survivors. The Christmas Revolution had failed, its leaders were dead, and the rest of the world had done nothing but offer lame condemnations.

Zoya had been there. She had seen it all. She only survived due to the aid of one of the revolution's most secretive supporters- Reiner Raskoph, an influential German national who had spent his money and connections to quietly help the revolution. Raskoph was also a German diplomat; with his diplomatic immunity and his own connections, he was able to spirit Zoya away to Germany. Once there, he formally adopted her, partly out of fondness for her and out of memory of his friends who had fallen on the barricades.

Once again, Zoya was reintroduced to a privileged life style, although in different circumstances. Her partial understanding of German had to be honed quickly, and although her adoptive father's situation was similar to her parents', it was not identical, and she couldn't help but feel like an outsider in the circles her father moved in. She also couldn't help blaming them for their inactivity, enjoying themselves whilst her parents fought.

Nonetheless, Zoya was once again given an excellent education, and she proved to be a bright and charming student. Years with the resistance under Soviet rule had also made her familiar with hard work. She reported solid grades back to her adopted father, and before long was preparing for university.

But the memories of her parents and their meaningless deaths stuck with her. Depression, grief, bitterness, anger and guilt all stirred within her during those years. In those times she was thankful for her return to luxury, which offered easy access to all kinds of boons, such as ready companionship, liberal amounts of alcohol and easy access to narcotics. By the time she left for university she'd well and truly settled into a hedonistic lifestyle, burying the trauma of the past beneath a pursuit of pleasure.

Zoya had chosen to study business and accounting; with a good head for numbers and her own background, it was an eminently easy subject for her, something she'd bulldoze with minimum effort.

Then one day, at a function hosted by Raskoph, she met Keel Lorenz; and Keel's daughter Juno. Juno was a cadet at this time, but already was developing an excellent reputation. The meeting had a strong impact on Zoya; although the details are uncertain, what was known was that the very day after, Zoya quit her studies and signed on to become a military cadet herself, exchanging an easy path for a much harder one. Nonetheless it wasn't enough to stop her, and when she graduated she did so with top marks. With a few strings being pulled and hedging on her own reputation, Zoya was able to be assigned to the same positions as Juno.

Over the years, Zoya's organisational skills, connections and natural charm and intellect made her highly valuable to Juno's operations, entrenching Zoya in the informal yet recognised inner circle of talented young officers that Juno had collected to herself. These officers were from diverse backgrounds, and were all highly gifted, and all of them passionately believed in freedom, liberty and democracy, just like Juno.

All except Zoya. Marked by her past and always quick to find out about the latest abrogation of freedom, Zoya is highly cynical towards Juno and the others' idealism. When the others sit around and debate liberty, Zoya is the one to throw out mockery and doubt, always with a drink in hand and a laugh on her lips. Although tolerated, her attitude and her rampant alcoholism sees Juno treat Zoya with a level of weary contempt, a contempt that Zoya repays with cynicism and efficient service both.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 20 20 30 30 50 60 30 60
Awareness+10, Charm+20, Command, Carouse+20T, Inquiry+10, Literacy, Logic, Scrutiny+10T
Scholastic Lore (Administration+10, Tactics), Speak Language (English, French, German, Ukrainian)
Characteristic Boost (Perception, Fellowship), Cynic, Hedonist, Specialist (Fellowship), Sociable, Touched by the Fates (1)
Spotter (Fire Drill (1), +1 Ranged Damage)
Melee (General), Basic (General), Pistol (General)
Talented (Carouse, Charm, Scrutiny)
Clues from the Crowd, Demagogue, Master Orator, Peer (Diplomats 1, Corporate 1, German Military 1, Media 1)
Able Assistant, Combat Formation, Lend a Hand, Wingman
9 79 1 20/100 100/100 Stormtrooper Armour, Rail Assault Rifle, Flashbangs*6

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